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Can You Handlebar is yet another company that’s doing an excellent job of delivering quality beard products.

I first came across their site when I was looking for a beard brush. I grabbed their round beard brush the second I saw it and have been using it ever since.

I took some time to look into the company and it turns out they’re based in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

They started off selling beard oil and balm about five years ago and have since expanded to selling oil flasks, soaps, beard brushes, grooming kits and gifts.

They’ve even got a wholesale operation, so if you’re a retailer or the owner of a hairstyling studio for men, you might want to check them out.

As for my fellow beardsmen, I think you’d be way more interested in the Can You Handlebar “Wisdom” Beard Balm.

Just to be clear, the guys at CYH sell over four different varieties of this excellent beard balm, but I’m going to discuss this one because I think it’s got the widest appeal.

You see, the Wisdom beard balm is made of the same handpicked oils that CYH is known for.

All the essential oils, coconut oil, beeswax, castor oil and shea butter come together to form a nourishing beard oil, which is later dried out completely to form the balm. They’ve added in Vitamin E, which is meant to help your facial hair grow healthier.

There’s also a little bit of something called USP lanolin included in the beard balm. Lanolin is frequently also known as wool grease, because it’s extracted from the sebaceous glands of sheep.

Here’s the thing – sheep produce this lanolin to protect their wool and skin.

Turns out the substance is pretty water repellent and acts as a protection against dirt, which means it’s a natural barrier against the elements of the weather.

The fact that natural lanolin can protect sheep wool makes it perfect to protect human hair and skin, which is why cosmetic companies have been using it. They’ve added it to everything from sunscreens to shower gels.

The substance rubs onto your hair and does a lot more than help you style it, it also fights water and dirt from ruining your beard hair.

This one ingredient was enough to convince me to try this beard balm out. After all that research, I really wanted to know if it worked as well as it was meant to.

I also liked the fact that they’ve kept the fragrance of the ‘Wisdom’ beard balm far from overpowering.

When you open up the can you’ll be greeted with a mild scent of woodsy aroma while you can still sense a bit of beeswax and lanolin (both completely natural) and not much else.

The small 2 oz tin of Can You Handlebar “Wisdom” Beard Balm retails a bit higher than other balms.


A lot of the essence here boils down to the ingredients, which the company has picked really well.

The balm’s performance relies heavily on the mix of essential oils, that also influence the natural fragrance you get with it.

In terms of texture, I think it’s pretty average. Feels like dried oils, which means you’ll have to really rub it between your palms to be able to get it down to the melted consistency you need.

When you dab it on, it feels pretty heavy, to be honest. I guess that’s got something to do with the lanolin, which doesn’t really get absorbed by your skin and hair right away.

In my opinion, the texture and weight force you to use a beard brush with the balm. I used their brush I mentioned earlier to spread the stuff evenly throughout my beard hair. I recommend you use some sort of brush too.

Now, the lanolin has a lot of pros and cons to it so I’ll go over them now.

The benefits of lanolin is the fact that it protects your hair and skin. Also, the way it doesn’t get absorbed helps with styling. The substance is known to moisturize the skin and help condition the facial hair so it grows faster and better.

You can expect your beard hair to look soft, smooth and shiny. Fortunately not greasy and yet, not matt either. Some beardsmen may appreciate the shine this balm gives you, while others prefer the matt and natural look, so it’s your call really.

Finally, this it’s not a vegan beard balm since it contains ingredients that come from animals.

As for the rest, the beeswax, shea butter and coconut oils are all so common that I don’t really need to point out how they affect your beard hair softness.

The tin is a slight bit dearer than other beard balms, but I think it’s priced just right. You get a unique ingredient in the form of lanolin and the tin can be expected to last at least a couple months with moderate use.

Closing thoughts

Best beard balm for long beard is the canyouhandlebar original dry beard oil

To sum up, Can You Handlebar has a great product here and it’s definitely among the best beard balms you can buy. It’s not my favorite product from them (that’s still the beard brush), but it does what it says on the tin.

This beard balm will have your beard hair well nourished and extremely well protected.

It’s not easy to spread with your hands so I advice you to use a brush. Once you get it evened out properly, expect your hair to look shiny and well-styled for most of the day.

Go for the wisdom one if you’re like me and appreciate beard products with woodsy scent. Or else pick up one of their three other balms that each have a unique scent added in with similar ingredients.

You can pick from “Classic” Scent free, “Initiative” Citrusy, and “Devotion” Patchouli Floral. All of which have great reviews on their website.

Don’t let the extra few dollars that this balm costs bother you.

I genuinely think it’s worth it, considering the awesome ingredients and texture of this balm. Sure, it doesn’t spread as easily and can leave your hair looking shinier than you like, but the way it softens the beard makes up for that.

Grab one and I promise you won’t be disappointed.