As men, it is our right to sweat like pigs and smell like skunks. That is just how things are and the world should accept us for what we are.

However as civilized people we need to be a bit more discrete in announcing our presence.

So if strangers in your vicinity suddenly start tearing up, it is not because they are glad to see you. If the air force keeps calling you to recruit you as their next-gen biochemical weapon, or if smelling your armpit clears-up your sinuses, it is time for you to save the world by buying yourself a deodorant.

Jokes, and the incredible number of poems about smelly people aside, we are all acquainted with a proper hygiene routine.

We shower applying soap generously, wash our face at least couple of times a day, apply reasonable amount of cologne for that special occasion, use deodorant and antiperspirant for men regularly, and this should be good enough. But good enough is just not going to cut it.

Going to your local super market and grabbing the first thing that you think will help you get rid of bad odor, only to realize later on, that it has given you a bad rash under your armpit, and the smell causes you a nauseating headache. That is not either good, nor enough.

Luckily, the deodorant and antiperspirant market is an industry that generates billions of dollars per year. This allows for serious funding when it comes to research and development of thousands of options to help curb your excessive sweating, keep you smelling fresh, and boosting your confidence.

And as I said, there are thousands upon thousands of available options. Walking into a store you can see huge shelves full of every type or scent you can imagine, and this can be really confusing. So how do you go about choosing the best one for yourself?

To make things easier for you I have put together a definitive list of some of the best deodorants and antiperspirants for men.

Best Deodorants and Antiperspirants For Men

 Baxter of California DeodorantChristian Dior For Men. Deodorant StickJourneymen Natural Deodorant StickOyin Handmade Funk Butter Natural DeodorantVitae Deodorant Spray for MENArmani Code For Men Deodorant StickEvery Man Jack DeodorantTom's of Maine Mens Long Lasting DeodorantNani Natural Organic Deodorant for menTabac Original Deodorant StickMolton Brown Anti Perspirant StickRecipe for Men Antiperspirant DeodorantDegree Men Antiperspirant DeodorantJack Black Antiperspirant & DeodorantLab Series Deodorant Stick for MenClinique Skin Supplies Deodorant Stick for Men
Baxter of California deodorantChristian Dior deodorant for menJourneyman deodorantFunke butterVitae deodorant sprayGiorgio Armani For Men. Alcohol Free Deodorant StickEvery Man Jack DeodorantTom's of Maine men's deodorantNaninaturals Organic DeodorantTabac Original top men's deodorantMolton Brown Anti PerspirantRecipe for men antiperspirantDegree Men AntiperspirantJack Black Antiperspirant and DeodorantLab Series Deodorant StickClinique Skin Supplies Deodorant
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Few things to note before getting a deodorant and antiperspirant for men

Before we delve any deeper into the top deodorant for you, let’s take some time to look at some common chemicals used in most commercial deodorants / antiperspirants.

The reason being that some of these chemicals may have an impact on your health. Studies have shown that toxic chemicals which are commonly used in deodorant production like parabens, aluminum, triclosan, can contribute to development of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and allergic reactions.

There’s no solid proof for their impact in health -might be because of great lobbying?, but the evidence is strong enough to make you think before you buy a product that contains such ingredients’

I have compiled a brief list of chemicals you should avoid when buying your favorite deodorant or antiperspirant:

Aluminum: Aluminum-based compounds are the most common ingredients in antiperspirants. Studies have suggested that these compounds may be a risk factor for the development of breast cancer. Yes, men are prone to breast cancer as well.

Propylene Glycol: Initially developed as an anti-freeze, this neurotoxin is known to cause kidney and liver damage as well as dermatitis.

Parabens: These bad boys come in many forms, usually attached to an equally scary sounding prefix like methylparaben, are artificial preservatives used in personal care products. Much like aluminum, parabens are believed to play a significant role in the development of breast cancer.

Triethanolamine and Diethanolamine: More commmonly known as TEA/DEA, are used to adjust the pH of your body. They are proven to be toxic if absorbed into your body over a long period of time.

Triclosan: It is a proven skin irritant that can also contribute to contact dermatitis. It is used to kill the bacteria on your skin. Recent studies suspect that it can also disrupt the thyroid function and impact other hormone systems.

Talc: Commonly used as an absorbent and color additive in a range of cosmetics. It contains asbestiform fibers for which it is classified as a carcinogen.

What I am trying to say is that you should really pay attention to what you are spending your hard earned money on when it comes to buying a deodorant or antiperspirant.

Not only that you can make a bad investment, but spend your money on something that can potentially be harmful for your health.

