Your looks represent you and show how much you care about yourself. It’s a sign of respect for your own person because it’s the first thing people notice. More importantly, it will show you’re a confident person whose well-being is a priority.

Here are the ground rules that will help you be perfectly groomed and nail the first impression.

Take Care of Your Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is not only about how you look, but it’s also about how healthy you are, so make sure you never skip the morning shower.

If you are unable to wake up earlier for it, at least wash and make it to work, take a shower in the evening or as soon as you come home in the afternoon. Having clean clothes at any time is a must.

Another common sense rule you should always obey is washing your hands each time you used the bathroom and before every meal. It is not only healthy because you don’t spread extra unnecessary germs, but also polite to the people you meet and shake hands with.

Shave Your Beard

If you don’t want wild hair on your face, invest in a good man groomer, and then develop using it into a habit. If you want to look neat and make a terrific first impression, your beard must be perfect.

Learn the core steps of shaving. First of all, you must take care of your skin before getting started. Use a good quality shave oil and aftershave. Don’t rush, take your time to do it properly for great results and less irritation.

Trim Your Beard

Trim your beard when you want to go to a serious meeting. Very long beards don't look as professional as you might think

Growing your beard should be a preference, not an excuse to stop shaving. No matter how long your beard is, it still needs to be maintained.

Trimming the hair won’t take too long, but make sure you do it regularly. Otherwise, you won’t look “cool,” just unkempt.

If you’re new to this, go to a professional and see how it’s done. You will also need some grooming products for your beard. Oil works well because it softens it. You can buy professional products or even learn how to make your own beard oil.

Cut Your Hair Regularly and Comb It Daily

It might take a little while before you figure out which hairstyle suits you best. But this also implies getting a haircut as often as needed.

Experts wouldn’t advise you to do it yourself because the results can be devastating and it’s even potentially dangerous.

Go to a hair salon and ask for advice before you change your haircut. If you’re opting for a long hair style, you need to cut the tips around once a month if you want it to look good and healthy. Combing it should also be on your daily to-do list.

Don’t forget to use the right products for your hair type. You can’t complain because there are plenty varieties you can choose from.

Also, if a shampoo or conditioner doesn’t work for you, you should start considering other products. It might be detrimental to the health of your hair if you don’t.

Mind the Hair on Your Body

Taking care of the hair on your face you should not be your only concern.

Shaving your armpit is perfectly normal and recommendable nowadays for men as well. It will help you keep up a good hygiene, especially on hot summer days.

Trimming other body hairs that generally have an unaesthetic appeal, such as nose and ear hairs, is also significant to grooming. It’s easy to do and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

A Pleasant Smell Appeals to Everyone

You should use a deodorant every morning before you get out. Make a documented choice and opt for one of the best deodorants.

Other types of products you should consider if you want to be well groomed are perfumes or colognes. There is no right or wrong option in this case. Try as many fragrances as needed until you find the one that smells best on you.

Believe us, you will know when that moment comes because you’re bound to get plenty compliments for your choice.

Have Impeccable Teeth

This is something we have all heard about ever since we were little, but washing your teeth is necessary for your looks and health.

A perfect smile can have a tremendous impact on a first impression.

If you want shiny perfect teeth, you must wash after each meal, floss every day, and go to the dentist at least once a year. You should also opt for a professional cleaning session while you’re there.

If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth and long for that bright smile you see on the cover of magazines, ask for a whitening treatment as well.

Take Care of Your Eyebrows

If you want to look polished and nail that first impression, all your features should be perfectly kept, including your beard and eyebrows.

This is often a sensitive topic for men. However, it’s not embarrassing to tweeze them. Perfectly shaped, tidy eyebrows can completely change the expression of your face.

The first thing to note: make sure your brows are actually two and not somewhere in between.

If you have hairs above your nose, pluck them first. It’s not as painful as you might imagine and it only takes a couple of minutes.

Then start fixing your eyebrow’s shape, also make sure they are symmetrical. However, stay true to your hairline. If you have naturally long, prominent eyebrows, don’t waste that gift. They can make you stand out if they are properly trimmed and carefully defined.

Your Clothes and Shoes Should Always Be Neat

One more thing you will need to impress is a well-chosen attire. All the items in your closet should be clean and well kept.

After you choose your outfit, take a good look at it. If your clothes need ironing, do it right before you go out to make sure there are no surprise wrinkles on them. Don’t imagine they will go unnoticed

Another thing to keep in mind: your shoes and bag. These two objects say a lot about their owner. Even if they are no longer new or trendy, they always must be clean.

The best option is natural leather if you want to make that easier to achieve. It’s more resistant, elegant and there are dozens of maintenance products that will make it last longer.

These are the basic things you should check if you want to achieve perfect grooming and nail that first impression.

One final advice would be to get enough sleep the night before. It’s an essential part of your grooming kit and your most powerful weapon if you want everything else to work.


About the author: Patrick Lenhoff is a bodybuilder and a personal trainer who loves being in style and writing about it when he’s not at the GYM. “Being an athlete is not an excuse for having a bad taste when it comes to style. This is not 2005 anymore!”, says Patrick. Patrick Lenhoff is a regular contributor at ShavingSolution.


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