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The Manliness Kit is the one stop destination for the man who wants to take his grooming to the next level.

With advices and in-depth articles on different areas of mangrooming, it’s quickly becoming a trusted resource for every man who wants to be the best man he can become.

Where do your readers live?


Men from most of the English speaking countries are visiting TMK with the biggest percentage (73%) coming from North America. A large portion (1 out of 10 men) lives in United Kingdom.

How do your readers find The Manliness Kit?


TMK How do they find it

The Manliness Kit is a blog with a strong presence on search engines as well as on social media (incluging Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram), totalling in more than 7,000 followers and subscribers.

What kind of visitors does The Manliness Kit attract?


Approximately 85% of the blog’s visitors are adult men and more than 65% are men above 25 years old.

TMK Education Level

The Manliness Kit’s visitors tend to be educated individuals with approximately 60% attending College.

Approximately 50% of the blog’s readers make more than $50,000 a year and are ready to invest in their grooming. Almost 20% of the readers make at least $100,000 per year.

What’s the next step?

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