Face moisturizers are considered the skincare products with the highest controversy amongst men ever since their release. It’s no secret that guys refuse using them as being unnecessary. But again, wearing a face cream doesn’t pose a threat to our manliness.

As you probably guessed already, today’s guide is about the number one product that you’ve been thankyoubutno-ing for way too long. We review the best moisturizers for men for all skin types, uses and weather conditions so that you get the one that will get your face back on track.

So why the sudden interest in these products?

Although face moisturizers have been a taboo for most men ever since I remember myself, they slowly gain the popularity they deserve. They finally become a vital part of a man’s grooming routine.

No matter if you turn 30 or 50 this year, you can’t say it’s too early to start using one due to their excellent features. Yet, many guys still find them off putting.

After all, why would you use a hand cream when your hands are about to burst into bleeding and not do the same about your face?

They’re perfect for so many reasons that no wonder why many men begun adopting a moisturizer into their daily grooming routine. Here are three good reasons:

  • Is your skin dry? Go ahead and moisturize it.
  • Did the first wrinkles made their appearance? Make sure you stall the rest of them.
  • Is it sunny outside? Wear one with SPF.

Now, there are a lot of different grooming products for men on the market that can answer these questions. But if you ask me to pick the essentials, I would probably suggest a good moisturizer for men which takes care all of the above.

I can hear you thinking that you’re a man, why would you need such thing?

This is what we’ll be also discussing apart from presenting you our top picks.

The 5 Best Moisturizers For Men

 Clinique for MenJack BlackCremo MoisturizerURSA MAJOREvery Man Jack
Clinique for men face moisturizer with sun protectionJack Black double duty face moisturizer for menCremo moisturizer for menURSA MAJOR face moisturizerEvery Man Jack Face Lotion for Men
Size3.4oz / 100ml3.3oz / 97ml4.4oz / 130ml2.5oz / 74ml4.2oz / 125ml
Skin TypeAll typesAll typesAll typesAll typesAll types
Time to ApplyDay & NightDay & NightDay & NightNightDay & Night
Ease of Application
Value for Money

Before we get into the specifics of each face moisturizer reviewed on this guide, let’s see why you need one and how to select the perfect one for you.

Why you need a face moisturizer

Anti aging creams and face moisturizers are never too late to be incorporated in your grooming routine

Image courtesy: sorali/BigStock.com

Your skin is your biggest organ. It’s a living, breathing mesh of organic matter that needs to be taken care of.

It’s made from the same stuff the other organs are – proteins, lipids, enzymes, and minerals. But the most important ingredient in this natural bio-packaging for your body is water.

Nearly one-fifth of the water in your entire body is in your skin and close to 70% of that water is in the top most layer – the dermis.

So a lot of the water you carry around is on display on the surface of your entire body. Considering the skin is made up of so much water you can see why being hydrated is so important.

The best way to maintain hydration is to drink a lot of water. The recommended eight glasses a day will keep you looking young and nimble.

But what if the climate sucks out all the water from your pores?

If you’re constantly losing moisture to the environment no amount of drinking will keep your skin hydrated.

See, when the temperature falls below a certain degree and the moisture in the atmosphere is low, the air around you will suck up all the water it an find.

Water evaporates quickly in cool and dry climates.

If your skin starts losing too much water it’ll have the same features as a dried out chunk of clay. You’ll start seeing cracks around the lips (where the skin is thinnest) and stretches around certain spots.

This is where face moisturizers come.

They’re designed to prevent this. They basically trap in the moisture and keep your skin from drying out.

History of moisturizers

Moisturizers have a bizarre history.

We’ve used them as a species pretty much as long as we’ve lived in cold, harsh climates. Early humans used castor oil to protect the skin. Aborigines in Australia used oil from the flightless emu birds. Egyptians even used tar to cover the face and protect it from the elements.

The Greeks were the first to develop cold creams to use on the face.

They mixed beeswax, olive oil, and water to get the perfect blend. Sometimes adding rose and floral oils.

