It’s no secret that men shop differently. There’s no going out with friends, looking at things, experiencing the shop and hunting for the perfect item.

No. Men are on a hunt.

We love to know what we want and focus on it till we get it, preferably at the best price possible.

The perfect way to shop for a man is to know what he wants, go out and get it.

All the details of the item and all the advantages we need are clearly listed in our head and if we can check all the boxes on that list, we know we’ve found what we need.

You’d rather be at home watching TV in your spare time than having to lurk around a store finding the perfect fabric.

It’s in an out as quick as possible with minimal fuss.

And that’s where online shopping has helped us more than ever.

It’s not just men who benefit from shopping online, of course. E-commerce has swiftly changed the very nature of business and the way we live our lives. Easier and better shopping was just one of the side effects of this colossal revolution.

And here we are now.

Everything you could possibly imagine is just a click away.

People have even started buying from the other side of the planet. Things are cheaper in some parts of the world, and shipping costs are barely a problem.

The global economy has been propelled into the twenty-first century on the back of this technical marvel.

Online shopping may be the best thing to happen to retail shoppers and business owners in a long time, but it isn’t perfect.

  • Shipping could take forever.
  • Last minute shopping is nearly impossible, especially if there’s snow outside or it’s a major festival like Christmas.
  • Things don’t get delivered on time and sometimes they’re damaged in transit. Sometimes you want to return them and need to go through the whole process in reverse.

One of the biggest issues with online shopping is the fact that you simply can’t feel and touch the items.

You can’t try on that pair of sneakers or that t-shirt and see if it is the right size. Measurements and the information from the manufacturer are helpful, but not always.

So why would you buy beard oil or any beard care product online?

Where to buy beard oil online

Image courtesy: photo credit: Keys (license)

I believe there are two types of things people can buy online – Variable items, that differ from company to company, or standardized products, where all you need are some vital stats to make your decision.

A dress needs to be tried on since every label has a different way of sizing them, that’s in the first category. A TV, on the other hand, can be bought as long as you know the brand and the size, that’s it. That puts the TV in the latter category.

So, to recap, why should you buy beard oil online?

Because it falls into the second category – the one where information is most important.

You need to know where the oil comes from, whether the brand that makes it is trustworthy or if the oil is completely organic. Beyond that, you just need to know if it works, and for that some online research is all you need.

Beard oil is really very simple.

Most oils will help condition your hair, but some do a better job than others. Some brands are more well recognized and some oils are more expensive because they come from specific parts of the world.

All this information is just a click away.

So, to pick the best beard oil for your facial hair, you need a great online shop that can give you reliable products at affordable prices.

What to pay attention when buying beard oil online

Before I present you with the places where to buy beard oil from, I’d like to give you an idea on what to pay attention before you click that BUY NOW button.


You might see many beard oils sharing similar or even the same ingredients. But their price is so much different. What’s the catch here?

Let’s take for example two beard oils that contain the same carrier oils. These are castor oil, argan, and jojoba oil.

Even though both brands have the exact same ingredients, we might be missing two things.

1. Do both beard oils contain organic ingredients?

The organic version of each oils may sometimes be more than 50% more expensive as a raw material. Therefore this is one reason why the beard oil might cost more.

But here comes the most important reason.

2. Proportions.

Even if we already know the actual ingredients, what we don’t know is how much argan, jojoba and castor oil is in the mix.

To better understand where I’m going with this.

Argan oil is around 6 times more expensive than castor oil.

Therefore, let’s say that one beard oil of 1oz / 30ml has 80% castor oil, 6% argan oil and 14% jojoba oil. The second oil has 20% argan, 30% jojoba and 50% castor oil.

Comparing the above oils, we understand already why one could be WAY MORE expensive than the other.

Unfortunately, this is something that the end consumer will never know.

At first glance, you understand that there’s simply no reason why one oil is more expensive than the other.

So how do you know if you’ve being “tricked”?

You don’t…

The lesson here is that many beard oils might look the same on the ingredients list but you’ll never know the actual mix. My personal recommendation is to go ahead with the company you trust the most and trial and error.


The price is determined by a few factors, one of which we already discussed on the previous section. And that is:


Besides the carrier oils a beard oil contains, another thing that may affect the price is the essential oils blend. This heavily depends on the uniqueness, scarcity and costs.

The rest of the things that determine the cost of beard oil can be the following:


Traditionally expensive brands might charge a premium because of the high quality product, their market share and due to the fact that they are already established on the market.

Even though I would recommend supporting the smaller producers, bigger brands offer -besides quality, availability and broad product selection.

Shipping costs

One thing to keep in mind when ordering online are the shipping costs.

Many companies either offer free delivery at any item while others, offer free transportation over a certain order value.

Nevertheless, make sure that wherever you buy beard oil or beard balm from, you don’t pay more for delivery costs than the actual value of the product.

