Comparing a high school boy and a businessman, the first thing you notice is appearance. While the juvenile counts putting on deodorant in the morning as grooming, the businessman wears a well-trimmed beard and sharp suit. Any man worthy of commanding respect must look both professional and polished.

To achieve a great look, adopt these seven grooming habits.

A good routine will leave you looking like a true, professional adult, and not like a high school boy who hasn’t showered in four days. The difference is life changing.

1. Maintain Your Haircut

Your hairstyle is a defining feature that can change your whole look.

Choosing the right haircut is guaranteed to step up your style game. Look to a celeb like Harry Styles or David Beckham, or browse this hairstyle gallery for the perfect look.

But don’t neglect maintenance! Your great haircut will instantly go downhill if you wait too long for a trim or let your hair get dirty. Schedule a barber’s appointment every four to six weeks, and establish a regular haircare routine.

Wash and condition your hair regularly, but don’t damage your hair with overwashing.

Finally, keep your hairstyle looking crisp with the right hair products. Stumped over the difference between pomade and gel? Manliness Kit’s handy guide can help.

2. Craft Your Facial Hair

Whether Jake Gyllenhaal’s classy full beard, Jamie Dornan’s sexy 50 Shades of Gray stubble, or Ron Swanson’s manly mustache, facial hair can be the most defining feature of a man.

Before growing out facial hair, decide what style you want to adopt. From full on lumberjack to simple ‘stache, there’s plenty of options.

However, facial hair can be disastrous if left untouched. It must be groomed regularly! A high-quality razor is a must. I recommend investing in the Norelco 9300 because it features three independently moving heads for close shaves and comes with an automatic cleaning system.

Finally, consider products like beard oil or beard wax to take your facial hair to a whole new level.

But remember guys, the classic clean shaven look is always an option! To protect your skin, always use a quality razor and aftershave.

3. The Other Facial Hair

Many guys are in denial about their nose and ear hair, a problem seen as one belonging to the older generation. But trust me, everyone else has noticed your unsightly hair and will thank you for taking a few minutes to get it under control.

Learn how to tame your nose hair here and your ear hair here.

And don’t forget your eyebrows! Lately, eyebrows have been recognized as the vital part of your look. Bushy, unkempt eyebrows can ruin your whole style. Get a handle on unruly brows with this guide.

4. Keep Your Scent Under Control

Keep the purfume's scent under control and apply modestly

Smell is the most powerful senses and leaves a lasting impression on all you come across.

A tasteful cologne increases the attractiveness of a man tenfold. But more than a squirt or two takes a nose straight back to the Axe-soaked high school locker room. Moderation is key.

When preparing to go out, simply spray or dab a little cologne on your neck and wrists, and behind your ears. And respray only when necessary! For in-depth information on all things men’s fragrance, check out this article.

5. Tame Unruly Body Hair

While body hair is one of the ultimate symbols of masculinity, without careful attention it could transform you into a caveman. It’s vital that you keep body hair well groomed, especially as you age and begin to grow more hair.

Pay special attention to the hair on your back and pubic regions, and consult your partner to learn their preference. When in doubt, aim to keep most body hair relatively short.

Determine which method for trimming or removal is right for you. While shaving is the most common option, it can irritate the skin and is short term.

Consider waxing or even laser hair removal for a more permanent solution.

6. Create a Stunning Smile

One of the biggest indicators of overall health is a healthy mouth. Get to the dentist regularly for check-ups and establish a daily routine.

Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, and floss daily as well. To make sure you’re replacing your toothbrush regularly, try a subscription service like Quip.

Make sure that your mouth looks and smells pleasant for people you encounter.

Carry mints always, especially if you smoke or drink coffee. And consider whitening your teeth every once in a while – according to one study, white teeth are an indication of trustworthiness and financial or professional success.

7. Don’t Forget Your Skin

A skincare routine is one of the most important habits a man can develop. Keep yourself looking fresh and clean with this four-step routine.

Cleanse your skin every morning and night. This step is vital. Next, exfoliate or scrub your face three or four times a week to rid your face of dead skin and deep impurities.

Then, be sure to moisturize. A hydrated face is a healthy face! Choose the best moisturizer for your skin type, and apply it as often as directed.

The final step is protection. Reduce aging and protect yourself with quality products. Always incorporate a sunscreen into your morning routine to reduce the cancer-causing effects of UV rays.

A well-groomed man is an attractive, polished man who can easily command respect because he has deep confidence. It’s amazing how much of a confidence boost it is to feel clean and neat.

While your partner, colleagues, and family will probably be impressed and thank you, remember that when grooming you should aim to do it for yourself first.

By picking up these seven grooming habits, you can feel healthier, happier, and more confident.


Author bio: Amanda Wilks is the prolific writer behind Shaving Machine Reviews and a glamor and lifestyle online contributor. She’s on to the latest buzz and who’s who in the hair fashion and styles industry and she’s also an advocate of all things self-improvement, equality and healthy living. Connect with Amanda on Twitter @AmandaWilks01