Romans, meanwhile, used anything they could get their hands on – including bread, milk and honey.

The Chinese used eggs and vermillion while Victorian Brits used the sticky substance found inside the skulls of sperms whales!

We’ve experimented with all sorts of creams and moisturizers over the years, but have now settled on a widely accepted recipe for mainstream creams:

What’s a moisturizer and what’s made of

Applying face moisturizer for men

Image courtesy: Goodluz/BigStock.com

Most mainstream face creams and moisturizers have some combination of natural and unnatural moisturizers.

They can include skin lipids and sterols alongside manufactured chemicals, lubricants, oils, and humectants. Some have added fragrances and colors as well.

Is it necessary?

Depending on where you live a moisturizer could be a nice addition to your grooming regime or an absolute necessity.

If you live in place with a cool and dry climate you’ll need some form of moisturizer.

You may also need a moisturizer if your skin is sensitive, aging, or oily. Moisturizers work well with skin issues like wrinkles and eczema.

When should a man consider using one?

Men should use moisturizers the same way women do.

There’s barely any difference in skin, so it makes sense to apply moisturizers if your skin tends to dry out and become overly sensitive.

Criteria to picking the best face moisturizer for men

Choosing the best moisturizer for men and what critera to consider

Image courtesy: pogrebkov/BigStock.com

Picking the right moisturizer depends on a number of factors.

Not all mainstream moisturizers are created equally and you may have to be really careful with some of them.

Selecting the perfect one boils down to your skin type, age, location, and preferred ingredients.

Let’s take a quick look at each criteria.

Skin type (Normal, Oily, Dry etc)

You need to consider a moisturizer if your skin type is vulnerable to oiliness, dryness or just overly sensitive.

For normal skin you’ll need a light, water-based face moisturizer that contains a few essential oils.

Same goes for oily skin.

You may want to consider moisturizers with antioxidants, grape seed oil or dimethicone if your skin is dry.

For exceptionally dry skin that cracks easily go for a moisturizer that has a petroleum jelly base. Petroleum jelly based moisturizers are also a great option for anyone with wrinkles or eczema.

Your routine day and night

You may want alternative moisturizers for your day and night routine.

Go for a lighter, water-based moisturizer in the morning so that you can carry it around all day as you work.

At night when the temperature falls and you get ready for bed a thicker, creamier moisturizer may be more appropriate.

Your age

The older you get the more important it becomes to preserve your face’s moisture.

If you start a moisturizing routine in your early-20’s and keep it going over the long-term you’ll see great results and much fewer wrinkles.

Weather conditions and location

Of course, the weather around where you live will have a major impact on your skin.

Pick a face moisturizer that works well for the humidity and temperature at home.


In general, I prefer natural ingredients in almost anything you apply to your skin and hair.

It doesn’t mean that synthetic chemicals are bad for you. However, there are less chances that natural ingredients may react in a weird way with your skin.

The skin around your lips is thin and the substance you apply here will eventually seep into your body. Skin also absorbs all the ingredients you apply on it so you don’t want it to be harmful.


A lot of the best brands in grooming offer a decent moisturizer for men.

I’ll be listing these below and discussing the pros and cons of some of the best moisturizers on the market now.

For the most part, don’t worry too much about the brand. Although, it’s good to choose a trustworthy brand when it comes to skincare as these are the ones that have established products and years of product testing.

Focus more on the ingredients and the price.

You need a decent brand that’s well known and trustworthy. Beyond that you simply need natural ingredients and a product that fits your budget.

Speaking of the budget…


The average face moisturizer for men costs somewhere between $5 and $40.

Although you can get more expensive products that promise bells and whistles.

You can even spend nearly $100 on a face moisturizer from a well known luxury brand. But I’m not sure if it’s really worth the money.

In my opinion, as long as it’s natural, affordable and reacts well with your skin, it’s going to be good enough to use on your face.

What are the best moisturizers for men

Best Moisturizer for Men: Clinique For Men Moisturizer

Clinique. One of the best moisturizers for men.

