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The Honest Amish team has outdone itself with this beard balm, which is nearly as awesome as their fantastic beard oil.

There’s no denying this brand is obsessed with great quality male grooming products.

Based in Amish Country, Pennsylvania, the team makes every single product by hand. They’ve spent years coming up with original recipes for all sorts of beard care products.

Beards are an integral part of Amish culture, and every product sold by the Honest Amish Co. is true to its roots.

Of course, all the ingredients are completely natural in the beard balm recipe and picked for their benefits to beard hair and skin. The company is so devoted to this authentic, natural approach that they even shun plastics for packaging.

It’s good, old-fashioned male grooming, sold online and delivered right to your doorstep.

The Honest Amish Beard Balm exemplifies what you’d expect from the brand at this stage.

It’s handmade, of course, but the reason you’d pick this up over any other beard balm is still the ingredients. Each of the ingredients used to make this beard balm have a unique effect on your beard hair and skin.

What’s it made of?

One of the key ingredients here is Argan oil, which is already proven to be incredibly beneficial and protective for hair.

Meanwhile, the avocado oil helps your hair grow healthier, the grapeseed oil moisturizes and the virgin pumpkin seed oil repairs the skin underneath your beard.

The ingredients also include cocoa and shea butter, along with essential oils.

Kokum seed oil is a rare oil that helps fight skin rashes and allergies. Kokum in beard products is rare and that’s what sets this beard balm apart from the rest.

In terms of fragrance, you can expect a mild woodsy scent. The scent is sweet and far from overwhelming.

In my opinion, the hint of kokum makes this unique smell quite a pleasure. But the brand likes to keep its fragrances subtle and you can expect it to disappear shortly after you’ve applied it.

Size and Price

All these fantastic ingredients are packaged in a big, 4-ounce aluminium tin. The same balm comes also in a smaller tin, 2oz.

In terms of pricing, the Honest Amish beard balm it doesn’t normally exceed $23 for the 4oz tin and you should expect to pay almost half of it for the 2oz.

If you’re growing a beard for some time now, you should expect the small tin to last for at least 3 months, even with daily use.

How does it perform?

Getting to the point, the beard balm does perform pretty well. You can tell it’s made of premium ingredients, and it’s surely worth the price you pay.

The best way to describe the texture is wet sea salt. That’s what a blob of the beard balm will feel like in your palm.

That’s not particularly unique. Almost all the beard balms I’ve tried feel somewhat like this (albeit less premium).

You’ll still need to rub your palms together and help ready the balm for application. The friction caused by this heats the balm up and helps it dissolve into a more liquid form.

The great thing about the Honest Amish beard balm is the softer consistency of the balm at this stage. It’s a lot easier to work into your hair.

I think the cocoa and shea butter help to get the consistency right. The butters melt instantly when you rub the balm between your palms and it’s also the secret to the smooth texture. You can expect it to spread easily in your beard hair.

The trick is to use the right amount. Too much will make your beard hair look greasy. I would recommend a smaller amount you’d use from other mainstream beard balms. Just a tiny bit of the Amish beard balm spreads evenly and gives you the results you need without much fuss.

I appreciate the fact that they’ve added avocado oil to the mixture. Avocados are a great source of nutrients for your skin and hair. By adding it beard balm, Honest Amish have created a product that helps with styling and nourishment and makes your beard soft and silky.

Avocado can deliver Vitamin E and is really useful when you need to repair hair or help it grow faster.

Argan oil and grapeseed oil are both excellent for nourishment and moisturizing, but they’re now mainstream ingredients in almost all hair products.

That doesn’t mean they’re any less useful. It simply means these two ingredients don’t set the Amish beard balms apart from the competition. It’s not the key selling point here.

The key selling point, in my opinion, is the kokum seed oil.

Kokum is traditionally grown in India. Indians tend to make a juice or paste out of the Kokum fruit (also known as the Gracinia indica). I tried a refreshing kokum drink that was meant to be somewhat medicinal.  People in India use the pulp to treat allergies and skin rashes.

Kokum, it turns out, is a natural antibiotic that helps get rid of bacteria on the skin. It relieves allergies and itchiness, which makes it perfect for the skin around your beard. This key ingredient in the Honest Amish beard balm helps fight itchiness from ingrown hair and bacterial infections.

The final secret sauce is the way the balm is manufactured. Honest Amish are masters at combining materials in the right proportion and creating a product that’s easy to apply and a pleasure to the senses.

To sum up

The best beard balm for short beard is honest amish. A must try

Completing our review for Honest Amish beard balm, I have to say that I love what the folks have done with this product.

If you ask me, I really believe that this is the best beard balm you can get for both price and quality. The beard balm is made of excellent ingredients (some of which are rare in the industry) and carefully created a balm that will satisfy all beardsmen on the planet.

It’s hard not to appreciate the honest and natural approach here. These guys are trying to pick the best ingredients from all over the world, packaging it in responsible materials and delivering it at reasonable prices.

It’s affordable quality and a well thought-out beard balm that I’d recommend to anyone serious about beard grooming.