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You probably remember Beardbrand from one of two places – you’ve seen the tiny bottles in some store or you’ve seen Eric Bandholz, Founder of Beardbrand, on an episode of Shark Tank.

Bandholz appeared on Shark Tank back in 2014 to pitch a 15% stake in his company for $400,000. That would have valued his Austin-based grooming products startup at $2.6 million.

Despite incredible sales and a base of loyal fans, none of the Sharks ended up investing in the company.

But the TV appearance wasn’t a failure.

It helps Bandholz get the brand out in front of a whole new set of beardsmen and the brand grew incredibly well over the years. Sales have quadrupled since the team appeared on the show, and is now a well established brand.

One of their most popular products has always been the Tree Ranger Beard Oil. Bandholz agrees that the Tree Ranger sells more than any other product they sell.

The fragrance seems to be the main draw here.

Tree Ranger smells as woodsy as you’d expect. The team at Beardbrand love to focus on natural ingredients, organic scents and a light texture. They’ve pulled it off perfectly with this beard oil, which is probably why it’s so popular.

The base consists of Jojoba oil, which is one of the rare natural substances that closely resemble the sebum your skin excretes.

In other words, jojoba is just like your natural skin oil which makes it perfect for your beard and face. Jojoba makes your hair shiny, soft and surprisingly elastic.

There’s also a healthy dose of grapeseed oil and almond oil.

Grapeseed keeps your hair hydrated while almond helps your beard grow faster by delivering essential nutrients.

The packaging is very minimalistic and simple, which is surprisingly eye-catching since it stands out on shelf full of hyper-manly, colorful brands.

This is a brand for the thinking man. The sort of beardsmen who love their beard but hate the fuss. They want to get the nourishment and styling without overcomplicating things and buying into a cult.

The blend is nearly perfect, the oil is light and the packaging is simple. This Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil comes in a small, 1 fluid ounce (30 ml) bottle, just like all of the brand’s oils.

Is it worth it?

Despite being more expensive than many other beard oils, I think the Beardbrand Tree Ranger is worth every penny.

The way this team has blended all the essential oils to create a non-greasy, super-effective oil is commendable.

The first time I tried it, I ended up using too much. You need half a teaspoon -or even less, sized amount to cover a whole, mature beard.

The best part about beard oils is that, unlike beard balms and wax, you can easily spread the oil with your bare hands.

You take the right amount and slowly work it through all the follicles with your fingers.

But the downside is the oily, sticky feeling you’re left with afterward.

When my beard get a bit longer I tend to prefer using a good beard balm over oil. But the Tree Ranger is different. It’s a well-refined oil that quickly dissipates into your beard and is light enough to forget about.

After five hours I’d completely forgotten I’d applied anything to my beard that morning. That’s probably the best thing about the Tree Ranger.

Needless to say that my beard felt soft and silky which is what a beard oil is supposed to do.

Personally, I love the scent and it was really invigorating applying the oil early morning after a cleanse. But I know there are guys out there that prefer a beard product with no added fragrances.

I get that and so does the team at Beardbrand. They’ve designed a beard oil that’s completely scentless and appropriately named it ‘Blank Slate’.

The thing I appreciate about all Beardbrand products is the amount of thought the team puts into every single product.

  • If they want to sell you something premium they add a new base and exotic oils like coffee and tobacco.
  • If they add a fragrance to their regular oils, they make sure the scent isn’t overpowering your cologne and annoying everyone around you.
  • If you apply beard oil regularly (as you should) they make sure the oil is light and non-greasy.

All the elements in the Tree Ranger are easily absorbed by your skin and hair. This means the oil is pretty light when you apply it and it feels like it completely disappears after a while.

It does its job, nourishes your hair, helps you style and then gets out of the way. You don’t have to roam around with a heavy and greasy beard all day.

The Jojoba oil works well and is actually one of the oils that suits my skin the best. It’s a versatile element that makes a noticeable difference to your beard hair and skin right away. You’ll have a healthier mane in less than a week of regular use.

Almond and grapeseed oils add to this as well and help make this oil incredibly healthy and effective.

Final Thoughts

One of the top beard oils is the beardbrand tree ranger beard oil

Beardbrand has met with incredible success since it started in 2012.

The founders are clearly passionate about what they sell and are willing to go the distance to deliver a quality product.

And it works!

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Sales have grown multifold and the brand is now selling in 1,500 outlets and brings in multimillions every year in revenues.

This sort of growth only comes from a product that really works well.

The Tree Ranger is one of the best beard oils you can find, no doubt. It gets the balance between nourishing, styling and texture just right.

It is, in my opinion, well worth the pricetag.

You can take your pick from 3 different lines of oil.

  1. The Silver Line is the first batch of oils the company made. It includes regular beard oils with a jojoba base and a mild scent (Tree Ranger, Tea Tree and Spiced Citrus).
  2. The Gold Line includes ‘Four Vices’, which is the premium beard oil with tobacco and coffee extracts.
  3. Finally the White Line is the barebones beard oil with no scent – Blank Slate.

I expect to see a lot more from this brand in the coming years.