So, without any further ado, here is a list of the best of the best deodorants and antiperspirants for men:

Best deodorants for men

Baxter of California Citrus And Herbal – Best overall deodorant

Baxter of California deodorant for men

Created in 1965 Baxter of California was among the first companies that started producing high quality products aimed specifically at men.

One of their best selling products is the Citrus and Herbal – Musk underarm freshener which packs nourishing ingredients, perfect performance, and it smells great. As the name suggests the incredible scent is a combination of refreshing citrus and mild herbal musk.

The invisible solid gel allows for a smooth action and it goes unnoticed upon application. The combination of tea tree oil, witch hazel and chamomile perform superbly against odor causing bacteria.

While being all natural you don’t need to worry about rashes or skin irritation.

Dior Fahrenheit for Men – Runner-up

Christian Dior deodorant for men

If you are going for that manly man smell that announces your presence I would certainly recommend the Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. Being created in 1988 by Christian Dior, its 30 year existence on the market is a sure sign of its timelessness.

It comes in a very elegant red aluminum canister with a black cap, and despite its minimalist design it looks very classy.

It boasts a refreshing woody mossy fragrance with tones of bergamot, lemon, lavender accented with violet leaf, jasmine, sandalwood and cedar base notes, adding up to create a timeless masculine scent favored by men for decades.

Journeymen Natural Deodorant Stick

Journeyman men's natural deodorant

When it comes to all natural cosmetics I will put Journeymen among the top deodorants for men here.

It has a subtle fresh herb-y scent, derived from essential oils such are cypress leaf and a smoky red cedar background, that not only smell great when combined together but also help control the Coryneform bacteria which is the main cause of body odor. Most importantly it works great. At the same time, it does not block your sweat glands as the controversial aluminum compounds do.

It comes in a UV resistant stick, so couple of strokes under your armpits would be able to last you all day no matter the climate.

The only down side is that it is a bit on the pricey side, but with this deodorant a little goes a long way, and you know that you are not intentionally poisoning yourself. In my opinion it is one of the best deodorant on the market, as for the price you can consider purchasing one a great investment.

Oyin Handmade Funk Butter – Best deodorant for men value for money

Funk Butter all natural deodorant for men

Not everyone is ready to reach deep into their pockets to buy a deodorant when there are many cheaper alternatives. But before you go and buy yourself a recipe for Alzheimer’s I would suggest that you look into Oyin’s Handmade Funk Butter.

It is a really simple recipe it includes baking soda, shea butter, and different kinds of oils, it doesn’t plug your sweat ducts like antiperspirant, or mask the odor like deodorant, but kills the odor causing bacteria. Baking soda being its main active ingredient, it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin, because of the grainy consistency.

Unlike most of the deodorants the Funk Butter comes in a small jar and it is applied by rubbing it to your armpits which can potentially be uncomfortable, and may cause rashes occasionally.

If your skin is not on the sensitive side, you don’t care about rashes, and you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a deodorant, you should try the Funk Butter as an affordable alternative.

Vitae 100% Confident for Him

Vitae deodorant spray for men

Vi Tae’s products are some of the best on the market. Their 100% Confident for Him deodorant spray not only decimates the odor causing bacteria, but it keeps you smelling great throughout the day. On top of that it uses an all natural hypoallergenic formula with marine plant extracts along with selected organic botanicals which naturally kill the bacteria and fungi.

It has a subtle masculine scent that will not overwhelm you, but leave you feel clean and refreshed. Its all natural formula makes it safe to use all over the body including back, chest and feet, without any irritation.

It comes in a dark UV protected spray bottle which preserves all the essential oils making it last longer on the shelf.

What makes this brand especially interesting it that it offers a one year money back guarantee which shows how much this company believes in their products. So trying it out you have nothing to loose.

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani for Men Deodorant Stick

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani For Men. Alcohol Free Deodorant Stick

If you want to feel like a protagonist in an Axe commercial you should definitely go for Armani Code. A combination of lemon, bergamot, guaiac wood, tonka bean, and olive flower, combine to form a sleek masculine scent that reeks seduction.

How do I know this?

Doing the research on Armani Code I have noticed that every single 5 star review was done by a girl.

Also the company recommends that it is worn on during romantic encounters which adds to the ambiance. On the other hand, men are not particularly fond of it because the smell seems to go away really fast, so you will need to keep it handy for reapplication.

In case you are single, I would strongly recommend that you try it for your next night out.

