So, let’s say you are a business owner and you’re interested in expanding your empire or you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking to bust a niche market. You might need to take a trip to the bank or have a meeting with private investors to secure finance and grow your business.

Before having meetings with investors, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of your business plan and be ready to answer any difficult questions they might spring upon you.

Knowing your business inside out is one thing, but it’s also wise to consider how important it is to make a good first impression.

This checklist because gaining investment calls for different grooming style aspects than what you might do for a job interview. Not only do you have to sell your business idea, you have to sell your personality and appearance as a business owner.


The perfect hairstyle for your face shape is something you can find with your barber when you want to make a good first impression

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So first of all let’s think about how you would style you hair or ask for it to be cut in the run up to an investment meeting.

You can be a little more creative with your hair when it comes to investment meetings, having a haircut that you feel good in and you believe to be portraying your character and possibly the businesses character will only be increasing your confidence when you walk in.

Men’s hairstyles today have put together a collection of work appropriate hair styles that are sure to set you on the right foot for first impressions, however you cannot just go picking any random one, make sure it will suit the shape of your head.


Trim your beard when you want to go to a serious meeting. Very long beards don't look as professional as you might think

Don’t feel that you have to shave off a beard for any meeting with investors they are becoming increasingly popular in the work place, however there is a fine line between classless and classy so you must be particular when styling your facial hair.

A beard cannot be too long as the investor may get distracted attempting to answer a series of questions about your traits – ‘why is it so long? When was the last time you trimmed it?’- Instead of concentrating on the pitch you are giving.

A long beard may give the impression that you didn’t care and that could possibly transfer into the business. On the other hand a short beard can appear scruffy and untidy and give of an immature impression.

The key is getting it just right with the use of balms and oils to make sure it’s sitting exactly how you like it. Here’s a little insight into how beard balm can have you looking your best.


With skin, there isn’t any different between going for a job interview and pitching to an investor, obviously skin doesn’t take any styling but you’ve got to have it looking smooth and clear for any interview or meeting with an investor.

You should be searching for skincare products that will assist you through your daily routine e.g. shaving/hair styling etc. and that you know are suited to your specific skin type.

You may tend to have oil skin but when you choose to shave this may alter that and your skin may become dry and itchy.

Don’t Forget

As much as your raw appearance matters in these situations you must not forget to dress professionally for the meeting – there’s no point in ruining that new haircut with a horrific suit or being extremely underdressed, you’ll stick out and for all the wrong reasons.

You also must remember not to eat smelly foods or drinks before meeting with an investor, smelly breath will seriously distract someone from engaging with you and could cost you the whole pitch, but funnily enough there are certain foods you should be eating before a meeting.

Lastly the whole reason that the pitch has been arranged in the first place – your business idea. Make sure you are well prepared with a properly written business plan and you will be able to adequately answer any questions you are asked.

Looking great will only grow your confidence, many say appearance isn’t everything, but for first impressions a massive chunk of it is based on appearance. Make it a good one.


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