Websites We Like

Below you can find some great resources for wet shaving, beard grooming and man care. These are a few blogs and websites I regularly visit and I highly recommend.

Wet Shaving


Grooming, Grooming and grooming. As the name suggests this site is dedicated to making every guy looking clean and sharp and maintaining that look. Even though the core subjects of this blog are focused around wet shaving, it often goes beyond that, with informative and fun articles. Make sure you also check Mantic59’s (contributor and creator of sharpologist) youtube videos. Definitely one of my favorites among wet shaving websites.

Why I wet shave

When Matt Broderick wanted to start a blog he wanted to focus on something he was passionate about and execute it well. That’s how “Why I Wet Shave” came about. This blog is very new but it has already shown signs of a great online wet shaving resource with entertaining and informative content. Why I wet shave is focused on why Matt wet shaves, why you should too and what are the benefits. Clear and simple.

Shaver / Soaper

The blog’s subtitle should tell you all you need to know about the niche this blog deals with – ‘Taking shaving soap apart and putting it back together’. Yup, this one is about what a shaving soap is made of and how you can make your own. Fascinating if you are into a bit of DIY grooming fun.


Think of this site and the owner of this blog as a sort of wet shaving crash dummy. Oliver Scarcliff, tries out regularly different razors, blades, shaving soaps and the best methods of wet shaving, and shares the shaving experience on his blog.

Shaving Stuff

This site, unlike others, is not only targeted at men, it’s for women too. The weblog discusses toners, moisturizers, blades, razors, electric trimmers and a lot more. Where there is a hair removal product or solution this site has already discussed it. Each blog post is a product review and that’s the consistent format throughout the site.

Beards and Moustaches

Jeff’s beard board

There’s only two types of men – those with beards and those without them. This one is for those men who have the patience and discipline to grow a beard and want to feel like part of a community of like minded gentlemen. Jeff’s Beard Board is an online forum for all things beard. You can ask any question to a wide network of men of all age groups and beard sizes. There’s advice, how-to guides, photos and even a mobile app to help you whenever you need to ask a question.

Better with a beard

It’s always fascinating seeing how the attitude to men with beards has changed over the past few years. What was once a sign of laziness and lack of grooming is now the hallmark of a well-groomed and attractive man. This tumblr wholeheartedly believes that guys just simply look better with beards. There is no advice or how-to tips here, just an endless stream of photos of men, usually celebrities, with and without the beard. Believe it or not, it actually works! Spend ten minutes on the site looking through photos of guys with and without their beards and you’ll come away convinced to never touch a razor again!

Grow a beard now

If you know the internet you know there is absolutely no niche left untouched on it. There are entire websites dedicated to almost everything you could think of. Well, this one, as you may have guessed, is all about beards. How to grow them, care for them, groom and trim them and just simply enjoy them. Run by blogger Brandon Dennis, this site is your one-stop shop for all the tips and tricks you will ever need for your manly stubble. If it’s related to beards and you don’t find it here, you won’t find it anywhere.

Beard – Trim & Groom

If you’ve ever attempted growing a beard you know it is never as simple as just not shaving for a while. The well groomed man looks sharp because his beard is managed and carefully trimmed in all the right places to avoid looking messy. That is what this site is about. It is loaded with tips and tricks as well as product reviews for the latest gadgets and products that can help you groom that beard like a pro. The site also delves into the issue of grooming your body hair.

The Rugged Fellow’s Guide

Ever seen guy with a long, well groomed beard, looking like he lives in a log cabin earns his bread with hard labour? That my friend is a rugged guy and the rugged look is making a major come back. Here is a website dedicated entirely to getting the rugged look just right. It goes beyond just growing a beard and moustache and tackles topics such as dressing the part and grooming the rest of our body.

The Beardo Blog

Gary W Norman is 52 year old photographer, artist, dog lover and pipe smoker. For the most part he is your average, run of the mill middle aged bloke. What sets Gary apart though is his magnificent, super long beard. Its the sort of beard that turns heads when he walks down the street. And thats why he has a whole blog dedicated to the sort of beards we all wish we had but could never grow. The blog claims its about ‘not just another pretty beard’.

How to grow a moustache

How do you stand out in a sea of mainstream stuff? You find a niche within a niche, that’s how. It is a sort of ‘Niche-ception’ and it worked well for Douglas Smythe, who decided there were way too many blogs about beards but none focused exclusively on the moustache. The site is very simple and straightforward and it designed to be a throrugh guide on growing and maintaining your moustache. If beards were never really your thing and a moustache is all you want to keep, look no further than this site.

Mancare and Grooming


An all out man’s bible, Manface is a place to get information about more than just your face, it is about every aspect of your life. There are product reviews, styling guides and workout tips all in one place. They’ve got a host of different contributors so the content is always fresh and well varied.

