Seki is the sort of name you would associate with a Samurai sword.

That’s perhaps the best comparison for the Seki Edge Feather AS-D2. The reviewed stainless steel double edged safety razor closely resembles traditional samurai swords and knives.

The company is named after the town where it’s based. Seki, Ghifu in Southwest Japan is known for its blades.

Traditionally the town was known as a hub for kitchen knives and medical tools. It’s also where actual samurais used to have their Katanas made.

Swords and knives have been manufactured here for well over 800 years. That is a the sort of heritage the Feather company takes seriously.

The company was established by Saijiro Endo in 1908. They started manufacturing precision medical tools and barber instruments that were distributed throughout Japan.

In 1932, the company decided to introduce the first replaceable blade razor in Japan. It started the Seki Safety Razor Manufacturing Co. for this new razor. Ever since then the Seki plant has been devoted to creating the finest razors in the country.

Let’s see what the Seki Edge Feather AS-D2 is all about

The Seki Edge Feather is one of the company’s latest interactions. The all stainless steel design is easier to maintain and a lot more effective for a safety razor. It weighs a bit more than average, around 90 grams or 3.17 ounces. But the weight is well distributed throughout the body.

The razor is also longer than you would expect. It is close to four inches long (98mm) and .50 inches wide (12.5 mm diameter). The head is a 3-pieces scalloped closed comb safety bar which is 1.69 inches (45mm) long.

As you can probably tell from the dimensions, this is a bigger, more sturdier razor than the mainstream North American and European safety razors. But the quality and finish on this is undeniably outstanding!

The head and the handle are made from the same material – medical-grade stainless steel. I absolutely love stainless steel on razors because they’re easier to sterilize and clean and they can last a lifetime. A dip in hot water with soap will kill off all the bacteria that could potentially gather on a razor over time.

I’m not sure if this would make a difference but this razor is absolutely gorgeous.

Based on this, one thing I like about the Seki Feather is the neatness with which the blade is hidden in the head. The blade is firmly fitted to the head and doesn’t have much room to bend or move around.

That’s the hallmark of a good safety razor.

It’s also much less aggressive than a lot of the other safety razors I’ve used over the years. I would say the shaving experience is as comfortable as using a Merkur or Edwin Jagger and not as aggressive as the mild razors of Muhle or Parker series.

If I can make a comparison, the Seki Edge AS-D2 is definitely a far superior safety razor than the previously mentioned, especially for a beginner.

The fact is a lot of the more serious and premium razors can be quite aggressive depending on the series. They expose the blade more than needed which takes away the ‘safety’ element of a safety razor. This makes them completely user un-friendly.

I enjoyed using this Seki Edge razor precisely because of the smooth finish and comfortable shave. At no point was I worried the blade would cut too deeply or scrape against the skin badly.

The three pieces combed head pushed my favorite shaving cream out of the way and allowed the blade to slice the hair effortlessly. There was simply no pulling tugging at the sensitive and thick facial hair on my face.

The performance is excellent. With just a few passes over the skin, the razor manages to get right down to the roots of your hair follicles. It’s a close shave that is never uncomfortable. Your hair is neatly razed off without allowing the hair to grow in or be cut off unevenly.

This sort of design makes it easier to avoid ingrown hair and razor burns.

This means I can recommend this razor to everyone. Whether you are a seasoned wet shaver with aggressively long hair or a beginner who’s never tried shaving with a safety razor before, this will work well for you.

There’s also no steep learning curve to this razor. It’s simple and straightforward, which means it’s forgiving when you don’t hold it right. It won’t scrape your skin off if you shave at a bad angle.

But again, it’s a safety razor and you need to pay a bit of attention instead of experimenting different shaving angles on your face.

Closing thoughts on Seki Edge AS-D2

Review of Seki Edge AS-D2 safety razor. Premium safety razor with stainless steel body

So this razor sounds nearly perfect. The company has a great background and the blades are crafted by professionals who really know what they are doing.

The stainless steel body is easy to manage and clean, while the head is designed to give you the best close shave with minimal effort. But before you decide to buy the razor, the price tag may change your mind.

The Seki Feather AS-D2 comes in a smart box with a set of razor blades. The package usually costs more than the average safety razor in the United States. Just to put that into perspective, a Merkur 34c or  an Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razors cost close 4 to 5 times less than the Seki Edge.

The price difference seems substantial at first. However, you should consider that you can have the Seki Edge AS-D2 for lifetime and pass it on to your grandchildren. There’s nothing that can happen to it unless you make it your goal to destroy it.

Is it worth it? For a beginner I wouldn’t say this safety razor is worth the money unless you can afford it. But again, it’s the best safety razor to buy as a beginner. On top of that, the stainless steel material ensures that it’s going to stay with you for decades to come if you treat it right.

If you consider a safety razor a long term investment, the Seki Edge AS-D2 is definitely a great investment for your wet shaving money.

Now, Merkur and Edwin Jagger razors are pretty good and they don’t cost nearly as much. For experienced shavers who like the quality, brand and finish on this model and for beginners that can afford it, go ahead.

Does this offer great value for money? I’d say not necessarily. But again, some things in life is about getting what you want exactly, no matter the price. And in my opinion, this safety razor is one of those priceless products you can get.

If you’re looking for a good value for money, I’m positive that there are other stainless steel, premium quality razors that are probably priced much lower than this.

Overall, the Seki Edge Feather is a great tool for every wet shaving enthusiast.

It suits sensitive skin just as well as it cuts thick, bushy hair.

But it isn’t for everyone.

If you’re just starting off with wet shaving, get a reasonably priced razor that’s easier to use as this premium razor also won’t fit everyone’s budget and upgrade at a later stage.

The Samurai traditions and classic manufacturing style are obviously worth more, but it depends on how much this design appeals to you.