With Father’s Day approaching, I want to contribute to this day, by dedicating this post to every man’s first role model.

Fortunately, buying your father a gift isn’t as hard as buying something for your mother.

Men are simple creatures and usually, they are more than happy with any gift. We appreciate the gesture more than the actual gift. And that’s true. Only knowing that someone remembered you, and got you a gift, is a wonderful thing, no matter the price.

Your father will be surprised and grateful with any gift you might get him. He doesn’t expect any gift from you except for your love.

Even though it’s not hard, there’s a chance that you can’t come up with good gift ideas for Father’s Day anymore. You exhausted them during previous celebrations.

Before we go ahead and discuss a few gift ideas for Father’s Day, I believe it’s an excellent idea to make a small introduction.

Why do we celebrate father’s day and when is it exactly?

Father’s day, as the name suggests, is the day of fatherhood and the influence that fathers have in our society.

First signs of father’s day appeared in US, in the early 20th century, to complement mother’s day. It wasn’t until 1972 that was established as holiday from president Nixon, 6 years later than the first proclamation honoring fathers by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday of June in the US and many other (non-) European countries. However, it’s not the same case for all countries around the world.

For example, there many European and African countries celebrating Father’s Day on the 19th of March while some others in September, or even during winter. These dates were established in such way due to local tradition, events or religion.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for your role model.

Bear in mind that the below suggestions were selected randomly and ordered as such. I also tried to include gifts for father’s day that would cost you less than $100.00 just in case your available budget is limited.

1. Wet Shaving Set by Merkur

A shaving set is always welcome by any man even if he has a beard.

Wet shaving kits will remind your father how a good traditional shaving was until cartridge razors and electric shavers dominated the market.

Even if you don’t want to get an entire kit, you can get him all the items separately such as:

2. Beard Grooming Set

Your father wears a beard? No problem.

As you probably noticed, beards are everywhere. And since many guys starting sporting one, there are a lot of companies that want to cover this strong demand.

A beard grooming kit might be the perfect and relatively cheap gift idea for Father’s Day. But even if you want to buy only specific beard grooming products and not the entire set, it’s still possible.

There are a lot of great beard trimmers, beard oils and beard brushes you can choose from and make an awesome present to the most important man in your life.

3. Philips Electric Shaver

Shaving isn’t the same pleasant activity for everybody. On the other hand, there are also men who don’t like wearing beards or any style of facial hair either.

Maybe your father falls in the middle of these two categories and doesn’t like shaving, yet, he wants to look clean shaved.

In such case, buying an electric shaver would be the best gift you can think of. There are quite a few options to choose from but if you want the best electric shaver that is decently price, you won’t go wrong with a Philips Norelco.

4. Fragrance Set by Kenneth Cole

Choosing fragrances for men is not an easy task. A fragrance is as personal as a man’s tie or shoes and it reflects the personality of the wearer.

A fragrance set however, might be the perfect gift idea. It will give your father a lot of options to choose from and find his favorite scent.

If your father travels a lot, these bottles definitely come in handy due to their small size that are within airport restrictions and can fit in any toiletry bag.

I also like the package that the fragrances come with, that makes it a nice looking gift box.

5. Cufflinks

Every man wears shirts. And cufflinks is the shirt’s perfect match.

Even if your father doesn’t wear shirts every day, he will still use cufflinks sooner or later.

Depending on his passions and hobbies, you can get him personalized cufflinks such as for car enthusiasts, with your father’s initials or the US flag.

6. Cashmere Scarf

I know, it’s a bit odd to offer scarf as a present in June. This doesn’t mean that a scarf isn’t a great gift idea.

There’s no scarf that doesn’t complement a man’s style (unless you made a really bad choice) and your father will love it.

I gave my father three scarves already and he loved each one of them.

How do I know? If he wears them, it means he likes them. Besides, he can’t love you that much, to wear things that he doesn’t like every single time.

Since it’s a present for this special occasion, offer him a good quality cashmere scarf which is a lot more pleasant to the skin and feels amazing when wearing it.

7. Classy(c) Brown Belt

If you decide to buy your father a belt, there’s no way that he won’t wear it. Choose something classy in brown or black color, so he could potentially match it with his shoes.

The only thing that you need to pay attention is the belt’s size. Choose one based on your father’s waist size.

Keep the belt design simple with no funny patterns. If you do that, a thank you and a big hug is guaranteed.

Make your father happy!

8. Slim Wallet

A wallet is a safe gift choice. No matter how old or wealthy your father is, a wallet is something that all men use on daily basis.

If your father is like mine, he should still have his first wallet since his marriage. And it’s as large as a bag.

Why not upgrade your father’s wallet?

9. Fountain Pen from Waterman

If your father appreciates classy gifts, a fountain pen would make his day.

Even if you can’t afford a Mont Blanc, there are some great pens which are going to be just as good. Few great pens from Waterman or Parker would make his day.

A pen is a great gift since it’s both sophisticated and practical. On top of that, your father will think about you every time he wants to write something with it.

10. A series of books that he loves

My father is a big fan of books. Not kindle ones but real books. He appreciates everything about them. The hardcover, the touch, the smell of a book. And yes, the reading part as well.

If your father likes reading, there’s no better gift to offer him for Father’s Day.

If you want some book ideas, you can choose one of the below series.

  • Game of Thrones Books Set.
  • Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon Collection.
  • The Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit collection
  • Terry Goodking’s The Sword of Truth box set
  • Contamination boxed set

11. Your Time

This is an idea that I got from Brock, who runs The Modest Man, which I also believe is what your father would appreciate the most.

That’s really the most precious gift that you could give your dad. No gift is comparable for your father if he gets to spend some time with you.

Spending time with my father is something priceless that I greatly appreciate, since I get to see him only a few days every year.

So, instead of wasting time finding the perfect gift idea for Father’s Day, you can spend it instead with your dad. This man wants only one thing from you, and this is a few hours of your time.

What’s your best gift idea for Father’s Day?