John Benos - About The Manliness KitHi there, I’m John, the man behind The Manliness Kit.

You probably wonder what this blog is all about. You came to the right page and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

The Manliness Kit started with a sole target in mind. To become a source of information that will make a man look and feel better about his appearance and well being.

I believe that the way you present yourself to the world says a lot about you and even influences the course of your life.

This is why I want to share this interest in mensgrooming with my fellow men and have a positive impact on their lives.

I’ve got great interest in helping other people and this is my goal when I’m writing. I’m not interested in just filling a page and this is why I get into insane detail so that a man who reads my post can get actionable advice, find out what works and what not, apply it and become the best man he can be.

But why mensgrooming? How can it really change your life?

I’ll answer the question with more questions to you.

  • How many times you look at photos and you’re sure you could look much better?
  • Have you ever thought that your last job interview might have failed because of a bad haircut?
  • What about that promotion? Is it really only because of the skills required?
  • Did it ever happen to you to miss your chance to impress that girl at the bar?

I understand that all the above don’t depend only on your appearance but also other factors contribute to your success or failure.

But here’s my question to you.

Why don’t you eliminate the factors that contribute to failure?

Skills are more difficult to acquire, but a body that is well taken care of and a slick look are all in your power.

Your appearance is something that you can change. It’s in your control.

You might not be the most handsome man in the room but you can become the best groomed man.

A better looking and more confident man.

Mensgrooming isn’t so widespread and I get it.

It’s due to the influences that we have in our society especially during the early years of our lives. And I can totally put myself in your shoes.

Growing up in Greece, I got to see that the common belief was that a real man is the one that has hair from head to toes and doesn’t need to do much about his appearance. Testosterone is what takes care of everything, right?

However, just like most men, I was lucky enough to have my father and grandfather as role models. Even up till now, I’ve never seen my father unshaved. My grandfather would wake up at 6 every morning, shave against hair growth and put on his suit with a tie. You know what’s the best part? He didn’t care if he had to go out or stay at home.

A man has to look at his best no matter what.

Coming back to 2015, our role models, the society that we live in and the education that we get as young men are factors that influence our beliefs and knowledge. This isn’t any different with mensgrooming. We see things changing in this area and it’s going to get better.

And here I am now, talking what this blog is all about.

In my eyes, the modern manly man takes pride in his appearance and this expands to his health and well being. These things shouldn’t be only a woman’s privilege and priority.

A real man should care about his hair, his face and his body, both in health and style.

Even though I don’t consider myself a guru in men’s care or style, I will try to provide value from my personal experience and research. My goal is to both educate and entertain you via informative and engaging content.

I’ve got great interest in wet shaving (a.k.a. traditional shaving), personal care and men’s grooming and these are the areas where I target my topics. Wet shaving is something that I started approximately 4 years ago when I changed jobs and I had to shave my very beautiful and nicely shaped beard. That being said, as an ex-beard wearer, I had the chance to use many beard grooming products and tried different techniques that allowed me to acquire  solid background information. This is what gives me confidence to share my experience with you.

Other areas that I try to expand are little life skills for the manly man and men’s style, including tips and guides.

Talking about style, I am a big fan of shirts, suits and dress shoes. Another great passion of mine is automatic watches but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance -and most importantly money, to own a big collection.

Getting my hands dirty with product testing is another thing that this blog deals with. Either from my own purchases or from samples that I get from different companies, I test products and provide you with my most honest reviews while remaining as objective as possible even though this is fairly challenging.

This blog is still in the beginning and this is why I highly value your feedback. In such case, feel free to get in touch with me and provide me with your questions, recommendations and anything else you want to discuss with me or you want me to include in my blog.

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