Where to buy beard oil from?

Here is a list of the best online shops that can help you buy the beard oil or beard balm that you need. I’m pretty sure that I missed quite a lot of shops, so feel free to contact me so that I can include it in the article.


Where to buy beard oil from if not from amazon

Let’s start off with the 300 pound gorilla – Amazon.

It’s not worth listing the advantages of shopping with Amazon, since there’s a good chance you already have an account with them.

But perhaps some of the disadvantages could push you towards the other names on this list.

There is certainly a lot of sellers on the site, but not everyone wants to list on Amazon.

A lot of the luxury brands stay out of the race and would rather control the shopping experience and preserve their margins in the process.

So, some rare beards oils that are fantastic won’t be available there. Other than that, you’ll find the excellent delivery and wide variety that Amazon always offers.

Texas Beard Co.

Texas beard company company eshop

Based, of course, in Texas, this company is dedicated to providing all the beard tools you’ll ever need.

They can ship anywhere in the US for free as long as your order is over $25.

Beard Baron

the beard baron company eshop

It seems like the Beard Baron is run by a single man in Boston, but when you see the ultra-professional site and service, you’ll be certain there’s a team of experts behind him.

Nevertheless, John Diehl has turned his passion for beards into a massive business that caters to men who think just like him. Quality at great prices.

Beard Supply

beard supply company eshop

The Beard Supply likes to keep things simple.

Free shipping domestically in the United States and the minimalistic packaging.

The site is clean and you can even find scissors and combs there. The brand is trying to appeal to men who like vintage-looking products with quality ingredients and it works.

Hobo Beard Oil

Hobo beard oil company eshop

Made in Michigan, Hobo Beard Oil is run by husband-wife duo Todd and Donielle.

The charming website has some great products at similarly impressive prices.

Plus, you can have the satisfaction of buying from the internet-equivalent of a mom & pop store.


Birchbox company eshop

Birchbox took the amazon model and refined it.

It is completely focused on grooming products and although the company started off selling exclusively to women, it now sells grooming products for men as well.

A great brand that sells excellent products.

Badass Beard Care

badass beard care company eshop

The company is based in California, which you can clearly tell from their website.

The brand offers gift sets, apparel and even trial packs. Unique branding on everything.


beardbrand is the place where you can buy beard oil with your eyes closed

The story of how Eric Bandholz started Bearbrand is inspirational not just for men who want to grow beards, but also for those who want to start businesses.

He started selling beard oils in 2012 with only $30 invested and now has over $800K in annual revenues.

His beard oil line is 60% of the business and his margins are an astonishing 80%. He even appeared on the Shark Tank show on CBS. The sharks didn’t bite, but Eric kept expanding his product range and now has a superb lineup of beard grooming products sold in retail store and online.

Check it out.

White Spade Beard

whitespade beard company eshop

A bearded company founded by two brothers, Nick and Dan.

At the moment, they’ve got almost everything a beardsman needs with three beard oils in their portfolio, three beard waxes and some nice beard combs.

What I like is the unique bottle for the beard oils and their carefully designed brand.

Beard King

the beard king company eshop

Beard king wants to take its name seriously and get to the top of the beard grooming product market.

They have some crazy good marketing and some products you won’t find elsewhere. case in point – a beard bib!

If you don’t know what that is, check out this link –

Bearded Crew

bearded crew company eshop

Besides offering a great beard oil selection of five different products, Bearded Crew is one of the few companies that offer a sample pack at a low price. This way, you can test the oils and see what you like with minimum risk.

The prices range between $15 and $25 with diverse scents so that you can easily find what suits you best.

BEARd Oil Co

beard oil co company eshop

This company doesn’t mess about and sells four oils in sandalwood scent, leather, tea tree and unscented.

If you’re thinking about delivery costs, you can get yours with $6 flat rate shipping.

canyouhandlebar company eshop

Unique packaging is not the only thing that sets this company apart.

This online store sells its own brand of beard oil that actually was considered one of the best beard oils to be launched in 2015.

Better Beard Company

better beard co company eshop

The only company on the list that is not based in the United States. Better beard Co. is actually Canadian, but they ship everywhere so it’s worth checking out their line of beard oil, brushes, soaps, balms, and kits.

In fact, there’s a chance you might even find something cheaper than you would this side of the border.

The Bearded Bastard

the bearded bastard company eshop

Bearded Bastard is based in Austin, Texas and ships all over the country for free.

You may not have heard of the company, but you might have already seen their flagship product Woodsman Mustache Wax in a retail store or online.

Black Label Beard

black label beard company eshop

All their products are made in Texas, which isn’t impressive by itself, but when you realize the sheer number of products they sell, you start to appreciate the work that goes into selling stuff online.


Other resources that can help you on your beard care journey are the below: