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Everything’s better with butter on it, right? Well, maybe not everything, but it’s hard to argue beardsmen won’t love the Beard Butter from Wild Willie’s.

Based in Georgia, the guys at Wild Willies have been handcrafting their special line of men’s grooming products for years now.

They’ve got everything from top beard oils and special stache wax to beard rinse. If there’s anything your beard needs, they’ve probably thought of it and stock it online.

Wild Willies is owned by the Manskape Co. which tends to focus on premium products that appeal to men who love grooming their beards with care. In my opinion, the materials and advertising may seem premium, but the prices are rather reasonable.

The Wild Willie’s Beard Butter, for example, includes the usual suspects – apricot oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, argan oil. Those are the kind of oils you’ll find in pretty much every hair care product out there (for both men and women).

What sets this butter apart is the emu and sweet almond oils.

Emus are flightless birds you’ll only find in Australia. They look sort of like tiny ostriches and the oil extracted from their body fat is used to make a number of medicines and antibiotics.

It’s used in everything from weight loss pills to cough syrup, but it’s mainly effective for skin issues.

Hospitals use emu oil to treat cuts, wounds, and rashes. This oil essentially fights off bacterial growth and moisturizes the skin so it won’t dry out. It even helps prevent sun damage.

Reading up about it, I was surprised more companies don’t use it for their skin products. Wild Willie’s clearly have a winner here.

The rest of the beard butter recipe is topped off with more mainstream ingredients like essential oils, beeswax, and shea butter. The mixture is premium and every ingredient is selected to help either your skin or beard hair in a certain way.

All this is packaged in a rather tiny 2 ounce can. The only scent you can select is cool mint, which I don’t mind.

Is it any good?

That’s the key question. All these premium ingredients and fantastic marketing, but is this one of the best beard balms out there?

The short answer is yes.

I was initially surprised by the texture when I first opened up the tin. It feels different from other beard products I’ve used (such as the Honest Amish beard balm). The best I can describe it is ‘chapstick-like’.

The texture is hard and you’ll need to scrape away the butter from the top when you first open the tin up.

While chapstick may feel weird as a beard product, I’d say the ease with which it liquefies justifies the texture. A few seconds of vigorously rubbing it between your palms will have it ready to use.

The butter also spreads really easily throughout your beard. It’s a pleasing sensation as you work it through your hair follicles.

There’s also a noticeably strong scent of cool mint. Personally, I like the scent, but I know a lot of men prefer their beard products to be fragrance-free. The good news is the scent disappears after half an hour or so.

Getting the quantity right is a bit tricky.

I used as much of this beard butter as I thought appropriate, but my beard still felt a bit greasy the first time.

Reducing the quantity helped. I guess getting the quantity right is a about trial and error.

Because you need so little, the tiny tin won’t run out too quickly. It’s another sign of top-notch quality.

At this point, I should probably talk about the ingredients and point out that this isn’t ‘butter’ in the traditional sense. You’re not putting the same butter you would slap onto your morning breakfast, in case you were wondering.

The term butter refers to the way this substance looks and feels. The consistency is ‘butter-like’, which makes it ideal for beard hair.

The intention is to make your beard soft and shiny while cutting down on itchiness.

When I tried it, it lived up to expectations. My beard was tamed and shiny in a non-glossy, non-greasy way. It felt great to touch and the effects lasted the whole day.

There’s a combination of essential oils that make this a great product for hair. Jojoba oil is a really good nourishing ingredient for human hair. Argan, castor, and apricot oil are all intended for either the hair or skin on your face.

The emu oil is meant to reduce dandruff and prevent infections. But the process to extract this oil is not exactly animal-friendly.

If you have ethical reservations or are vegan, you may want to give this product a miss. For everyone else, I highly recommend it.

Wild Willie’s have managed to create a great product, Though it’s priced a bit higher than what it should cost in my opinion.

It’s a bit more expensive than some other competitors, but when you consider the fact that you’ll need very tiny amounts to get the benefits of these incredible ingredients, it’s a relatively good value for money.

Final thoughts

Wild willies beard butter for silky and soft beards

Wild Willie’s have delivered a fantastic product here. The animal fat-based emu oil is a useful ingredient, but it’s not for everyone.

The consistency and texture are unusual, but it really works well. While the pleasant scent disappears after an hour, the effects of the beard butter last throughout the day.

The price tag is higher than your generic beard balm, but the difference is palpable and noticeably better.

I would surely recommend this beard butter to anyone looking for a straightforward beard care product that’s value for money and highly effective.