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You’ve probably heard of this term manscaping before. You have a rough idea of what it means and like most people you associate it with one particular area of the body.

What if I told you manscaping isn’t just about shaving below the belt?

That tidbit of information comes as small shock to some. However it’s 100% true! Manscaping is actually trimming or shaving hair on your body for cosmetic effect.

Have you ever shaved your back hair or maybe trimmed your chest hairs?

If you have then you’ve participated in the art of manscaping. There’s a lot more mystery behind the whole idea of manscaping and what it entails.

I’m going to debunk some of these mysteries for you and you’ll probably come to find out you’re already a manscaper.

Are you already a Manscaper?

More than likely you’re already a manscaper but, might not know it.

If you shave anything below the neck you’re technically manscaping. Shaving your chest, back, armpits, stomach, etc… are all manscaping areas.

If you’re already manscaping then great on you! It’s a healthy practice to pick up and something I believe every guy should add to their hygiene routine.

Manscaping has grown away from an idea and something only the guys in muscle magazines or professional athletes do, to a recommended shaving practice.

There’s many benefits to manscaping. Some of which are more obvious than others. There’s several of which you probably haven’t even thought about. So, what are these benefits?

The Benefits of Manscaping

What are the benefits of manscaping

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One of the more obvious benefits is you’ll have better hygiene. Manscaping removes body hair which can hold onto dirt and sweat. Less dirt and sweat means a cleaner you!

You’ll become more confident. I know this almost sounds cliche but, it’s really true. Statistics show men with better hygiene practices display more confidence in everyday normal social interactions. Not to mention.. women love it!

Ever heard the saying… the shorter the bush the taller the trees?

Not much else to really say about this one as it’s a benefit any guy wouldn’t mind having. You’ll appear up to 2″ inches longer.

You’ll naturally smell better without any fragrance. This is an added benefit to not retaining sweat. When there’s less sweat you’ll smell better.

With all these things combined you’re going to be in a much better mood and state of mind more often. The additional confidence, less sweaty, smelling better, and the additional attention from your significant other is going to make you a happier man!

Where to even begin?

You now have a basic understanding of manscaping and some of its benefits but, where do you really begin?

If you’re brand new to this idea of manscaping it might feel overwhelming and that’s ok. Everyone just starting out wondered some of the same things you’re probably thinking.

There’s a lot of information out there on shaving but, not a whole lot on the whole manscaping thing. Lucky for you I’m an expert on this stuff and have put together some very beginner friendly guides if you’d like to check them out later.

I recommend reading the best way to manscape for beginners. This will get you started off in the right direction. Of course you’ll also find tips and answers on shaving below the belt as well.

How Often Should I Manscape?

How often should you manscape

Shaving is something unique per individual so your time frame is going to differ from someone else.

In general the average guy manscapes every 2 to 3 weeks. You may require a more frequent session or you might be able to go a month or more without manscaping.

Another major factor to consider is your personal style.

Having a burly hairy chest no longer is the representation of masculinity but, maybe your style is a trimmed chest. If that would be the case then you can really manscape every week if your hair grows fast using a guarded trimmer.

The guarded trimmer will keep the hairs the preferred length every time. So there’s really no harm in going over the area for a touch up as needed. If you’re going with a bare chest then you would only need to shave as it becomes more noticeable.

The same basic principle goes for other areas of your body such as the groin. It all boils down to you and your significant other.

What do you both like and what’s the most pleasing for you? There is no wrong option here.

What about shaving your…

Manscaping down there

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Of course I can’t leave this topic out!

It’s most likely the first thing to come to your mind when you hear manscaping. It just wouldn’t be fair not to give you some tips on the subject.

It’s recommended to shave your pubic region either very low and trimmed or bare. It’s a great way to keep yourself clean and smell free.

Your better half will be most appreciative that you take extra care of your hygiene in this area.

When it comes time for the grand finale where you’ll be shaving your scrotum make sure to take your time and be patient. It’s not a race and you want to make sure you get the job done well.

To help you do that follow these tips.

Don’t use an electric shaver!

You’re literally asking for trouble if you attempt this. If you’ve tried before then you know what I’m talking about. It just doesn’t work out.

Don’t use shaving cream.

That’s right you read it correctly. Instead use a good liquid hand soap. It applies the thin layer you need to make this process easier. Normal shaving creams always end up being too much or too thick and makes everything harder to shave.

Using your preferred disposable razor make sure to pull the skin taut.

You don’t want to super stretch the skin but, just pull enough so it’s flat. This will provide for the best shaving surface and will prevent nicks or cuts.

Simply pull each area you’re shaving and let the razor do its job. You don’t have to worry so much about skin irritation on the scrotum. Surprisingly the skin is tougher than you think and most guys don’t experience irritation in this area when shaving correctly.


I hope to have been able to teach you a thing or two about manscaping.

There’s a lot more to the subject but, hopefully this post debunked a lot of the initial mysteries behind the subject. It’s a process that we all should learn about and make apart of our hygiene routines.

I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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