Men have always been sensitive about their hair. I believe even prehistoric men, styled their hair with wax taken directly from the bees nest before going on a hunt. In more recent times we’ve used everything from mousses (those mullets weren’t holding their own ground during the 80’s) to gels and we’ve even evolved to the point where we use all organic pomades most recently.

We’ve long forgotten the trend of oily hair popular since the release of “Grease” back in the days, but we still have certain needs when it comes down to hair styling. It seems like the general consensus among men shifted towards a more rogue natural type of look that simply doesn’t fit with the whole heavy hair product usage that was engraved in our subconscious over the past couple of decades. The laid back style that really hit the mainstream thanks to The Dude portrayed by legend Jeff Bridges in the “Big Lebowski” is finally here, but the big problem is that you can’t get that all natural look with majority of hair care products because they’re simply not equipped to do the task.

You don’t want that sticky feeling when you run your fingers through your hair, but you just can’t find a good enough substitute for the hair gel you’re using since you first day of high school. It’s time for a change and this is where sea salt spray comes into play.

What’s sea salt spray

What is sea salt spray

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Sea salt spray is straight up honest with you from the very beginning of your relationship with it and it won’t ever let you down. Sounds like a great companion for each man while you’re on the go and this is exactly what this blend actually represents. It’s not some fancy way of hiding different parabens and perfumes under a united cloak.

No, sir. Sea salt spray is just that. Watered compound that has a certain amount of sea salt inside of it, so if you’re living somewhere near the sea it’s maybe better to go and have a dip in the water before you go out clubbing.

For those of you that don’t live in a place where summer lasts all year long, you may want to focus and take some notes as we’ll reveal the secret behind what makes a quality sea salt spray.

Essentially sea salt spray should be just that. Sea water based spray that’s easy to apply and that will emphasize that all natural look you got going on. In reality companies that manufacture the product try to mimic all the natural ingredients the sea has to offer while adding their own twist to the blend.

With the goal of making a product that will last longer and provide additional benefits to your hair, here are some of the most common ingredients you can find in an average bottle of sea salt spray:

Purified water – This is the base upon which the entire product is created. The actual blend is made out of more than 90% of water if not more, so you’ll need to shake it well before application, but more on that later.

Magnesium sulfate (sea salt) – Always look for brands that try to promote the fact that they use real sea salt and not some synthetic substitute. Salt is relatively cheap, so there’s no reason they should sacrifice on quality here. Besides acting as a great cleanser and a really neat exfoliation tool for the skin of your scalp, sea salt is also capable of improving blood circulation and thus improving your chances of growing a strong and thick hairline. Because it contains sulfur, it’s also great for treatment of acne and ingrown hair as it will open up your pores and get rid of any unnecessary oil and dead skin debris.

Sodium chloride – Another type of salt that’s also very common in shampoos and soaps because it has the ability to soften water and give you the chance to lather up better and rinse your hair more easily. The tricky part with sodium chloride is that it’s extremely potent and may harm your hair when used in large quantities.

Clay – Different types of clay can be used to bring every possible element from the beach to your sea salt spray bottle. The amount is minimal, but it will create a nice protective layer that will give your hair an entirely new look with noticeable texture. Aesthetics aren’t the only category clay plays a significant role in because it’s also a great natural remedy that battles weak and damaged hair. If you’re one of those guys that ruined their hair with some heavy product usage, it’s probably the best time to start looking for a sea salt spray with some clay on the inside.

Essential oils – Essential oils are everywhere. Beard products, creams, hair clays, pomades, gels, bar soaps, they always find their way on the list of ingredients. If you’re facing a specific hair or scalp problem, try looking for a sea salt spray that has some of the oils you actually need. In general terms essential oils will act as antibacterial and cleansing tools capable of making your hair smell better than ever. Some of the more commonly used types include citrus and tea tree oil, but you can also find peppermint and thyme as a part of the blend really often.

Glycerin – Just make sure it’s naturally derived and don’t be afraid to use a product containing some glycerin because this is one ingredient that can help you shape up the hairstyle of your dreams.

The most important thing we feel obligated mentioning in this section is the fact that synthetically derived ingredients have no place in your sea salt bottle. There are tons of manufacturers that just water down a hair gel, add a bit of salt and label this product as “sea salt spray”. Stay away from stuff like parabens and fragrances. OK, fragrances can be tolerable when they’re not used in large quantities because you want to smell good after all, but try and keep things simple and on the all-organic side.

Why use it

The main reason why people should consider using sea salt spray is because of its natural ability to deal with thin hair that feels crisp and rigid. Salt will open up the shaft of your hair follicle and cleanse it from any accumulated debris and dead skin while the rest of the ingredients, including clay, will create a solid texture that will make your hair look healthier than ever before.

Besides this this all natural product also gives you a fine hold of your hair and you can rest assured how it’s not going to go all wild the moment you step outside your house. You’ll get a natural look that leaves the hair flexible enough so it doesn’t stay stuck to your scalp.

