You might have noticed by now that beards are everywhere. Chances are that you already wear a beard and you landed on this article.

So, on this guide, we review some of the best beard combs on the market for a nicely groomed beard. We’re going to put 6 combs to test and understand what criteria a good beard comb needs to meet and how you can identify whether it’s good or not for your facial hair and needs.

But before that, let’s check our our findings.

Upon reviewing 6 of the most popular products, we found the 3 pieces beard comb kit by Kent to be a top choice that covers all needs from beard to mustache combing no matter the size and density of your beard. Next, we find the Zeus Beard that is made of natural horn to be a top notch beard comb for smooth results without damaging your precious beard. However, this might be something that vegans might not appreciate and can look into the former. That being said, we’ve included a few beard combs on this guide for all tastes and needs.

The 6 Best Beard Combs

 Kent 3-piece setSeven PotionsZeus BeardHuntsman Beard CoBaxter of CaliforniaGo-Comb
Kent Beard Combseven potions beard comb handmadeZeus Beard Comb Natural Hornhuntsman beard comb beard brush woodBaxter of California Beard CombGo Comb Stainless Steel Beard Comb - Bottle Opener
MaterialCellulose acetateCellulose acetateNatural HornWoodCellulose acetateStainless Steel
Size3 different sizesPocket sizePocket sizePocket sizePocket sizeCredit card size
Ease of Use
Value for Money

Following the individual’s beard comb review, we’ll be digging into the details of choosing a good beard comb that will upgrade your beard grooming game. More specifically, the main topics are the following:

  • What is a beard comb
  • Differences between hair and beard comb
  • Differences between beard comb and brush
  • Stamp Press Vs Hand Cut Combs
  • Criteria to selecting a good beard comb
  • Analysis of the 6 beard combs you can buy

Let’s take a look at the most versatile beard combs reviewed on this article.

The 6 best beard combs to buy

Kent Men’s Handmade 3-Comb Kit

Kent Beard Comb

Made in England, Kent is one of the oldest producers of combs and brushes in the world. More specifically, they opened doors in 1777!

Although they have a range of premium products, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend a fortune to get there.

This beard comb set is the brightest example.

This x3 beard comb bundle, is one of the finest combo to consider out there. Even though I’m a bit biased due to my admiration towards the company, the beard combs are without a doubt, a great choice for any bearded man.

Made from cellulose acetate -and not polystyrene plastic, they’ve got three different sizes, each for a specific reason. With this package, you get a beard comb for home, a pocket one on the go and a mustache comb when high detail is required while crafting that handlebar ‘stache.

In terms of quality, you can’t go wrong with a Kent product. Each comb is handmade and sawcut. On top of this, they polish each individual teeth to achieve those soft and rounded edges so that it leaves no room for damaging your beard or skin.

One downside, if you can consider it as such, is the printing, which might go away after few uses but this doesn’t affect the quality or performance at all.

All in all, I must say that this is one of the finest beard combs to consider. But wait, it’s actually three combs and not one. That being said, the beard comb-o is totally worth the money and you can’t go wrong with any product from Kent.

One last thing to note is that you can get all combs individually. Therefore, if you feel that you don’t need one or even two out of three items, you can also buy each separately.

Seven Potions Beard Comb

Seven Potions Beard Comb

When you’re searching for another fine addition for your daily beard maintenance routine, the Seven Potions Beard Comb is an all-around, all-purpose winner!

It’s also another expertly hand-crafted grooming tool made entirely of cellulose acetate (a non-petroleum based, sustainably sourced polymer of which we approve), which ensures that it will be-

  • Durable
  • Comfortable (both on your beard and against your skin)
  • Static-free
  • Completely moisture-free (and will actually pull excess moisture from your beard while remaining water-sealed)
  • A Convenient Joy to Use.

The Seven Potions brand is something of a new kid on the grooming block—launching in 2015—but we’ve found that they are definitely committed to offering a wide range of high-quality men’s grooming products and tools, that won’t break the bank.

Their Beard Comb is an excellent example of what they have to offer. Perfectly sized (at 14.5 X 3 cms) for any convenient pocket, expertly designed and then handcrafted out of environmentally sustainable cellulose acetate, and reasonably priced for a top shelf comb that will likely last you a lifetime; the Seven Potions beard comb is a dependably rock-solid choice for beard enthusiasts everywhere.

Seven Potions is another entirely UK-based manufacturer and—much like their closest rival the Kent comb—they’re clearly dedicated to upscale men’s grooming, as well as creating some of the very best products on the market.
After repeated testing over time, we have to say that they got their beard comb just right. It’s pleasurably smooth and soothing combing action reflects the care they put into its making, as it’s carefully and expertly rounded teeth really glide through even the toughest beard with ease. And the comb is both perfectly flexible to use and also store while remaining a handy grooming tool that we’re sure will last as long as we do!

