Let us all indulge in a little alpha-dominance, please. A standing ovation to all the guys whose supposed manliness is killing it in every possible sphere of human existence…. should we, though?

No, not really.

Men be men – no matter what they do or how they carry themselves, they come with a prerogative and quite annoying superlative that rarely ever finds itself broken or de-pedestalized.

Don’t you find that to be just a tad annoying?

No? Well, we do.

The truth

Living on your parents income does not exactly make you a real man

Before you cast any judgment or label these lines misandristic, know this: we’re all men on our editorial staff.

Then, think about it: how many times have you seen a man, any man, been celebrated for their actions, clothing, acting or whatever just because they are men?


From poor hygiene, poor life decisions, poor dress code to lack of culture, education and manners – it all slips (away) so easily. Well, not in this article.

Just because we’re men, men who are very aware of how things are, we find it our right – hell, our obligation to speak up and say it the way it is!

Here, top five things that are ruining your male-crafted image and what you should do to correct it.

Living on your parents’ income

Don’t ever dare consider yourself a grown up person until you’ve earned, saved and lived on your own buck.

The world is filled with guys spending dough on expensive cars, jewelry, hot destination escapes, labels and restaurants they can’t afford without actually breaking a sweat to earn the money needed for this type of an adventure.

Whether you are chasing all sorts of lavish lifestyles or you are simply too lazy to make your own income, living on your parents’ buck is simply… wrong. Remember that these people worked very hard to earn their pensions and salaries, give you an education and turn you into a man capable to thrive.

Respect their effort, respect yourself and go earn your own money.

Even if it’s flipping burgers – do it with integrity; nothing tastes as good as your own money and economic independence!

Being careless about your appearance

Dress with clothes that radiate manliness

You’re not cool; you just smell bad. And look hideous. And that vest you’re wearing is something your granddad wouldn’t even consider putting on. Hipster, what? You can take a shower and iron a shirt, you know? What’s with the ripped jeans, anyways…

Looking good is half of what you’re non-verbally saying about yourself.

If you show up to a date wearing what you’ve been wearing the whole day around the house, you’re showing disrespect to the other person, and yourself.

Coming to the office careless and playing chill? Come on. Be better than that.

Pampering isn’t for girls, only; having regular showers (at least once a day), using cosmetics (deodorants, perfumes, etc), brushing teeth regularly and wearing clean clothes are staples of being considered worthy to just look at. Also, trimming your hair and beard regularly and wearing manly accessories, like silver or gold minimalistic watches, leather bracelets and silver rings (instead of the plastic whatevers you are rocking) are absolutely a must.

Add a few accessories here and there as well, like leather rucksacks, awesome laptop bags, printed shirts, fedoras, etc. to make a statement.

Oh and – mints! Always have mints.

Being a lazy-ass/Lacking ambition

Your I-am-too-cool-to-do-anything attitude may have been very attractive to girls back in grade school, but we’ve all grown up since then (except you, obviously).

The grown up world respects an entirely different set of values to those we believed were awesome back in the days when we were kids. Now, men who work hard, thrive for better, seek opportunities and chances, advance with every breath they take, men who cherish their entrepreneurial spirit and find ways to make things happen, those are men everyone should (strive to) be.

Naturally, not everyone is equally gifted or capable of achieving things, but knowing your own capacities and doing your best – that’s the thrill!

Find the spark within and chase it; pursue your hobbies, nail that deal at work, give your bosses something to talk about, show your partner you are someone she can rely on – not just money-wise, but show her you are the man who’ll always find a way out of the abyss. And, above everything – show it to yourself that you’ve got the nerve to succeed.

Gain in strength, find the courage to live out your life more fully and you’ll enjoy it every step of the way.

Not being a gentleman

Being a gentleman is not a trend but a must. It never goes out of fashion

Not opening the door for her, not calling her the day after, screwing around, disrespecting her independence or her opinion… followed by shushing her in the meetings, putting her down in private or when you are with friends, making misogynist comments or having her be a man instead of you (letting her do every single chore around the house or elsewhere) is weak and despicable.

The same goes for any type of forced relationships – verbal, sexual or any other.

A real man who knows his own worth and the worth of his lovely partner knows she is to be treated with respect, love and understanding.

Putting your foot down when you are strong on your opinion is okay as long as you’re being calm and rational about it. Don’t ever make your girl feel like she’s not good enough, like she’s not desired or wanted by mocking her bluntly and tendentiously, or jumping out of her bed the moment you’ve done “your part”. Even with relationships that are purely sexual, respect is what needs to be a constant.

Don’t be a douche bag, respect women around you. After all, treat every woman the way you’d want someone to treat your daughter some day.

Jealousy overload

Do you really think a jealous man is at all attractive? No, not really.

Every time you go into a jealousy tantrum, you’re showing her how insecure you are of yourself, her and your relationship. It’s gross and pathetic. Stop it, stop it now.

Well, good luck. And – man up, already!