  • For oily hair -People with oily hair will experience the biggest improvement with their hair after starting to use sea salt spray and will probably notice how they can reduce the number of times they wash their hair throughout the week. In a way, sea salt works together with the natural oils accumulated on your hair and changes their structure to the point where you got a more matte looking haircut.
  • For beach look -We all love that beach hair look that makes our hair stand still and look like we’ve used tons of product to make it stick, but without all the greasy shine effect. When you find a spray that has clay inside of it, make sure you try it because it will combine all the elements you can find on the beach: sand, salty water and Sun. Sun? Yeah another ingredient we forgot to mention earlier because we don’t see it that often when we go through some of the most popular products is Vitamin D. The third element that makes sure the sea salt spray you use brings summer to your hair.
  • For wavy hair – There’s a huge misconception circling among people that recently started researching how to increase the volume of their hair, which is that sea salt spray will automatically make your hair curl up. This is kinda true, but it’s probably more accurate to say how you’ll increase the volume of your hair and improve its texture making it look stronger and thicker. You’ll need to use your fingers or style your hair right after you get out of the shower and you’ll maybe achieve that curly look you’ve always desired.
  • For matte look with light hold – Even if you don’t have oily hair, sea salt spray will dry off the oil that’s accumulated on top of your hair, which in turn gives you a more matte type of look that also provides light to moderate hold depending from the type of the spray you’re using.
  • For natural look – People that have a stubborn hairline that just likes to swirl up and go in all possible directions and still don’t want to use products that may harm their thin and weak hair, should find sea salt spray as the perfect solution that allows them to wear that all natural look without risking of someone noticing they’re using a product.
  • For prestyling before using other styling products – Sea salt spray may not be enough in some cases or due to your personal preference, but don’t worry as you can combine it with any other product from your shelf. This will allow you to reduce the amount of product you’re using and still provide you with a more natural look compared to when you use solely a gail or a pomade.

You see, sea salt spray is a great fit for any type of situation or style you’re after. It will give you a strong enough hold and a texture that will put you in a position to shape up your hair like you like without looking like someone that’s splashing tons of gel and hairspray.

Difference between sea salt spray and other styling products

DIfferent between sea salt spray, pomade, clay, hair gel

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The biggest difference between other hair products and sea salt spray that the blend used to make it should be organic and it really doesn’t need the help of synthetically derived elements. Yes there are pomades and oils that also follow the rule of using solely natural ingredients, but in most cases you’ll face gels and sprays that have one of these harmful ingredients:

  • Artificial fragrances and perfumes – We still don’t know which exact ingredients fall under the label “perfumes” and whether they have been officially cleared for usage in skin products. Try to find a product that uses essential oils or even extracts before the ones that only list “fragrances” on the back of the bottle.
  • Silicone – It’s used to keep a strong hold over your hair and it’s one of the biggest reasons why you get that sticky feeling every time you run through your hair with your fingers. Instead of silicone, the spray we talk about here uses sea salt to fix up your hair and provide the necessary texture.
  • Alcohol – There’s really no reason why alcohol should be included in the average sea salt spray, but great deal of manufacturers use it to emphasize the aroma of essential oils so they can save a little on their budget.

How use sea salt spray? Step by step instructions

If you have a strong case of limp hair developed throughout the years of heavy product consumption or you’re just a victim of genetics, use the sea salt spray while your hair is still damp when you get out from the shower. Just make sure you rub in the liquid to the shaft of your hair follicle and massage your scalp while you’re at it, so you get most out of the treatment.

Make sure you blow dry your hair after you apply the hair spray. Another thing you can do is putting some spray on your hair between washing days so you hair looks fresh and perky.

The best time of the day is right before you go to bed and if you can always try to maintain your hair damp before applying any sea salt spray. Also, try to not overdo it as sea salt is potent and can make your skin feel dryish if you use it too much or too often.

Here’s a tested routine that worked in the past, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to add them in the comment section:

  • Make sure your hair is dump. Best method is to pat dry it with a woolen towel to avoid creating static and getting a bushy look that nobody wants.
  • Shake up the product really well as you’ll want each ingredient to mix well. Remember there’s clay (probably), essentials, water and salt in the mixture and they need to blend in before you spray them on your hair.
  • Start from your scalp and work your way through to the very tip of each hair follicle. After you’re done, get a hair dryer and start shaping up for the desired style you’re after. Make sure you’re not drying off your hair too much as you may overdo it and start all over from the top.

You can combine the sea salt spray with any other hair product you want if you’re looking for a stronger hold throughout the day.

Top Choices

Seven Potions Salt Texturizing Spray

A great product that boasts natural ingredients, while being vegan friendly and cruelty free.

The spray from Seven Potions gives you a nice texture on your hair while offering volume and a natural, matte finish. Can be used either alone or as a prestyler for other styling products so that you get an even stronger hold.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray

Affordable solution that won’t dry off your hair that much and will keep it well textured at the same time. It’s great for people that battle with curly hair that just can’t stay fixed no matter what you do. It has panthenol inside of it, which makes it a great product that will also protect you hair and rejuvenate it.

Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Sea Mist Hair Spray

Organic solution made solely out of natural ingredients that doesn’t include any harmful stuff like alcohol, fragrances and parabens. It includes coconut oil combined with aloe vera and of course sea salt. This unique combination will create a protective layer over your hair that will help you shape up for the exact style you always wanted.

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray

Although it may be too potent for some people as it contains alcohol, this multipurpose sea salt spray is a great tool you can use to battle against flat hair with no volume. With the addition of castor oil this product also makes a great cleanser and antiseptic for both your skin and hair.


Sea salt spray is one of the best products you can use to control the direction of your hair without having to put it through the rigorous treatment of hair treatment items filled with artificial ingredients like parabens and perfumes.

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of that greasy look and successfully improve the overall health status of your hair, sea salt is the right way to go, especially if the blend you choose to go with has clay and essential oils inside of it.

We would love to hear your experience with sea salt based product and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.


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