Every Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant

Every Man Jack Deodorant for men

Every Man Jack Cedarwood is a completely natural deodorant which boasts excellent scent.

Applying the deodorant gives you a subtle, manly smell with musky and woodsy tones. It combines two natural antibacterial agents lichen extract and rosemary which do a great job controlling the odor cause by bacteria. Being all natural it is recommended for men with sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol or aluminum.

It is a great choice if you are looking for an all natural deodorant that works well, smells great and is affordable.

Tom’s of Maine 24 Hour Mens Long Lasting Deodorant, Mountain Spring

Tom's of Maine men's deodorant

Tom’s of Maine Mountain spring is an effective all natural deodorant that with a nice refreshing scent. Like all of Tom’s of Maine products it is devoid of harsh chemicals such are parabens, aluminum compounds, artificial fragrances, preservatives and artificial colors. L

ots of users like it as it is formulated to provide a 24 hour odor protection and keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

However some users complain that the scent lasts for only several hours, and they need to keep replying it several times throughout the day, while others detest how it smells when applied on their underarms.

In their defence it is important to note that different people have different reactions to a certain product, so you will know if it is good for you only after you try it.

Nani Naturals All-Natural, Unscented, Organic Deodorant for Men

Naninaturals Organic Deodorant For Men

To be honest, I didn’t even know that a vegan deodorant was even a thing up until I came across Nani Naturals Unscented Deodorant. Being all natural, organic deodorant it is far from any artificial fragrances or toxic chemicals and being fragrance free it is a great option for women as well.

Even though it is unscented it proves to be powerful weapon against odor even hours after it is applied thanks to antibacterial ingredients that it contains such are coconut oil, organic bicarbonate soda, and organic arrowroot. It is made using a gel based formula for easy roll-on application.

Beside being extra careful about the type of the ingredients they use in their product, Nani Naturals is committed to helping fund breast cancer research, so they have commuted a part of their funds in finding a cure. Hats down to you sirs and madams.

Tabac Original By Maurer & Wirtz For Men Deodorant Stick

Tabac Original top men's deodorant

Tabac was launched in 1959 by Maurer & Wirtz as an aromatic Fougere fragrance for men.

It is a very masculine, retro scent which hits you with lots of neroli and dries out revealing flowery tones which end up with gently discernible tobacco scent. So if you are trying to go for that retro, nostalgic, refined, macho scent you will have to try you have to try the Tabac Original.

It offers a good amount of protection, that lasts throughout the day, although it is not a 24 hour deodorant.

The only downside is that it contains alcohol, so if you have a sensitive skin beware.

Best antiperspirants for men

Molton Brown Re Charge Black Pepper Anti Perspirant Stick – Best overall antiperspirant

Molton Brown Anti Perspirant Stick for men

What do you need from your antiperspirant?

If you have set out to buy one, it means that you are sweating more than the rest, and it is embarrassing, so you need something that will prevent the sweat, and put that bad odor under control. I mean that is enough… Right?
But after you put the odor and the excessive sweating under control, you realize that you smell… well plain… Then you set off to get something that smells great, but it isn’t as good at preventing you from sweating, and after a while you start being picky, thinking about all those toxic ingredients that cause all kinds of problems, and now you need something that is safe… It seems like a never ending chase after a suitable antiperspirant.

Is it really too much to ask for an antiperspirant that stops perspiration, eliminates bad odor, smells great, and is not going to make you die in agony from skin rash if you use it. I mean come on, we have put together a space station in zero gravity, built extremely destructive weapons which we are afraid to use, and we perform brain surgeries. So is creating a perfect antiperspirant that hard?

Well not for Molton Brown, as their Re Charge Black Pepper Anti Perspirant Stick is awesome.

It combines everything a man needs in an antiperspirant, perfect scent, non-irritating ingredients and highly effective formula that prevents odor and perspiration.

It offers perfectly well balanced masculine fragrance derived from a combination of fragrances like black peppercorn, bergamot, and oak moss to provide mild but noticeable, one of a kind scent. It also contains andiroba tree oil which prevents irritation and softens your skin leaving it refreshed.

It is made of carefully selected high end ingredients, which not only fight bad odor but prevent perspiration.

I can confidently say that Molton Brown Re Charge Black Pepper Anti Perspirant Stick is the best smelling antiperspirant on the market to this day.

Recipe For Men Antiperspirant Deodorant – Best Runner-up

Recipe for men deodorant and antiperspirant for men

When it comes to antiperspirants, the way they work is really scary. Their job is to basically plug-up your sweat glands, and that sounds just plain wrong to most of us.

