Honey, it’s time to brush your hair. Something you probably don’t hear every day from your better half. I mean, we men, don’t need to really brush our hair. We go with that all natural look and just blow dry our hair every now and then.

But that’s far from the truth.

By not brushing your hair you’re hurting both the skin on your scalp and each hair follicle left on your head. There are tons of benefits that a regular brushing routine brings to the table and we’ll try to cover each one of them as a part of this article where we review some of the best hair brushes for men.

Here are some of our top choices, but if you don’t see anything interesting, just scroll down.

Best Hair Brush: Kent Gentleman’s Hairbrush Model No. MG3

It’s a little bit pricey compared to other products on this list, but the quality of built is by far superior and you’re getting an item that will literally last forever. Made from pure white bristle and beech wood, this is really a high end product that will keep your hair and scalp healthy with style.

Runner Up: Bass Classic Men’s Club Style Brush

Poor man’s Kent MG3 that features both all natural and synthetic boar bristles, which pretty much determines the price range of this classy model that will surely keep your swirls in check and gently exfoliate your scalp.

Value for Money: Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush

The cheapest item on our list, but don’t let the price fool you. This is a solid paddle hair brush that will style your hair and massage your scalp with no problem.

What’s the difference between comb and brush?

This is something that we covered before when we compared beard combs with brushes. Besides the obvious difference in built, there’s also a reason why you should be using both of these items as a part of your regular grooming routine. The role of a comb is to settle down your hair in a particular style and help you get rid of debris that accumulated on your scalp during the day. Although a brush can perform the same function it also has another set of benefits it can provide for your hair thanks to its structure and the way it interacts with your scalp.

With a brush you’re able to shape up your hair for the desired style you’re after because it becomes easier to manipulate with each hair follicle on your head. This makes brushes a far superior option for when you’re using tons of products or you want that style to stick with you throughout the day.

The most underestimated benefit a brush brings to the table is cleansing of your skin. Yes we all know combs are a good option for this, but a high quality natural brush can keep you away from both debris and oil accumulation, which leads to a healthier scalp in general.

These are the two biggest problems you face as a man because they can cause an avalanche of problems that begins with ingrown hair and it can lead to severe dandruff and dry skin problems.

Men with beards should also take some notes here as brushing your beard is extremely important if you don’t want to battle eczema and acne in the near future. You just need to be careful not to be too harsh on your skin and use a good quality beard brush if you don’t already have a hair brush.

The overall consensus is that you need both a comb and a brush included in your grooming kit. The first is best used on wet hair to deal with tangled hair and create a basic shape before you begin styling with a brush and a hair dryer.

Criteria to selecting the best brush

Why use a hair brush as a man

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You know using a hair brush is essential, but do you know how to find the right one for your hair type. Brush that will be able to provide you with the ultimate grooming experience and keep in mind the overall health of your scalp. That’s what we call hitting the sweet spot and it’s achievable if you follow these simple guidelines.

Handle Type

Try to avoid brushes with a plastic handle as they can cause static while you go through your hair, which directly affects the shape of your hairstyle. I believe none of you wants to look like Bozo the clown when going out, so sticking to a wooden handle should do the trick.

There are also plastic handled brushes that have a nice pad made out of a material that doesn’t create static, so you should really base this on personal preference. The more important aspect to consider here is the type of bristle you’ll be using rather than the handle, but more on that later on.

Bristle Type

The brush you go with can be made from either natural or synthetic materials. Your best choice is a boar bristle brush, but you can also go with either horsehair or goat hair. Other materials include, but are not limited to nylon and stainless steel. The reason why you want an organic material to go through your hair is because the quality of built is incomparable with synthetic sources plus you won’t create static that will make your hairstyle look rather clumsy.

There are also mixed brushes, so be careful when looking through products and make sure you read everything on the label. Some types of brushes like the vented model can be found solely in a synthetic variant, but the good news is that they used only in certain situations. In a best case scenario you’ll have more than a single brush and it’s probably the best to have a wooden “main” brush.

