Yes, you read that right. Pre-styling products for men is what we are on about today.

Before you complain that you do not need anything that improves the aesthetics of your mane, relax, macho man.

This is the 21st century and you are allowed a little vanity, no?

So, what purpose does hair serve other than seating pretty on your head?

Well, let’s just say that this is a question best answered by a bald man in winter or under the scorching summer sun.

Your hair not only protects you from the elements, but it apparently lets the ladies know the kind of man you are. Yea, we are no longer just judged by our ability to provide and be kickass dads, but by the way, we look too.

And don’t get me started on the grooming and shoes.

So now, why do you need a pre-styling product? Better yet, what does a pre-styling product do for your hair?

Pre-styling products are used for, well, pre-styling your hair. These products do not just give the hair some body, but they are also known to protect it from heat.

If you are (and most of us are) in the habit of drying it with any tool other than the humble towel, you will need to pre-style it for heat protection. I doubt that you want to go bald before your time.

When is it ideal to apply pre-stylers? Just before you dry your hair and right after you wash it. It soaks into the hair best when your mane is still wet.

There are several kinds, sprays, pomades, and lotions, but any of them is best used on wet hair.

Now Let’s Get Into The Why

How and why to use pre styling products.

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The media and beauty industry have set certain standards for men these days.

They have woken us up to the reality that even our hair needs gentle care to look a certain way. In that light, why should you use a styling product?

To Give Hair Life

Have you ever noticed how limp your hair is after washing it?

You could try to ruffle it a little just to wake it, but it adamantly stays limp and lifeless. Well, pre-styling products change that by giving it a lift, just enough boost to make it look like it did before the wash.

Careful not to use the entire jar. A little goes a long way, remember, and then you can style it as you wish.

To Minimize Product Use

No matter how macho you are, you cannot get away with un-oiled hair. Flake and itch would not let you.

Pre-styling makes it possible to only use a pinch of your usual cream or your very best pomade.

How is that?

It penetrates the strands of your hair to moisturize it while it is still wet. You will only need a little product after that.

Nourish Your Hair

You can easily tell a man who takes care of his hair from the one that washes and leaves it to starve. Your hair needs nourishment to grow, and pre-stylers provide it with those vital nutrients.

You are asking how nourished hair looks like? Well, it looks healthy, just like a well-fed kid.

Better yet, David Beckham’s. Don’t act like you never noticed.

Apart from nourishing it, pre-styling helps with hair growth. Most of the products contain proteins, which are an important part of growth. Say no to balding in your heydays.

If you are not going to use pre-styling products for anything else, use them for their ability to shorten your morning grooming routine.

Regular use softens your hair and makes it so much more manageable than before.

You will only need to towel dry it after your shower, slather a little product into it and dry it as you would naturally. Less time spent on hair and more on your morning paper.

Dope Pre-Styling Products

The hair industry is all grown!

The market has too many products and choices. And you do not want to spend several minutes on the products isle looking vain under the judgmental guesses of passersby.

Here are some great performers.

By Vilain Sidekick

This product is the ideal sidekick for your wet hair. It works two ways: protects your hair from the heat you are about to subject it, and helps it keep the styling for the day.

How do you use it?

Spray liberally on your wet/ towel dried hair before blow-drying. It will keep the damage from heat to the minimal. After drying it, you can now use your regular wax or pomade to style the hair, and after, this spray is still useful.

Finish off with a light spray from a distance to keep your hair intact all day.

The name has a ring to it, no?

Thermal Defense From Osmo

Osmo has a broad range of unisex products, and this particular one is geared towards defending our hair from heat.

You see, heat damages hair, no matter what you do, but using a pre-styling agent minimizes the damage.

How does it do this? By sealing in moisture so that it is not lost in intense heating. This product serves both as a pre-styler and as a regular styling product.

For the prep, spray a generous amount of it on your wet hair before drying it. To protect your mane from the elements, especially in the hot summer sun, spray some on your dry hair to lock moisture.

BluMaan Styling Meraki

BluMaan Styling Meraki is a hard worker. It not only preps the hair but it also styles it.

This product is super light, it works with all hair types, and it offers excellent control against excessive heat. I like the fact that it can be used prep and styling product as well because it reduces the number of hair products I need.

It has a matte finish and great hold to keep your hair looking fuller all day long.

Ready To Step Out Of The Bush?

I hope this article totally convinces you to get out of the Neanderthal stage and show your hair some TLC.

Nothing unmanly about taking care of your hair. Here’s to nourished but manly hair.


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About the author: Justin Bounds is the founder of The Barbr – a Men’s Hair Care/Grooming blog providing honest advice, useful tips & tricks about the topic. He’s also an experienced barber for years. You can follow Justin on Twitter or visit his blog to learn more about him.