And like so many UK-based companies, the good people at Seven Potions are also deeply committed to environmental sustainability in the creation of all their products, so this is another reassuring pleasure when choosing them. No real drawbacks here although, at present, they offer only one size.

Overall, we found that this is definitely a grooming product purchase that will not disappoint!

Zeus Natural Horn Medium Tooth Beard Comb

Zeus Beard Comb Natural Horn

It’s no secret that Zeus Beard is a popular name among beard growers. They are spoiling all beardsmen with their high quality beard care products and this beard comb is no different.

This comb is made of natural horn and as we already discussed, this is one of the top materials you can use in manufacturing combs.

The horn -which is natural keratin, ensures the smooth gliding of the comb through your beard without damaging your hair in any way. And if you’re wondering, there are no jagged edges to potentially damage the hair shaft. The teeth and their edges are well polished, offering you a smooth combing session.

In terms of durability, there’s no way this comb can break. It can be a;so washed with either cold or hot water and cleaned with soap as many times as you like. It doesn’t produce static like plastic combs and this allows you to groom your beard without interference.

The downside for this comb is the fact that animals died in the process and as you can imagine, it doesn’t come with a cruelty free label. If this isn’t something that you’re concerned, then you can’t go wrong with this beard comb.

As Zeus Beard is a company that pays close attention to customer experience, they give you a little extra with this comb. And I’m talking about the leather case that this comb comes with. Both of them are packed in a carton box that makes the overall experience excellent. It also makes for a great present for anyone who grows a beard.

Overall, this is a great comb for beards you can get at this price level that is made of high quality, natural horn. You might be paying a bit more than a plastic comb but unless you lose it, this comb is for life.

Huntsman Beard Co Wooden Beard Comb

Hunstman Beard Co Wooden Beard Comb

This is one of the few combs and brushes that Huntsman Co. has available and in my opinion, it’s the one worth your attention. Not that the others aren’t good, and in all honesty, I haven’t tried them out. Let me explain what I mean.

First of all, this beard comb comes in a perfect small size that makes it ideal for carrying it with you. Not to be misleaded that it’s too small for your beard though.

Now, when it comes to using it, it’s got two sides and both sides have different gaps between the teeth. So, whatever your beard growth and density is, you can use either of the sides to get the desired result. This is the definition of convenience -at least in beard grooming tools.

Next, it’s made of nicely polished wood that allows for a comfortable and safe combing.

Just like the Zeus Beard comb, this one comes with a leather case to protect it right after use. I think that the case is necessary for wooden combs as they don’t react very well with humidity. That being said, it’s better to dry clean it rather than rinsing it under running water. This will also extend the comb’s life.

Lastly, you’re not going to experience any static due to the wooden structure. This is one of the big advantages of wooden beard combs after all.

Pricewise, this isn’t the cheapest one but it’s certainly one of the top beard combs out there with great durability and performance.

The verdict? This is a truly great deal in a nice package for any beardsman.

Baxter of California Beard Comb

Baxter of California Beard Comb

Baxter of California is steadily -and not slowly at all, becoming one of the most popular men’s grooming brands.

The American based company has a wide variety of men’s products for every need. From facial moisturizers to bar soaps for men, shaving creams and hair pomades, they’re all there.

When it comes to the particular beard comb, it really lives up to the standards that the company sets.

Although the company is based in the USA, this comb is hand crafted in Switzerland and it’s made of the same material Kent’s combs are. And that is cellulose acetate and not any cheap plastic that will make you regret the moment you laid eyes on it.

It’s a handmade, high quality beard comb that reminds me a lot of Kent’s. It’s very strong and it passes through your beard easily with smooth cut teeth and round edges.

Although this 3.25-Inch comb might be great for most beard lengths and thickness, it’s still a fairly small one. This means that a certain number of men might find it a bit challenging to comb their beards due to its width. In addition, men with big hands might have some difficulties holding it as well.

In any case, if you’re interested in a wider comb, you might also want to look at the other beard combs from the same brand. But then, you might go ahead and take a look at hair combs instead.

The particular comb works great as a pocket beard comb as well. It’s got two different types of width between the teeth so that it works well for most (facial) hair.

The price for this comb isn’t too high either, although on first glance, I would personally go for the three beard combs combo from Kent which comes almost at the same cost.

This doesn’t mean that the particular comb from Baxter of California doesn’t worth its money. It’s a solid choice that won’t leave anyone unsatisfied, although there’s still room for improvement in the pricing department.

Go-Comb – Beard Comb + Bottle Opener

Go Comb Stainless Steel Beard Comb - Bottle Opener

This is probably the most rugged beard comb reviewed on this guide.

The first thing that you notice is the metal material and more specifically, stainless steel. But what makes it different than the rest isn’t the material or size but the extra feature of bottle opener.