Density of bristles and shape

The density of bristles determines the type of hair brush and is connected with the actual reason why you’re using it in the first place. Based on density of bristles and shape you have the following types of brushes:

  • Vented brush – Used while you blow dry your hair because the density of bristles is extremely low and it allows for hot air to just go through your hair and dry your hair faster. It’s great to use this brush right after you go out from the shower due to its ability to reduce the time you need to dry your hair, which directly relates to potential hair damaging.
  • Round brush – You should think about diameter as well when going with this type of brush because you need something that can go under your hair. Usually a great choice for men with long or medium hair length that want to increase the volume and add curls to their look. The density of bristles is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum as there is a straight line row on every half an inch.
  • Paddle brush – The most common model on this list that will help you control the shape of your hairstyle, but it won’t do that much in terms of volume enhancement. People with thin hair should look for greater density and always be careful when choosing the type of bristle (always go natural).
  • Teasing brush – Swirls can give you a real headache when styling your hair so having a dense teasing brush will certainly ease up your daily grooming routine. This is a tiny paddle brush with only couple of rows of bristles, dedicated to unknot your hair and keep it straight.
  • Wet Brush – Replaces the use of comb on wet hair and it features some pretty strong bristles that are not that dense, but get the job done.


There are couple of things you should consider when determining the size of the brush you’ll get. Diameter is quite important when going for a round brush because you won’t be able to shape up your hair with a wide brush if you have shorter hair. For those of you looking for a paddle brush it’s always better to go for the bigger option because you’ll be able to cover more surface and blow dry your hair quicker.

Intended use

Connected with the size you’re going with, but the type of brush as well. If you’re moving a lot around and you want to have a multifunctional tool, it’s probably the best to go for a pocket model with two sides. The one side should feature a hard and dense bristle structure great for shape up while the other can be used to deal with swirls and tangled up hair. This way you will solve all of your hair related problems on the go without the need of a comb.


It’s always a better option to get an all natural product that will last you literally forever, so if you have a certain budget in mind, don’t avoid going over it if you can get a wooden boar bristle brush instead of a synthetic option of the same type.

Why use a brush

A man's hair brush is not only for styling

Men usually connect the usage of a hair brush solely with styling. If they can control their hair without a brush, they tend to forget all about getting one. The reason why this is simply wrong is because there’s much more to brushing than people usually think.

Here are some of the biggest benefits a high quality brush can provide for your scalp and hair:

  • Cleansing – It’s important to find a strong natural bristle because this part of your brush helps you get rid of stuff like dead skin and natural oil that accumulated on your scalp. Having a clean head means you’ll most likely stay clean from stuff like dandruff, dead skin cells accumulation and ingrown hair. Plus, you won’t need to wash your hair every day, which means you’ll keep moisturization levels at check as well.
  • Conditioning – The effect of regular brushing is pretty close to dry shampooing and you won’t only clean your hair, but keep it shinier than ever. When you go through your hair with a hard boar bristle brush you’re automatically spreading the natural sebum oil throughout the length of your hair. This will make your hair really soft (similarly to keeping your beard soft) and looking like it’s well nourished, but it will also make it easier for you to shape it up for your desired hairstyle.
  • Battling hair loss – You’re not only keeping your hair soft and your scalp clean when using a brush, but also battling against hair loss. How is this even possible? With the help of the hard bristle of the brush you’re using, you’re actually massaging your scalp and promoting increase in blood flow and absorption of oxygen in your skin cells.

How to use a brush step by step

Get the right tools – We already mentioned all the brush types you have on your disposal previously, so it’s time to get one that suits your need. Whether this is a paddle or a radiant brush, it’s important that it’s made from natural hair, not only because it won’t create any static, but because it’s also better for the health of your scalp and hair.

Take a stance – Stand straight for a minute or two and then bend over so the tip of your head is as parallel to the ground as you can go. This isn’t something only people with long hair should do as it has nothing to do with the length of your hair. This way you make your blood flow faster under your scalp and you get the opportunity to increase the levels of oxygen by just taking this position.

Take your time – Don’t rush. A good brushing routine should last anywhere between three and five minutes. Once you’re done with the first phase, you can repeat the process starting from the top.

Be gentle – Don’t push too hard. Creating more pressure on your scalp won’t help you with anything and it will just scar the gentle skin on your head. Dead skin cells and debris are not so hard to get rid of, you just need to be as detailed as possible.

