If you’re just starting out with wet shaving and you don’t know where to buy a safety razor, it’s completely understandable. You don’t need to feel discouraged.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that safety razors aren’t broadly available on local stores and supermarkets. Yes, you can still find few models but the ones that you wouldn’t dare placing anywhere near to your face.

Getting a safety razor isn’t the same with buying a regular cartridge razor. You don’t want a DE razor just to shave with.

  • It’s like finding the missing piece of the wet shaving puzzle.
  • The Excalibur of your sword collection.
  • And finally, the bat legs of the magic potion.

After all, shaving with a safety razor isn’t just about shaving.

Besides some brick and mortar shops as well as barber shops, the best safety razors can be found easier online. Not to mention, many models are only available online.

And it makes perfect sense.

When you are on the lookout for a piece of art, there are only a few places that you can get the one that will look best on your wall right next to the lion head.

Same thing with great safety razors.

There are a few great places to find specifically what you want and these places are addressed to a very specific audience. The same audience that has studied the art of wet shaving and want to broaden their safety razor collection.

With that being said, the question that arises though is not which but where to buy a safety razor.

Having bought all of my safety razors online, I can confirm that you can get not only the safety razor that fits your needs but also the one at the lowest price compared to most -or most probably any, brick and mortar shop.

Without keeping you waiting any longer, I’d like to share with you the places that I believe you’ll find the safety razor you’re looking for. I’ve had the chance of purchasing something from most of the shops and I’m positive that you’ll be satisfied as well.

I hope the below list of e-tailers that I compiled, can help you find the right safety razor for your needs.

Where to buy a safety razor that will make you happy


Where to buy a safety razor - Amazon is the best place to get one


I guess that Amazon doesn’t need many introductions.

Most of my safety razors that I bought, I got them directly from Amazon. They literally have every single one that I was looking for and there are only a few e-shops that actually have similar variety in safety razors.

Besides safety razors, it’s the best place to buy shaving supplies and benefit from the quick -and depending on the order value, free shipping.

If you want some help, you can get click on the following links for faster navigation:


eShave is an awesome brand to buy a safety razor


I had the pleasure of introducing eShave’s president to my subscribers in the past, when Michelle Maka shared her expertise in beard brushes and lathering.

Besides some great shaving brushes, eShave have their own line of safety razors with excellent performance and unique designs.

Italian Barber

Italian barber shaving supplies shop


Great website for safety razors and not only. You’ll find all kinds of shaving supplies that satisfy the most demanding wet shaver.

There are also regular deals that can get you a new wet shaving tool at a great price.


Huckberry is the ultimate shop for men


This e-shop could be one of the very few websites dedicated to men with a huge variety of different products. They have a grooming section where you can select among different shaving products.

At this moment, they don’t carry too many safety razors in their offering but knowing what this e-shop is capable of offering, it won’t take long until they include more products.

Royal Shave

Royal shave is the shop to build your wet shaving empire


If you’re looking to shave like a king, Royal Shave got your covered.

Similar to previous websites, it’s got literally everything a wet shaver is looking for with 15 different safety razors brands.

Prepare to build your wet shaving empire with Royal Shave .

Amazing Shaving

If you search where to buy a safety razor check out amazingshaving eshop


As the name suggests, you’ll find everything that you need and enjoy an amazing shaving experience.

Among the three different brands of safety razors that they carry, they also have quite a few models from Merkur, which happens to be one my favorites.


Fendrihan is a great place to buy a safety razor


Yet another awesome man oriented e-shop.

You can find all major safety razors brands such as Merkur, Edwin Jagger, Parker, and Ikon.

If you don’t find a safety razor that fits your criteria here, I don’t know where else you can get it from.

Besides few of the most well known safety razors brands, you’ll also find Fendrihan’s own safety razor model as well as other shaving supplies that belong to this brand such as shaving brushes, great shaving soaps or creams.

West Coast Shaving

West coast shaving has an awesome variety of wet shaving supplies


One of the most popular wet shaving supplies shop, west coast shaving boasts a huge variety of safety razors.

On top of this, you won’t be disappointed with the choices of other wet shaving products that fit all budgets.

Razor Emporium

Razor emporium is the only destination for safety razor restoration


Razor Emporium is one of a kind.

Yes you’ll find a lot of safety razors to buy but their product offering isn’t the one that makes it special.

It’s one of the few e-shops that offer razor restoration services to old safety and straight razors as well as vintage safety razors for sale such as the Gillette Fatboy.

So, even if you have an old safety razor or you decide to buy a vintage razor online, Razor Emporium is your next stop to bring your razor back to life.


Where to buy a safety razor in Europe and UK?

Since there’s a high percentage of my readers that come from Europe, I’d like to include a few options that I know first hand that are great places where you can buy a safety razor from.

Amazon UK

If based in Europe and dont know where to buy a safety razor check amazon uk


Just like in the US, the Amazon site in UK has a humongous variety of safety razors. It can take you hours of browsing until you finish all pages.

Apart from safety razors, in my experience, the Amazon site in UK has a more unique variety of wet shaving supplies than the US one, such as a selection of the best shaving brushes. This is normally the case because many UK artisans choose to sell their products only in Europe for various reasons and more specifically, in the UK.

Shaving Shack

Shaving shack is great to buy a safety razor in UK


Shaving shack is surely one of the most complete wet shaving e-shops in UK and probably in Europe. They boast all the major European made safety razors and not only.

If you’re located anywhere in Europe, Shaving Shack is able to make your safety razor dreams come true.

Traditional Shaving

Traditional shaving - eshop in UK to buy a safety razor and shaving supplies


As you probably understood by the name, this e-shop will cover your needs and desires for a new safety razor.

Again, you’ll find most models from Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Merkur and Parker, which are also the most common safety razor brands among wet shaving enthusiasts.

Edwin Jagger

official edwin jagger eshop to buy your wet shaving supplies


If you’re a fan of Edwin Jagger, like myself, you’re located in Europe and you’re wondering where to buy a safety razor, your search is now over.

The official online shop of edwin jagger is the best place to get your new safety razor. You’re literally getting it directly from the source, the manufacturing site in Sheffield, United Kingdom.


official muehle eshop to buy a safety razor


Since we’re talking about buying safety razors directly from the manufacturer, what would you say about Muhle?

I’m a very happy owner of a Muehle R41 and if you appreciate high quality razors, Muehle’s e-shop is the perfect place to buy your shaving supplies.

Concluding remarks

Hopefully, you already got some good ideas on where to buy a safety razor next time you’re browsing online.

Overall, there are many trusted vendors with outstanding variety of shaving tools to help you choose the best set up.

If you think that there’s a shop that you’re familiar with and I haven’t included in this list, let me know in the comment section and I’ll gladly have a look at it.