Clinique is an excellent brand and they’ve done well with this moisturizer. Personally, I’ve been using Clinique’s anti aging eye cream together with this moisturizer for over than five years.

It’s definitely not the cheapest product you’ll find out there but it’s, hands down, one of the best moisturizers for men.

Besides its excellent moisturizing properties, it comes with a powerful sunscreen built in (SPF 21).

This Clinique face moisturizer is a completely oil-free mixture that gets easily absorbed in the skin. That means there is simply no residue or greasiness when you apply this cream and leave it on for hours.

The consistency is a little loose and it feels like a watery lotion, but it brightens the skin up nicely if you apply the right amount. This also means that you can apply it both in the morning and before you go to sleep.

All in all, the Clinique face moisturizer for men is one of those products that you should keep an eye on.

Best Value For Money Face Moisturizer For Men: Cremo Moisturizer Astonishingly Superior

Cremo natural face moisturizer for men

Finally, Cremo is the sort of moisturizer you would use on really sensitive skin. It’s got a lot of natural ingredients – Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Algae Extract, Mugwort Extract, and Aloe, which all help to reduce inflammation and acne.

I had the chance of trying out their brushless shaving cream in the past and they really live up to their name.

Perhaps the best thing about this moisturizer for guys is the price. And if you ask me, this is one of the best moisturizers for men at this price level if not the top.

The promise from Cremo is that the cream is effective for 24 hours. It has a smooth texture that lingers on for the whole day and even the next morning if you forget to wash it off at night.

A great moisturizer with some really powerful ingredients.

It also creates a slight burning experience when you apply it for the first time. The feeling is similar to how your skin feels after a close shave. Some men, me included, like that sensation.

Overall, this is a top face moisturizer and one to keep an eye on. Give it a try and you might not look back.

Best Natural Moisturizer For Dry Skin: Jack Black Double Duty

Jack Black moisturizer for mens face

Jack Black is the quintessential men’s moisturizer.

As I mentioned to other guides, Jack Black is slowly becoming one of my preferred brands for all kinds of men’s grooming products. Some examples are their excellent having cream, their top-notch lip balm for men as well as their great body wash for men.

Now, besides hydrating your face, this moisturizer is designed to help against razor burns and the sun’s UVB and UVA rays. Even though it might seem a bit expensive at first, in fact, this moisturizer is well priced for its ingredients and performance.

Speaking of ingredients, there are no added fragrances or chemicals and all them are completely natural.

As for the performance, it’s got great consistency and a smooth texture that melts away in your hands. The fragrance is also really uplifting that there’s no chance you’re going to hate it. Yes, many men will love it but I don’t think it’s by any means even close to being bad.

The verdict: This is one of the best moisturizers for men you can get. Decent price, good quantity, great ingredients and it doesn’t feel heavy any time you decide to apply it.

Baxter of California Night Cream for Men

Baxter of California mens face moisturizer

Baxter of California is a luxury brand that offers some of the most top notch grooming products for men. I also had the chance of trying their top-notch lip balm for men which is actually a very good product.

Their face moisturizer isn’t the cheapest product on this list but compared to some, it’s got a decent tube size.

I like the fact that they’ve included Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) for facial cleansing. It goes beyond simply moisturizing the face and actually helps you get rid of dead skin cells overnight. Think of it as a two-in-one solution.

It’s also good for skin prone to acne and it can reduce the red spots around the face within a few night after applying this face moisturizer. And that’s the glycolic acid at work.

Overall, it’s a good moisturizer for men, although I find it a bit pricey for its value.

Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Neutrogena Mens Face Moisturizer

I’ve always liked Neutrogena products. I’ve been a faithful customer for many years due to their deodorant and hand cream.

Now this face moisturizer doesn’t reach the high standards of their other products that I’ve tried out but it’s ne of the cheapest face moisturizers for men reviewed on this guide.

One great feature is the fact that it’s got sunscreen in the mixture so you know you can apply this when you need something for your morning routine.