Think about direction – Start from the closest point to your neck and move your way up to the top of your head. After you’re done, go in the opposite direction and at the end shape up for your desired style.

Detangle with a comb – Don’t try and using a thick boar bristle brush to detangle your hair, instead you can use a rat tail comb to get rid of any swirls and tangled hair before starting to brush.

What are the best hair brushes for men

Till now you probably know how to choose a great brush that will fix all your hair related problems. To save you the trouble of spending the next ten hours online just to find out how there are literally hundreds of different options, we’ve nitpicked this list of the best products we came across:

Diane Double Sided Men’s Club

Diane Double Sided Men’s Club

We try to stay away from cheap product made in China, but we just couldn’t resist this two sided manly brush great for people with swirly hair that just can’t keep it under control. Don’t get fooled by the price tag, this is one high quality brush you should seriously consider.

The best part is that you have two sets of bristles placed on both sides of the paddle and each one of them performs a specific function. The softer side of the brush is great for people that have sideburns and are growing a beard because it’s capable of manipulating even the softest hair.

This product is best for keeping your head clean and dealing with swirls although it may not perform as well when you use a blow dryer or in situations when you want to shape up your wet/damp hair. Not surprising at all considering this isn’t a styling brush.

The handle is shorter than usual so people with humongous hand will have trouble holding a strong grip.

The bristles are mainly made out of nylon with couple of boar bristles spreaded through the entire surface of each side. One side is softer than the other, so you’ll be able to use it on every type of hair including your beard.

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Denman Cushion Brush

Denman Cushion Brush

Another nylon based brush, but the overall design is quite different from our previous selection. This one has only one side filled with nine rows of well separated bristles made from nylon and there are no boar bristles included. That’s something we felt like is important to emphasize.

The pad is made out of rubber so the brush won’t create static while you use it on your hair and the biggest reason why we’ve included it on this list is because it’s a great product you can use while blow drying your hair. The low density of bristles and their above average length combined with the rubber finish of the pad, makes this a great choice for wet hair.

The air will just go through your hair because the brush doesn’t create a wall of bristles while you use it to brush your hair. The bristles are pretty solid on first sight, but they also have small plastic balls on the tips that prevent you from hurting the skin on your scalp.

This brush is the right fit for people that just want to style and blow dry their hair right after they step out from the shower.

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Kent Gel Styler Brush

Kent Gel Styler Brush

Kent is one of those brands we felt like we’re including too often in our listicles, but let’s face it, this isn’t the average $5 get rich quickly scheme type of manufacturer. It’s a business with rich tradition that proves they can be innovative and bring products that can solve all of your grooming problems year in and year out.

The design has in mind your ability to hold a strong grip over the brush while you style your hair and you’ll also feel comfortable while doing this. The positioning and the quality of the bristles allows you to brush your hair without fearing how half of it will just stay on the brush. This isn’t just great for the health status of your hair and scalp, but it will also reduce the time you need to clean your brush.

The brush is great at styling up for the desired hairstyle, using any product you deem necessary. Being a styling brush, you can also rely on it while you blow dry your hair, but you can use it with dry hair styling as well. It’s great for any type of hair no matter if it’s thick, thin, long or short; but if you guys have curly hair it’s probably best to go through some of the other products on our list.

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Baasha Vent Brush

Baasha Vent Brush

We’re not huge fans of brushes that use unnatural materials to build their bristle structure, but we’re also pretty much aware of the fact how a good model that you can use while blow drying your hair simply needs to be made from lightweight fabric.

This is also the case with the Baasha vent brush. It’s designed in a manner that will allow you to quickly dry your hair, which reduces the chances of damaging your follicles, but it’s also made from nothing but synthetic materials.

The good news is that it uses a rubbered paddle that acts as an anti-static body, so you won’t get that bushy look when you go through your wet or damp hair right after you took a shower.

The entire design of the brush has functionality in mind before anything else. The hot air from your blow dryer will just go through the body of the brush allowing you to quickly finish the entire process. The ball-tips of each bristle are great for scalp massage while your hair is dry and the gel based construction of the handle will fit in your hand and provide you with a nice tight grip.