That’s right!

Once you finish combing your beard, you pop open a brew and then you keep on combing ‘till the next sip.

Beers and Beards… Or Beerds. I guess they could easily name it Beerd Comb.

The size of the particular beard comb is very convenient as it’s slightly smaller than a credit card. You can easily slide it in your wallet and keep it with you at all times.

Although I’m not the biggest fan of metal beard combs, this one has fairly smooth teeth.

Apparently, the producers of this beard comb redesigned the particular product in 2014 since the initial release that had some issues. The redesign made the finish smoother with no rough edges. And this is something I highly appreciate as a customer as this the definition of customer oriented company that listens to their customer’s feedback.

It’s a highly versatile beard comb and even though it feels a bit flimsy, it doesn’t seem to affect its shape under normal circumstances.

In all honesty, I had my doubts for the particular product as most of the metal beard combs don’t offer a great combing experience. They usually have jagged edges but this really makes a difference.

If you’re looking for a good beard comb that comes in metal, look no further. On top of that, you also get a bottle opener on the go.

What is a beard comb and why isn’t it called just comb?

It’s not that difficult to understand what a beard comb really is. As the name suggests, it’s a comb for facial hair and more specifically beards.

The definition of beard may sometimes include mustache combs. These can have similar shape as beard combs although the come in smaller size. More often, the come with a small handle that offers higher precision for your handlebar mustache.

Now, beard combs come in various materials, shapes and sizes. On a next section, we’re going to analyse each one of them and discuss the criteria to selecting the greatest beard comb out there.

But first, let’s see why it’s called beard comb and not just… comb.

What’s the difference between beard comb and hair comb?

When you place both of them next to each other, you notice that a beard comb is noticeably smaller. Both in width and depth. You could even say that it looks more like a pocket hair comb. And you wouldn’t be too far from the truth when it comes to many beard combs out there.

The thought behind the width of a beard comb isn’t as random as you might initially think. First of all, beards in most cases aren’t as dense as the hair on your head and besides that, you need to have better control over the comb for better combing precision, especially when you add styling products like beard wax. Not to mention, that beard comb might be more necessary to carry with you than a hair comb and hence, the smaller pocket-like size.

Speaking of size, there’s a difference in the gap between the teeth when you compare the two comb types. That being said, beard combs usually have wider gap compared to hair combs.

The reason behind this gap is that facial hair -for most men, is thicker and curlier than their hair. With wider teeth, you can get away with hair pulling while combing. Detangling also isn’t as painful as with smaller gaps between the teeth.

Lastly, when you apply product such as beard wax, wider gap between the teeth can make your grooming session a much simpler exercise than with a hair comb and this is possibly the best reason to select a beard comb over a normal hair comb.

If gap size is something that troubles you when it comes to selecting one, you might be glad to know that there are beard combs with two and even three sides, each one of them with different width. This way, there are more chances that such comb meets your beard grooming needs.

Difference between beard comb and brush

beard brush with board bristle hair. Make your beard soft and style it with ease

At first, you might think that both tools serve the same purpose. However, this is so far from the truth and you’ll soon understand why.

Both beard combs and brushes are not only different in shape and size but also to the way you use each.

While beard comb is made of one solid -in most cases, piece, beard brush is made of bristles which are either natural or synthetic.

Most beard brushes consist of two main components, the base and the bristles.

The base is usually made of wood or plastic while the bristles can be either plastic or natural hair like boar or horse.

Now that we already analysed the differences in material, it’s important to understand the purpose of using one tool after the other.

A beard brush is mostly used for cleaning and softening the beard. What’s even better is the fact that cleaning and softening come hand in hand while using a beard brush.

You brush away the impurities of the beard and the more you brush, the softer your beard becomes, by spreading the sebum oil across the length of the hair. The particular side effect of “oil spreading” is also handy when a brush is used after applying product on your beard such as beard oil or beard balm. This way, you spread the product more evenly throughout your facial hair reaching every spot. This is also why a beard brush is doing an awesome job when you experience beard dandruff or dry skin under beard.

And what about beard comb?

It serves two main purposes: beard styling and detangling.

Due to its tooth width, beard comb is used, ideally, right after washing your beard for straightening and detangling it.

Next, it’s the styling aspect. More specifically, it’s perfect for shaping your beard right after beard balm or beard wax application (or any other styling products). A beard brush isn’t suitable for such use as it would get too messy, with product sticking all over its bristles. And trust me, this would be a nightmare to clean.

Speaking of which.

Beard combs are generally very easy and safe to wash. The only exception are the ones with wooden base/handle.

As most combs are either plastic or silicone, you can wash them as many times as you like after you styled your beard.

Although this seems like a no brainer with combs, you wouldn’t be able to do the same with a beard brush. Most of beard brushes consist of wooden handles and if the brush is made of natural bristles, you might have to be even more careful maintaining it at proper state.