The consistency and the way the cream gets easily absorbed into the skin is one of the pros. The cream is a pleasant texture and it doesn’t feel too greasy.

The verdict: I think it’s a good value for price face moisturizer and it could be a good starter’s product before you upgrade.


URSA Major moisturizer for face

Ursa major’s face moisturizer has all the right ingredients.

It has antiseptic properties and a light, water-based mixture. They even offer some great fragrances like lavender and spearmint. Even the ingredients are natural and include aloe, carrot, kendi, myrtle and birch.

The only concern is the price tag that is a bit too much compared to other products with similar performance.

Even though the product is great, some guys may find this face moisturizer to have a bit of oily texture which may affect the way and speed the skin absorbs it.

The quality and variety of ingredients are superb, but it might not feel right on the skin.

Due to it heavy texture, I would consider it more suitable for application during the night rather than putting it on your face before hitting the road.

NIVEA For Men Energy Balm

Nivea for men face moisturizer

Nivea is a brand that requires no introductions. Everybody knows it and only a few people haven’t tried any of their products.

This face moisturizer for men comes in a pack of two for little at a very decent price and works like a charm.

They’ve got some ingredient that soothes the skin after shaving (Coenzyme Q10) which is why it’s such a great pick for men.

Lastly, there’s tons of natural ingredients in the mix that look pretty exotic – such as oyster shell extract.

The consistency is a bit thicker, which makes this the perfect cream for those icy cold winters. However, it might feel a bit heavy if you apply it in the morning if you’ve got normal or oily skin.

For guys with dry skin, this might be a good face moisturizer for them.

Juice Beauty Moisturizer

Juice Beaty moisturizer for mens face

This one’s an oil-free moisturizer so you know it’s going to be a lighter alternative.

It’s got SPF 30 mixed in with some amazing natural ingredients like certified organic grape and pomegranate, aloe vera, vitamins, antioxidants and sea algae.

Even though it’s not as cheap as some others on this guide, it’s certainly one that you can’t go wrong with due to its great ingredients list and performance.

There’s absolutely no oil in the product so the texture is not greasy or sticky at all. This makes it perfect for any guy no matter the time you want to apply it.

In fact, the cream simply fades into the skin pores when you apply and leave it on for more than a few hours. You’re still well protected against dryness and the effects of the sun.

Final thoughts: It’s not a cheap product but it’s a top-notch moisturizer for men with any skin type and you won’t regret getting it.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation

OLE Henriksen face moisturizer for all skin types

This is a light gel-like face cream for men that can be used both in the morning and evening.

It’s got a good mix of botanical extracts, vitamins and smoothing fruit acids but the price puts this product at the premium category.

The particular moisturizer is ideal for anti-aging purposes for a tighter skin. The gel texture is really great and it absorbs quickly by the skin.

It’s a bit heavier formula that is better applied during the night so that it works its magic while you sleep.

Lab Series Pro LS All-in-One Face Treatment

LAB Series moisturizer for men

Lab Series is a brand that I’ve never used before.

The particular product can work well as a moisturizer, eye cream and even as an after shave according to the company.

It’s like an all-in-one solution for your face.

My only gripe is the excessive oil-control that doesn’t really work for all skin types. If your skin is really oily, this may be the perfect buy and at a decent price point. But for everyone else it might not be the best solution for dryness.

Rugged and Dapper Facial Moisturizer

Rugged and Dapper face moisturizer for men

This face moisturizer is meant to work against wrinkles.

That being said, you don’t need this only if you’re older. The younger you start moisturizing with something like this the better.

It’s got peptides that boost Collagen and Elastin production in the outer layers of your skin and help it retain its structure.

Rugged and Dapper promises completely natural ingredients. So instead of toxic stuff it’s got Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, Non Comedogenic Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Green Tea and a half dozen nourishing plant based botanicals.

A great moisturizer at a price that is almost half than its competition. It’s hard to say no to this.

Every Man Jack Face Lotion

Every Man Jack moisturizer for face

As the name suggests, this is for the everyman.

