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Perhaps your face has been dry or flaky. Or maybe a girl you were interested in made a nasty comment about your nose hair. Or you’ve had the same, boring hairstyle since college, and you want to switch it up.

Whatever the situation is, you’re ready. You’re ready to step it up in the grooming department.

More confidence. Better health. Looking good and giving off better first impressions. These are just some of the benefits of better grooming.

But chances are, you don’t know what to do – and you don’t know where to start.

Well, you can start here.

So you don’t have to spend time searching for articles to help you with better grooming, below is a compilation of 11 articles that can get you started on the right path.

Let’s jump into it!

How to Stop Making Grooming Mistakes

10 Common Men’s Grooming Mistakes (

by Joe Weber (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    A big part of stepping up your grooming game is to STOP MAKING MISTAKES. Learn what you should stop doing, including shaving against the grain, over-using hair product, not moisturizing, and more. Stop setting yourself back.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “Why are you workin’ those biceps and triceps if every time you’re in short sleeves your skin is scaly and flaking off?”

How to Have Good Oral Hygiene

11 Mistakes to Avoid While Brushing Teeth (

by Antonio Centeno’s (Twitter: @RMRStyle) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    Learn what mistakes you might be making when it comes to oral hygiene and how to fix them. Topics covered include how long you should use your toothbrush for, brushing technique and motion, and how frequently you should brush your teeth.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “After brushing your teeth – clean your tongue to prevent bad breath and remove bacteria.”

How to Take Care of Your Face

Manly Moisturizing: Time to Start? (

by Josh Meyer (Twitter: @BrickellMen) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    In this article, Josh Meyer – the founder of Brickell Men’s Products – shares why you should start moisturizing, how facial attractiveness can impact your career, a simple 2-step facial care routine you can implement, and more.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “Attractive people have been found to make nearly 10% more than their plain counterparts… This means by not taking care of your face on a basic level, you could be missing out on promotions and raises.”

How to Exfoliate Your Skin (And Why You Should)

Exfoliation: The Secret to Healthy Skin (

by Alux Muniz (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    You’ve probably heard of the word “exfoliate” before – but do you really know what it is and why you should do it? Well, you can learn why you should exfoliate, how you should go about doing it, as well as where to exfoliate.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “You know your body best, so only you can decide whether to exfoliate daily, every other day… or maybe just give yourself a nice scrubbing once a week. Exfoliating too often can damage the skin; exfoliating too little may let your skin’s oils run wild.”

How to Grow & Style a Beard

Beginners Guide to Styling & Growing a Beard (

by Eric Bandholz (Twitter: @bandholz) (

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    In this article, beard expert Eric Bandholz (founder of Beardbrand & shares wisdom about growing a beard, the psychological aspects of growing a beard, and styling and maintaining your beard.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “… one of the most impressive traits you’ll gain as a beardsman is patience. A beard is not actually measured in lengths, but it’s actually measured in months.”

How to Grow & Style a Mustache

How to Grow a Picture Perfect Moustache (

by Lee Kynaston (Twitter: @grooming_guru) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    Prominent UK grooming expert Lee Kynaston provides 5 tips on how to make sure your mustache looks good.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “Facial hair might protect skin but it also draws moisture away from its surface leaving it dry, tight and flaky. Make sure you moisturize your Mo twice daily – you can use special facial hair oil for this but regular moisturizer will work just as well.”

How to Wet Shave

7 Mistakes New Wet Shavers Make (

by Mark Herro (Twitter: @mantic59) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    Wet shaving expert Mark Herro of Sharpologist shares 7 mistakes that new wet shavers make – including poor preparation, incorrect blade angle, and applying too much pressure – as well as advice on how to overcome these mistakes.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “Probably the most common – and most serious – problem for a new wet shaver is using too much pressure on the razor. It must be something in the male species to press down when shaving the skin, perhaps thinking you must be getting more of the stubble. The opposite, however, is more accurate.”

How to Get a Better Electric Shave

How to: Get a Better Electric Shave (

by Craig the Barber (Twitter: @CraigTheBarber) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    If you prefer to go the electric shaving route, then this article is for you. Renowned barber and grooming expert Craig the Barber provides tips on how to get a better electric shave, including keeping your facial hair dry, shaving sensitive areas first, and more.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “… there are electric shavers on the market that try to mirror a wet-shave by giving you the option of shaving in the shower. And, for guys that get a great shave with this approach, go for it! However, from my experience, the best electric shave experience (including trimmers) is still achieved when done dry.”

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Four Steps to Healthy Hair (

by Nick Burns (Twitter: @nickburns) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    If you’re washing your hair every day with shampoo you picked up at the drug store, you could be damaging your hair. Learn how to change up your routine so that you can have healthier and fuller hair.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “Washing regularly with supermarket shampoo, most of which are full of harsh cleansers, can irritate your scalp and strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to be healthy, smooth, and easy to style.”

How to Pick a Hair Style

Picking A New Men’s Hairstyle (

by Dion Padan (Twitter: @dionbp) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    Thinking about switching up your hairstyle? Well, this article can help guide you to your next hairstyle. It provides a list of factors that you need to think about before choosing a new hairstyle as well as provides inspiration for hair styles that could be a good fit for you.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “The most important piece of advice… is: remember that even if you don’t know exactly what you want, you ALWAYS know what you don’t want.

How to Maintain Your Eyebrows

Men’s Grooming: Eyebrow Maintenance (

by Duncan Copeland (Twitter: @drcopeland87) (Source:

  • Why You Should Read This Article:
    Learn how to avoid having a “uni-brow” as well how to shape and maintain your eyebrows. Plus do’s & don’ts of eyebrow maintenance.
  • Sneak Peak:
    “Along with bad finger nails and an overuse of hair product, unruly eyebrows are up there with the worst grooming crimes a guy can commit. If they’re not kept neat and tidy it can ruin an otherwise impeccable look, and create a negative impression of your image – so it’s important to consider eyebrow maintenance part of your routine.”

So what do you think? You can do it, right?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to start with everything at once – no need to overwhelm yourself. You can keep it easy, and just start with 1-2 of the strategies at a time, and keep on incorporating new ones into your routine.

Happy (better) grooming!


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