Although times are changing and more men are becoming increasingly aware of their need to use skin care products, the general feeling is that women are still more likely to use creams on their face than men are.

At least, this is what we see from the wide range of skin care brands for women compared with that of men and the fact that marketing for women’s skin care products is much more felt than that for men.

Adding to this is the pressure of the media on women to prevent wrinkles and have perfect skin, which leads to more demand for skin care products.

In lieu of this, the skin care range and options offered to your girlfriend can only get stronger and more varied, so why shouldn’t you use her skin care products on your face? Can you use your girlfriend’s skin care products?

The simple answer is yes. Dermatologist Dr Ellen Marmur explains that while “male skin is totally different from female skin on some levels and exactly the same on others.”

“Male hormones tend to produce more oil on a man’s face than a woman’s. But, if men shave every day, that exfoliates the skin, which can lead to dryness. And using shaving cream, which is a form of soap, may dry it out even more. If it does, use a light moisturizer. One thing men can probably skip is a facial wash, since rinsing the skin in the shower is probably sufficient.”

It’s a marketing issue

Using skin care products for women

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One of the main reasons why most men do not consider using their girlfriend’s skin care products is because skin care companies have done a great job of distinguishing male and female products with well branded bottles to target the specific sex.

Light pinks and blues, whites and yellows are the colors often set for women’s products with a flower perched somewhere on the box.

With men on the other hand, dark blues and greys, black and a random picture of chiseled abs are the signs that indicate these products ought to be used by men but the reality is that these products often vary only in the way they are packaged.

It’s a fragrance issue

Another reason why men tend to steer clear of women’s skin care products is because of the softer, more floral fragrances that these products can emit compared to the male fragrances.

Still, not all of women’s skin care products have such strong floral smells and more importantly, skin care fragrance is not something that stays long compared to perfume.

Why you should steal your girlfriend’s skin care products

From pore washing cleansers to protective moisturizers, serums with nourishing ingredients to help in preventative care and anti-ageing creams to help you age gracefully, the choice is vast in your girlfriend’s skin care drawer.

As Dr Marmur said, using your girlfriend’s products is perfectly fine however, you should check to see whether her products are right for your skin type.

If you are battling oily skin and your girlfriend has a moisturizer to help with her dry skin, then you will only be adding more oil to your skin with her products.

How using your girlfriend’s products could save your life

Apply skin care anti aging cream for women. What is the difference anyway

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The general argument stemming from most men is that they want a skin care routine that is simple — if they even come to decide that they actually need a skin care routine.

When you ask yourself whether you can use your girlfriend’s products or not, then you are already on a path of giving more attention to your skin than most men.

The range of skin care products for women is incredibly vast and one thing with women’s creams is that many of them have SPF incorporated in the product which helps not only to prevent sun damage but also to avoid skin cancer.

Not only then is it fine to use women’s products on your face but doing so can help you to avoid skin damage that can lead to a serious disease such as skin cancer.

Should I switch to using my girlfriend’s products only from now on?

You can and you should however, Dr Marmur does recommend that men have a product at hand “to treat ingrown hairs that may get inflamed or irritation from shaving.”

This is something women don’t have to deal with, while men, since they shave regularly do experience this at times, so it is good to keep a skin care product that can treat ingrown hairs to avoid irritability and inflammations.

What else can I steal from my girlfriend?

Now that you know that using your girlfriend’s skin care products won’t do any harm, you can take things further and start taking your skin seriously by stealing her skin care routine.

Washing your face with a cleanser and a moisturizer before you go to bed or first thing in the morning is a good way to mastering a great skin care routine.

Other things you can do is to get a facial every six weeks to clean out your pours and give your skin a thorough clean. You can also wear sunglasses every day to protect your eyes from the sun if you don’t already do so and why not, even wear a hat when you are out in the sun all day.

There you have it — besides a marketing barrier that has led us all to make specific judgements on what skin care products we should and should not be using ­— it seems that it really is fine to use your girlfriend’s skin care products to help protect your face.

What do you think about this? Have you ever used your girlfriend’s products on your own skin? If not, are you tempted to try? Let us know by sharing your thoughts below!


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