Most of their products are characterized by their good value for their price. One of the bright examples are their nice bar soap for men that gives you a nice and refreshing feeling.

When it comes to this face moisturizer, it’s got a great fragrance and a texture that you’ll love.

There’s a ton of Menthyl & Chamomile Soothe, Shea Butter Hydrates, Vitamin E which are all excellent natural ingredients that are specifically good for moisturization. That’s why you want a moisturizer after all.

The best part – it’s one of the cheapest face moisturizers on the list here.

So, if you’re on a budget, go ahead and grab this. It’s a great moisturizer and the effect on the skin is great.

The only thing that I’m not particularly fond of, is the scent that gives me a bit of chemical scent but again, not enough to put you off.

What does the jury say? A great value for the price with many natural ingredients. If you ask me, this makes it one of the top face moisturizers for men at this price level.

BULLDOG Original Moisturizer For Men

Bulldog face moisturizer

Plain and simple ingredients and no artificial fragrances.

Bulldog is one of the most popular brands among the moisturizers reviewed here and for a good reason.

It’s got a really long-lasting effect and the price is just right. It suits most skin types, although I would say it’s actually meant for the most sensitive skin.

The way the cream smoothly nourishes the skin and stays on for the better half of the day is one of its pros. On top of that, it doesn’t feel greasy as the skin absorbs it fairly quickly.

It’s not the most premium moisturizer for guys but it’s certainly one that you can easily try out and stick to it.

Art of Shaving Facial Moisturizer

Art of Shaving Moisturizer for men

You know a product is made for men when it’s got ‘art of shave’ in the name.

Art of shaving made their name by, what else, their shaving products. Now, they’re part of P&G and continue their tradition of delivering high quality men’s grooming products.

If you’ve tried their aftershave, this might remind you of it a lot as it’s got similar texture. You can think of this face moisturizer as a pleasant aftershave that moisturizes the skin for the rest of the day.

It’s fairly light with a lovely fragrance. The best way to describe the texture is a light, milky, watery cream.

On top of that, it’s got sun protection SPF15 so that you can use it in the morning.

It’s a decent product overall and you woudn’t regret trying it out.

Kyoku Facial Moisturizer For Men

Kyoku face moisturizer for men

I would say this is the perfect moisturizer for men with oily skin or pimples.

The mix has natural ingredients and a healthy dose of sunscreen SPF 15, but the exfoliating material is the key attraction. It helps get rid of acne really effectively and helps protect your skin from the debris build-up on oily skin.

Price wise, it’s not expensive although you wouldn’t place it on the low end. All in all it’s a good upgrade if you’ve started from cheaper moisturizers.

Both in terms of quality and performance, it won’t leave you disappointed.

Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh

Yes To Blueberries face moisturizer

With Yes To Blueberries, you should expect a blueberry fragrance. I guess there was not surprises there.

The blueberry moisturizer is supposed to be used all day everyday for keeping the skin firm and young looking. It’s likely to get rid of the bags under your eyes and the wrinkles around your cheeks.

For this the value this moisturizer is a steal.

The stuff feels a bit greasier than other products. It’s a thick cream that lingers on the skin and makes you feel like you’ve applied too much product. This is why it’s more suitable for application right before you go to sleep.

But the way it works against wrinkles and baggy eyes compels me to give it top marks.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, you need a face moisturizer if you’re getting older, live in a cold place or have skin issues.

Keep in mind that it’s never too late to start using a moisturizer but the sooner, the better.

It’s one of the most common and useful skincare products for men so I highly recommend you get a premium one for daily use. Focus on natural and water-based ingredients if you can and make no discounts on quality.

After all, it’s your face we’re talking about.

The top moisturizer for men on the list is the one from Clinique for me It’s well priced, has great ingredients, and excellent brand quality.

But if you have specific needs, a tight budget, or a preference for another brand go for the Cremo one. If you ask me, it’s got the best price to value compared to the other products reviewed.

Just be sure to moisturize.

What’s your favorite face moisturizer?