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Itch ReliefSofteningEase of ApplicationValue for Money

What if I told you there was a premium product that was surprisingly affordable?

Or a grooming product that sets out to make all men happy and succeed?

You probably wouldn’t believe me, but that’s exactly the sort of category the Leven Rose Beard Oil would fit into.

Leven Rose is the sort of meticulously precise brand that makes you wonder if it’s a small business run by a husband-wife duo or an undercover subsidiary of a huge multinational.

Nevertheless, you simply need to visit their website once to know they take their products seriously.

Every ingredient is 100% natural and every bottle of beard oil is tested repeatedly make sure the quality is on point.

Iyatho and his wife, Frances started the company in Colorado Springs, CO, back in 2013.

When they couldn’t find a GMO-free, natural remedy for their daughter’s keratosis, they decided to mix oils and create their own.

Turns out the oil was pretty effective and there was a lot of demand from men and women for the oil.

They started ‘Leven Rose’ and now stock over 50 different products in a variety of scents and ingredients. They’ve got everything from beard oils to fragrance diffusers.

The beard oil, however, seems to be their flagship product.

It’s made from a primary base of Moroccan argan and jojoba oil and that’s it. Jojoba and argan are the only ingredients in the bottle, which makes this a unique beard oil.

Every other manufacturer rushes out to mix exotic (and sometimes expensive) oils in the mixture.

Every commercial beard oil I’ve ever tried is overly complicated with stuff I’ve either never heard of. That’s not bad either but sometimes, we might be missing the point. Which is why Leven Rose’s decision to keep this product simple is appreciable.

The two ingredients in the bottle are the most important for hair and skin anyway. Jojoba is known to be a natural oil that resembles human sebum while genuine Argan oil from Morocco is the most popular hair nourishment oil in the world.

I can imagine the fragrance-free version of the beard oil is pretty popular. A lot of men (myself included) hate beard products that are scented. It overpowers the cologne or simply puts people off.

However, they do offer scented beard oils for those who prefer them.

The company has three different scents it can add to the original jojoba and argan mixture to make it smell great – Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Juniper Sage.

All four varieties (scented and unscented) come in the same 1 fluid ounce bottle.

They all have a dropper lid (which is really convenient) and they all act as conditioners so you can leave them in your hair for as long as you need.

But the fragrances cost extra. The fragrance-free beard oil costs at the time of review $13.97, while all the scented ones cost $2 more. I guess the extra two bucks covers the cost of adding a scented essential oil to the mix.

Using the beard oil

The beard oil gets some pretty great reviews from customers, and now that I’ve used it myself I can see why that is.

It’s a simple and light oil and helps you reduce beard itchiness effectively.

I picked the fragrance-free version, but I bet the other smell great. The aroma of fresh Jojoba and cold pressed Moroccan argan oil is enough to put you in a good mood at the start of the day.

Leven Rose has a tendency to get absorbed by skin and hair rather easily. This made the skin as well as my beard a lot softer. A few hours after I’d rubbed the oil in, my hair was moist and less flaky than ever. It was also held perfectly in place for close to five hours.

You can tell the brand has invested in quality ingredients when you open the lid and take a whiff of the oil. It’s a mixture that really worked well for my skin and the two ingredients they’ve used here are really effective.

The dropper is as handy as you’d expect. It lets you squeeze out just the right amount of beard oil. A few drops were more than enough to cover the whole beard without making it look shabby. Also, I doubt a few drops will make your hair greasy.

The oil was light enough to spread with my fingers and it took just a few minutes to get all the hair covered nicely.

Leven Rose Oil also acts as a conditioner, which is why both men and women buy the stuff.

The oil can be left in your hair and beard to sink down to the roots and properly nourish them. It’s designed to trap moisture and help your facial hair grow healthier.

Final thoughts

Leven Rose Beard Oil delivers excellent value for money making it one of the best beard oils you can buy

The team at Leven Rose has done a fabulous job here.

They’ve packaged the two most vital oils you need in a convenient bottle and sold it at a great price. It’s certainly among the best beard oil at this price point you can get.

I appreciate the minimalism and the attention to detail. The dropper is a great lid and the fragrance-free option is a life saver.

Before I sign off, it’s worth noting that they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if there’s something that you don’t like, you get your money back. This is one strong point that Leven Rose makes and it gives you a sense of safety and satisfaction that no matter what, you’ve got nothing to lose.

However, you’ve got nothing to worry about since the products from the particular brand are top notch and I would highly recommend them.

Overall, this is a brand I would certainly recommend. The bottle is worth the price and the quality will surprise even the most seasoned beardsman out there.