Criteria to selecting the best beard comb

1. Size

As previously indicated, width of beard combs tend to be smaller which can sometimes be even half of normal hair comb’s size.

With that being said, you can make a choice between normal and pocket size beard combs as well as mustache combs. Let’s see how you distinguish them:

  1. Normal size beard combs are small but not small enough that would allow easy transportation. They are better kept at home.
  2. Pocket size beard combs usually have such size that you can carry them everywhere you want for quick combing when needed. They can easily slide in your pocket or in your jacket
  3. Folding beard combs can be considered pocket size combs too. In most cases, the height of their teeth is smaller than normal beard combs so that it makes the comb more compact when folded.
  4. Then you have the mustache combs that are much smaller than any beard comb and they allow for more precision. The teeth height is normally short compared to other beard combs and they tend to come with a short handle for better grip and control.

2. Price

Depending on the brand and the material of a beard comb, you should expect to pay something between $1 to $35. From our research, most beard combs are among the following price ranges:

  • Plastic: $1-$3
  • Cellulose Acetate: $5-$25
  • Wood: $6-$18
  • Horn: $8-$55
  • Metal: $4-$20

3. Stamp Press and Hand Cut Combs. Understanding the difference

Plastic beard comb or brush with natural boar bristles

Understanding the difference between the two production methods is probably the most important criteria when it comes to selecting your next beard comb.

Stamp press are usually plastic combs that are produced massively in factories.

This isn’t necessarily bad but makes makes the big difference here, is the unpolished teeth of each comb. There are exceptions to this but this tends to be the rule with most mass produced cheap plastic combs.

When these plastic combs are produced, they have jagged edges that you can’t really see with naked eye, but they are actually there. Those edges tear your facial hair every time you use such comb and this results in damaging your hair.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why most men who grow beards for some time experience beard split ends. The more you use them, the greater the damage to your facial hair.

Now, when it comes to hand cut combs, they are normally made of cellulose acetate, natural wood or horn (unfortunately this isn’t vegan). If you choose a good beard company, you should expect these combs to be sawcut with each individual tooth polished thoroughly so that they allow for a smooth and safe combing experience for your beard.

Lastly, stamp press plastic combs are prone to breakage and especially their teeth.

Again, when the teeth of a comb break, you should stop using them immediately, no matter if they’re stamp pressed or hand made. Jagged edges will damage your hair as we already analysed on the previous paragraph.

Therefore, using a plastic comb -or any comb on that respect, that is prone to breakage is also something that could lead to a damaged beard if you’re not careful enough.

4. Comb’s material


Wooden beard combs are pretty popular among guys who grow their beard as they look pretty rugged and cool.

One of the main reasons why you should pick a wooden comb over a plastic one is the fact that they don’t produce static and price wise, they aren’t as expensive as metal or horn.

And if you care about animal cruelty, these beard combs are perfect for you.

Although they are pretty solid, wooden brushes aren’t as smooth as horn or cellulose acetate and they’ve got some limitations when it comes to cleaning.

More specifically, wooden combs usually don’t behave well with humidity and the vast majority shouldn’t be washed with water. This is might restrict you from using it often right after applying styling product on your beard. Styling makes the comb dirty quickly as dust get stuck on it and this makes washing a necessity.

Therefore, keep this in mind when you select a good beard comb that is made of wood.


Beard combs that are made of horn are considered great for beards.

Surprised? Let’s see why is that.

First of all, they are very smooth and they don’t damage your hair. In addition, the material they are made of can last for many years and they are nearly impossible to break. Unless, again, you try very hard to break them.

Horn beard combs don’t produce static and they promise a great combing experience out of the box.

One thing that could break the deal is that horn combs aren’t vegan and most importantly, animals die in the process. Therefore, if you’re looking for a cruelty free beard comb you might need to look at the other options.


As already discussed, you might want to skip looking at plastic as it’s hard to know if they’re actually good until you try them out.

From my experience, cheap plastic combs aren’t to be trusted with your beard or your hair. Just invest in a few more dollars and get one that will leave your beard unharmed.

Cellulose Acetate:

Although they seem like plastic, in fact, these beard combs are among the top beard combs you can buy at a fair price. If they are handmade and sawcut, they can be as good as horn combs and they don’t produce static either.

Certainly, they don’t have the same durability as horn combs but in terms of teeth smoothness, performance and quality, these two types can be pretty much similar.


Lastly, we’ve got metal combs. I haven’t found many good combs made of metal. They produce static which could be a bit annoying when it comes to your morning beard grooming routine while you’re struggling to tame the beast.

However, they are excellent in terms of durability and if the comb is good, you should expect a great combing performance.

They’re also highly recommended to be carried as pocket combs. You can sit on them without worrying too much about breaking them.