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Bass Classic Men’s Club Style Brush

Bass hair brush for men with boar bristles

Finally another boar bristle brush made the cut on our list. They’re not 100% natural, as this would put the brush in a much higher price range, but they perform really good and can be used to manage your beard as well.

One thing you can do before starting to use the brush is tapping it gently on your sink or above your trash can as the bristles have the tendency to fall off. By doing this you avoid the situation where they shed throughout your hair, which honestly can be really annoying.

The bristles are spaced in a way that makes them both soft and stiff at the same time, which is great for people that want to have a single solution that will allow them to handle their damp and dry hair at the same time. The handle is made from bamboo, so although lightweight you won’t have a problem with the grip and control while you’re going through your hair.

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Sonvera Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Sonvera Hair brush for men

One of the more unique products in our selection. This paddle brush features a wooden body equipped with both a rubber padding and boar bristles. This way you get everything you need from a brush in a single product.

The medium density of the bristles allows you to use this brush while you blowdry your hair, but the overall structure also puts you in a position where you can use it on dry hair and massage your scalp thanks to the small balls placed on the tip of each bristle.

The quality of built is pretty solid and you may find the handle a little bit narrow at first, but after a while you’ll get used to it and develop a strong grip.

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Conair Velvet Touch Paddle Hair Brush

Conair men's hair brush

Talking about an economy solution, this Conair model has a price tag that’s certainly hard to beat. Normally retailing for less than $5 (depending on where you’re buying it from) you’re getting a solid piece of grooming equipment that will help you untangle even the most stubborn swirls in your hair.

Because of its design and the really wide rectangular paddle, the brush is a great solution for guys that rock a long hair style, but can also be used by people with medium hair length as it has ball tips on each bristles, great for scalp massage and gentle exfoliation.

The handle has enough ground to it, so it won’t be hard for you to control the brush while you cleanse your hair and scalp.

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Kent OS11 Dual Timber Rectangular Hair Brush

Kent OS11 Dual Timber Rectangular Hair Brush

One thing we learned about men while digging deep into their grooming habits is that they don’t hesitate spending a large sum of money on a single product when they’re sure about the quality it offers. We often tend to go with a pricier solution just because it’s the best product available and we know it will last longer and perform better than any other model.

This is what you get with Kent’s OS11 brush. It’s made from pure white boar hair and although it’s extremely stable it still provides a soft touch to your skin. When you start using it, you’ll notice how the tip of the bristles gently exfoliates the skin on your head without hurting the scalp.

This is important because you want a product that helps you disperse the accumulated oil on your skin and at the same time help you get rid of accumulated debris.

It’s perfect for grooming purposes, but it won’t do much if you try to style your hair with it, so people looking for a styling product, should look at some of our other choices.

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Kent Gentleman’s Hairbrush Model No. MG3

Kent Gentleman's Hairbrush Model No. MG3

Another Kent product. What a surprise. We intentionally listed these two models sequentially because this is probably the better solution for men that travel a lot and are constantly on the move.

The No. MG3 model is also a grooming first brush that features pure white boar bristle that can lightly exfoliate your skin and affect blood circulation in a positive way while keeping your skin clean from oil and dead skin accumulation.

The quality of build reminiscents of those old school models that were really popular during the WWII period and you can rest assured how this piece will last forever.

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Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller Small Round Men’s Hair Brush

Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller Small Round Men's Hair Brush

We haven’t included a shape up brush that will help you control wavy and swirly hair till this point. This Uppercut Deluxe quiff roller is great for people that just can’t catch a hold of their bushy hair or even beard.

Just roll it under your hair and blow dry until you get the shape you always desired. The ergonomic handle allows you to manipulate the brush however you want and quickly dry your hair before it starts damaging itself.

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Closing thoughts

The goal of this article isn’t just showing you what are some of the best brushes for men available on the market, but also providing you with enough information, so you can make a well educated choice when selecting your new grooming product.

We would like to hear what products you use on daily basis, so we can update our list. Also don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comment section or by sending us a direct message.

Hopefully you’ve found a brush that fits your criteria after reading our short guide. If not, feel free to send us what you’re looking for and we’ll try and help you out.