Enter Recipe for Men. It is a Swedish made antiperspirant, and they like thinking outside the box.

Unlike all the other antiperspirants that are focused on plugging-up your sweat glands, which in an alternate reality can cause you to bloat-up like a balloon, start floating, and explode in mid air, disintegrating every molecule of your body, the Swedes have come-up with a formula that instead of doing that would just quickly absorb the sweat. Because of that this is a perfect antiperspirant for men with sensitive skin. Made for the active man it has a refreshing mild scent, works hard and doesn’t stain your shirts.

On the downside it does contain aluminum compounds, aluminum carbohydrate to be more precise.

It receives high marks because of the innovative technology that it uses. Go Sweden.

Degree Men Motion Sense Antiperspirant

Degree Men Antiperspirant

Degree is the most popular brand when it comes to deodorants and antiperspirants. It releases bursts of fresh smell and protection whenever you are active.

Its motion sense technology, allows it to burst extra deodorizer in regard to your body heat. It is basically micro-capsules that sit on the surface of your skin which friction breaks when you move, refreshing you with its invigorating frosty, piney elements.

However, this one is not all natural anti perspirant, and it contains ingredients such are aluminum zirconium, alcohol, fragrances, and silica among the others. But costumer experiences show that it is easy on your skin despite all.

It comes at a very affordable price, making it the best selling antyperspirant.

Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant

Jack Black Antiperspirant and Deodorant for men

Jack Black was formed in the year 2000, and ever since they have build a reputation as an upscale source of quality cosmetics aimed at men.

The pit Boss antiperspirant comes in form of an invisible solid stick offering excellent protection from perspiration and odor. Its formula aims to reduce sweating, maintain dryness, and fight bad odor. The invisible solid glides smoothly over the skin leaving no residue behind neither on your skin or clothes.

It also contains vitamin E which helps protect and nourish your skin. It has a great manly smell, offering a long lasting protection, and it is non irritating making it one of the top antiperspirants for men you can choose from.

Lab Series Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men

Lab Series Deodorant Stick for Men

And another fragrance free antiperspirant / deodorant that provides excellent protection. Yes you have read well, it is a deodorant and antiperspirant, while being fragrance-free which means that it does great job decimating the odor causing bacteria.

It is a white stick formula, which applies easily, and although when applied leaves white trace behind it quickly becomes colorless upon contact with your skin, and it doesn’t stain your clothes.

Eventhough it contains aluminum zirconium and alcohol it is very easy on your skin as a result of the chamomile and tea tree leaf oil.

Clinique Skin Supplies Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men

Clinique Skin Supplies Deodorant Stick for Men

Another antiperspirant stick aimed at men with sensitive skin. Clinique for men is great for men that are not able to wait for their antiperspirant to to dry.

It uses a solid formula that sees you dry throughout the day. It has a subtle manly smell, and it keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day.

What is What and Which One should you use?

What is a Deodorant?

Best men's antiperspirant and how to choose one

Image courtesy: Laboko/

Deodorants are formulated to minimize or completely eliminate body odor, and a good deodorant can be used across your entire physique, not just under your arm.

But they don’t stop you from sweating, that is why they usually need to be applied more than once, as the sweat wears off the deodorant effect.

What is an Antiperspirant?

Antiperspirants are designed to prevent you from sweating bu plunging up your sweat glands. Less sweat means that the growth of potential odor causing bacteria is brought to a minimum, therefore eliminating bad odor your body produces.

The main difference between these two products is that the deodorant is masking the bad odor and killing the odor causing bacteria, while the antiperspirants are aimed at reducing the amount of sweat that your body produces thus eliminating the chance of bacteria growth.

So if you are one of those people that sweats a lot, I would recommend that you look into acquiring a good antiperspirant. If you just need to smell nice a deodorant would do the trick.

How do You Choose One?

When it comes to selecting a deodorant or antiperspirant the first thing you should pay attention to are the ingredients it uses.

As noted already on this guide, there are thousands upon thousands of products available on the market and the wast majority of them use synthetic ingredients that might not agree with your skin, or even prove potentially toxic.

Always try to go for the all natural alternatives, especially if you have a sensitive skin, they are a bit more expensive, but they usually last longer and are safe. Always avoid products that contain aluminium, paraben compounds, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, talc, propylene glycol, TEA/DEA, as they are not only irritants but some of them like propilene glicol is a potent neurotoxin.

As I said before it is entirely up to you weather you choose a deodorant or antiperspirant. And they both come in different shapes and sizes, like roll-on, stick, spray, or even crème.