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Itch ReliefSofteningEase of ApplicationValue for Money

Honest Amish started off years ago with a beard balm they claimed was ‘better than an oil.’

Sure, they were trying set their product apart in a new market (beard balms were rare back then) and it worked.

Honest Amish beard balm flew off the shelves and was an instant hit online.

But they aren’t the only beard balm company on the block anymore. There’s hundreds of different options for beardsmen like me and to compete Honest Amish has had to do the unthinkable – introduce a beard oil.

The new beard oil competes with brands like Can You Handlebar and Beardbrand in an increasingly crowded space for great beard care products.

Does it offer anything new or stack up against the rivals? I tried it myself and here’s what I think of it.

Is it good?

This beard oil fits in nicely with their collection.

Honest Amish has a reputation for hand making some really well-picked ingredients and creating a classic grooming product beardsmen will appreciate.

This beard oil is no different. In a lot ways, it still is ‘better than an oil.’

The Classic Honest Amish Beard oil contains a jojoba oil base, which is fairly common in beard products. Jojoba closely resembles human skin sebum and is a wonderful ingredient which is why it’s so common for hair and skin products.

But the rest of the ingredient list is less mainstream.

There’s Avocado oil, which delivers incredibly important nutrients to your hair and skin and helps you absorb it all.

There’s virgin argan and sweet almond oil, both of which help with the texture and the moisturizing effects of the blend.

The two standout ingredients here are Moringa oil and Kukui nut oil, neither of which I’ve seen used in any other beard oil.

Extracted from the Moringa Oleifera Tree, moringa oil is supposed to be excellent for skin and hair. It fights burns, rashes, ageing, wrinkles, blackheads and beard dandruff. It’s also meant to improve your sleep quality and help your beard grow healthy.

Kukui nut is native to Hawaii and the oil extracted is really rich in nutrients and fatty acids.

It’s only now that mainstream cosmetic and grooming companies are starting to realize the benefits of kukui nut oil.

The substance acts as a protector for the skin and hair. It shields skin and hair from environmental factors. The oil also interacts with skin and helps it heal, so rashes and cuts can be resolved much faster.

I think it should help reduce the beard itchiness most men experience when they grow a beard.

All these wonderful ingredients are neatly packaged in a small 2 fluid ounce bottle with a dropper lid.

I prefer the dropper lid because it makes it so much easier to use in a hurry. It’s also really hard to get too much oil out when you’re using a dropper.

The best part? The Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil sells almost at half price as their competitors.

Almost all the other brands I tried were at least a few bucks more or a few ounces short of this.

This is a beard oil with better ingredients, made by a popular brand and sold for less, which is what I call a win-win. Great value for money.

Though the same thing applies for their other products like the beard balm which I consider one of the best beard balms for the price a beardsman can buy.


While the price and ingredients seem well picked, none of it matters if the oil doesn’t perform or live up to expectations.

I tried it out recently and the first thing i noticed that you need to be careful with the amount of oil you apply. If you get the amount wrong it might feel a bit heavy.

This is what happened when I first used this oil. It certainly weighs the beard down and I don’t like that feeling. After a few uses, I understood the right amount that I need to apply and it felt much better on my beard.

Thankfully, the oil isn’t greasy. It spreads nicely and evenly without the need for you to bring out a beard comb. Just use the dropper to squeeze out a couple drops and work it through your whiskers with your fingers.

Honest Amish keep the base ingredients the same for all their beard oils and mix around the scents for variety.

They’ve infused a really pleasant smell with this oil and it lingers around for a few hours. I’m not huge fan of scented beard products, especially if the scent is overpowering. But this one was pleasant and subtle enough to appreciate.

If you don’t like fragrances that clash with your cologne, this beard oil scent will vanish after a few hours.

Now here’s the thing that really caught my attention.

The ingredients and the oils have been diluted enough to avoid clogging pores. The oil is non-sticky and non-greasy, which is why there would be slight to no chances that acne will appear, in case you’ve got a acne prone skin.

Final thoughts

Best beard oil for the money from Honest Amish

There’s absolutely nothing to complaint here.

The Honest Amish Beard Oil really is one of the best beard oils out there. It’s well priced and really effective.

The scent is pleasing but it stays in the background and doesn’t overpower your senses. The texture is smooth and it’s really easy to use. Your beard feels soft and your skin nourished and much healthier after a few days of using the beard oil regularly.

I don’t know how, but the team has the mixture just right.

All the essential oils blend together well and do not clog your pores. After applying a small amount your hair will look shiny but not greasy. You also shouldn’t expect a sudden flare up of acne if you have a bad history with beard oils.

I think the brand has lived up to its reputation and delivered a great product i would recommend to all beardsmen who want to grow a glorious beard that is as soft as fur.