Summer is still here and we all need a break from our work. Going for a weekend on the beach or on a full tropical vacation, packing a traveling bag can be troublesome for many.

From sunglasses to sunblock there are a lot of things to keep in mind, but you don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe on your vacation.

There are few essentials every man should pack in his suitcase so he can be prepared for every situation during his summer vacation. We will divide this article into three parts, clothes, grooming and sleeping for easier reading.


When packing clothes, you need to go light, it is summer after all, but a pair of lightweight jeans is absolutely necessary. Pair it with a short sleeve buttoned shirt and you will be ready for not only the beach, but even for something classier. After all, we don’t spend our whole summer vacation on the beach.

You should also pack a pair of sunglasses and swim trunks. Probably the most essential accessory for summer vacation, a good pair of shades will protect you from the sun and make you look cool at the same time.

And of course swim trunks, there’s no swimming without them and without swimming you might as well have stayed home.

Board shorts are hot right now, they’re not too long or too short, plus when paired with a nice button shirt they are ideal for nighttime beach parties.

Grooming equipmentDescription: person-602971_1280.jpg

Don t forget your shaving and beard grooming equipment before you go on holidays

If you’re going on a vacation, that doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Sunblock, razors, and shower gels are equally important for a summer vacation.

There is nothing worse than a few days old beard when you are on a vacation. Don’t forget to pack your razor and shaving cream.

You should shave every day before you hit the beach, that way your face will be clean even for a night party. Of course, if you are a bearded guy, then don’t forget to bring your beard oil.

Groom your beard every morning to keep it clean, soft and presentable; salted and sun dried beards are the worst.

And it goes without saying, that shampoos and shower gels are a must have on your vacation unless you don’t mind using cheap ones you get in a hotel, but we don’t recommend that. One last thing that is essential for summer vacations is sunblock.

Some of the best sunscreen’s can be found at the Facial Co. – online beauty shop. Never go on a summer travel without your sunblock or you will end up burnt and in your bed for the rest of the trip.


This last part of the article is often overlooked, but it’s equally important as the previous ones.

We all have our sleeping regimen at our homes and we’re used to our beds and pillows, but people forget that tropical places have different climates and hotels usually have cheap and clunky beds.

That’s why you should always bring a portable humidifier, it will help you sleep during dry summer nights. If you’re having trouble with your pillow than the best solution is to pack a PillowFix. This is a small inflatable cushion that goes beneath the pillow and adds extra support.

Also, there is no need to arrive tired on your vacation. Put a sleeping mask and traveling pillow in your hand luggage and you’ll even catch some sleep during your flight.


summer vacations accessories for proper man grooming routine

There is no summer vacation without proper accessories. There are few necessary ones that need to be in every men’s travel bag, a watch, beach bag, fedora
and a pair of sunglasses.

Probably the most essential accessory for summer vacation, a good pair of shades will protect you from the sun and make you look cool at the same time. Every man should have a watch regardless of the occasion, but for summer vacation, try getting a more casual one with the leather band.

Full steel watches are good for more formal dress code. But on your vacation, you want to give off a more chilled and relaxed vibe and a leather watch paired with appropriate clothing will ensure that.

Next up on the list is a timeless straw fedora.

We are not talking about your grandpa’s fedora, but trendy new ones.

There are pretty much the same, but new ones have different color combinations and you can pick whichever suits you best. Besides making you look like the classiest man on the beach it will protect your head from the sun.

One last accessory for the summer trip is a beach bag.

Long gone are the days when women, where the only ones to carry beach bags and men, carried their stuff in pockets to the beach. Now there are a number of different men models to choose from, just pick one that is in your style and get ready to hit the beach.

That concludes our list of must-haves for a summer vacation.

As you can see, these are all the essentials you’ll probably need for your trip. Of course, a lot of people will bring even more stuff, but the key is to pack and travel light, after all, you are going on a vacation.

So, next time, don’t forget to pack sunglasses, trunks, and a few more things before you hit the road.