Flaky skin on your forehead, chin or cheeks is never a good look. And sometimes, either through stress, the weather, or lack of moisture dry flaky skin can become a problem.

To help you avoid this, we’ve put together a list of 10 quick and easy preventative steps. Follow this advice and you’ll be able to avoid the problem of dry skin on the face for good.

1. Firstly be careful not to use overly-hot water.

When the skin comes into contact with very hot water it gets stripped of its natural oils, which can remove lots of natural moisture and make it very dry. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you always keep your shower or bath a medium warm temperature rather than striking hot.

2. Shaving is another way in which the skin’s natural oils can be lost.

This happens through the scraping action of a razor across your face. To minimize the impact just be sure to shave after showering. This will mean your hair will be softer and so easier to remove.

3. Another way to get rid of dry skin on the face and elsewhere is to use an air humidifier.

As the name suggests, these machines increase the humidity of the air meaning your skin is constantly getting more water. If you don’t want to shell out for a humidifier yourself, putting a bowl of water next to the radiator can have a similar effect.

4. Next, be careful with the kind of products you are using on your skin.

Some can seriously dry it out. Avoid soap at all costs and instead use shower gel with added moisturizers. If you use any toners or peelers on your face, watch out for these too as they can be very dehydrating.

5. Sun damage is one of the most common reasons people get dry, flaky skin.

Even being out in the sunshine for a few minutes on a sunny day can have an impact so use adequate sunscreen protection and make sure to moisturize after any sun exposure.

6. Moisturizers are, in fact, a key element of your anti-dry face armory.

How to deal with dry skin on your face. Apply moisturising face cream often

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The key is to get into a regular routine with a product that suits your skin. Sometimes it takes a while to find something that’s right for you, so ask for recommendations, trial a few products and don’t stop until you’ve got the right one.

7. Although it sounds tangential, what you consume can also have a big impact on dry, flaky skin.

Crucially, make sure you are drinking sufficient water.

Expert opinion as to how much is enough varies, but many agree six to eight cups a day should be alright. If you’re doing exercise, sweating a lot for some other reason or are out in hot weather increase this amount substantially.

8. And it’s not just all about fluids. What you eat can also have a big impact on the condition of your skin.

See those people with a supple, toned look all over? It’s probably because they are getting lots of healthy omega 3 fats.

These have essential nutrients that plump up your skin and help it to retain moisture. A great food to eat that contains this kind of fat is sardines. Spread on toast for breakfast every morning and see the difference it makes.

9. One very easy way to prevent dry, flaky skin is to exfoliate.

This might not seem like the most masculine activity, but it can actually have a major impact so is certainly worth doing.

There are a few different ways to exfoliate your skin.

The easiest by far is to buy a ready-made product from your local beauty store. Have a look at the different options and ask someone at the counter for advice if you’re not sure. For the slightly more adventurous you could also try making your own -just like the homemade beard oil discussed here. These are pretty easy – just get a moisturizing base (e.g. face cream) and add sugar or salt. Apply with an old toothbrush or washcloth and watch the dry skin fall away.

10. Finally, if you’ve tried all the above and are still having problems, think about seeking medical advice.

Dry skin on the face and elsewhere can sometimes have a physiological cause that you might not be aware of, such as food allergies or a skin condition. If in any doubt, go see the doctor.

Signing off

For most however, following these simple tricks will help to heal dry skin on the face and all over your body.

Try exfoliating, changing what you eat or drink, protecting yourself from the sun and moisturizing regularly. All these things – especially when done together – should make a difference. Have a go and see how you get on.


John Brasington illoAbout the author: John Brasington is a freelance writer and skin care writer. As a very tall man he knows about some of the biggest problems regarding skin care. When he’s not writing, he’s working on a list of unimpressive world records.



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