Well Groomed Fellow

The blog claims to only support health and grooming tips that are straightforward and have a healthy dose of common sense to them. Hair care, face care, skin care, fragrances, products and healthcare are all discussed in different sections on this site. According to the bloggers on this site the objective here is to find a suitable in between for guys who believe they either have to go the extra mile like women do when it comes to grooming or be ‘macho’ and not care about grooming at all. I say they’ve done exactly what they set out to do and formed a very simple and easy to use toolbox for the practical guy.

Grooming Guru

So you are the sort of guy who doesn’t take advice from anyone unless they are a proven expert? Well, I’m the same and thats why the Grooming Guru blog really caught my eye when i first came across it. The blog is run by Lee Kynaston, a verified grooming guru, who has spent 8 years working as grooming editor at Men’s Health magazine, 19 magazine and His career spans two whole decades and he’s won a number of awards for his work. Catch his blog for the best of the best in this sphere.

Lifestyle Blogs and Websites

Art of Manliness

My personal favourite, Art of Manliness, has been my grooming guide since I was still a teenager. The thing is this website is not just about grooming, its about everything that can be described as ‘man-related’. For example some of their latest articles range from the casual ‘How to wear pink, like a man’ to the deep ‘what is honor?’. The blog will interest just about any guy regardless of his interests. In fact I bet a lot of women read the posts too since they are so wide ranging.

A True Gentleman

The blog is maintained by Timothy Choi who is passionate about well designed products targeted at men around the world. This means that Tim delves into anything and everything that was designed well and can be sold to guys. He talks about bags, caps, shoes, accessories, ties, wallets and even bicycles. He also works JP Morgan & Chase Co. so he’s an investment banker by day and fashion blogger by night.


While most blogs focus on grooming tips and product reviews this one is a bit different. The bloggers at greatist realise that to look your best you need to focus inward first, particularly focusing on your health. The tips and content on this website delve deep into all things fitness. It’s is geared to inspire you to do your best and become a ‘greatist’ so to speak. A fresh take on the healthcare and fitness genre.

Valet Mag

The first time you see this website you may think its an online retail store. That is because it partly is. The content on this site is completely focused on the products a man may need and there is a link at the bottom of each one for the products featured so that you can buy them after reading. It is smart and creative and it works well. The site has a ton of information on styling and grooming and a seperate page for all the deals of the day they have sourced.

The Modest Man

I’m about 5 feet 6 inches and that makes me below average no matter which country I visit. Choosing clothes and shoes that make me look stylish while also suiting my frame is often an issue. That’s why this site is proved so helpful. It is exclusively for guys below 5 feet 9 inches. There is a free ebook right on the homepage which serves as your guide and then there is a constant stream of useful tips for how short men can dress better and look great.


Creatively named and uber stylish, this site is run by husband-wife duo Andrew and Maria. Andrew started the blog as a hobby in the year 2011 while studying for law school and is now involved in it full time. His wife Maria is Lead Editor and writes under the column “The Better Half”. Both work on the site and fill it with useful content about shaving, grooming, trimming and general manliness. More of a lifestyle blog targeted at guys this one.

Shops for wet shaving and beards

Grooming Lounge

Incase you were wondering, yes, they do have actual lounges and barber shops in Washington, D.C. and Northern, VA. The company sells its own brand products online but also stocks other well known brands for men’s grooming such as Molton Brown and Jack Black. The services they offer in store, though, look very tempting indeed.

Amazing Shaving

If there is a major grooming brand you’ve heard of there is good chance its online here on Amazing Shaving. There is Merkur, Hans Baier, Omega, all on one single website that promises what else, a great shaving experience! Even the blog is useful and filled with help on how to get that dapper look just right.


Beardsmen is a specialist beard goods store that serves the UK from everything to beard oils to beard shampoo, what’s unique about these guys is that they give every product in their store a trial run, if it’s not good enough, it doesn’t get featured. So you every product you see listed, you know it’s got their seal of approval. Did I mention they offer free UK first class shipping too?


Remember Eric Bandholz, the guy with the awesome beard who appeared on Shark Tank recently. Well, this is what he was pitching to the sharks on the show, BeardBrand. It is an online store for all things related to beards. There’s also an article about Eric’s experiences taking the company from $0 in revenue to $120,000 in revenue PER MONTH! Inspiring story, great products.

Regal Gentleman

21 year old friends Josh and Liam wanted to start up a website that offers only male grooming products after visiting a barber shop in London. The site provides all the luxury and high quality male grooming products you can imagine and the prices aren’t bad either. There is also a ton of advice on how to use the products you buy.

The Art of Shaving

Whether it is shaving sets, brushes, razors or any other shaving product you need this site seems like the only one you need to visit. The stuff here ranges from the ultra mainstream to the relatively unknown and all the stuff is made by ‘The Art of Shaving Co.’ The prices aren’t extraordinary and the quality seems great. I’m surprised one brand could make so many different products and yet focus entirely on the niche of shaving. Next time you want to stock up for your shaving kit, check this site out.