I’m willing to bet your daily morning routine is pretty standard. You lurch towards your sink, clumsily grab a tube of shaving cream, lather it on and start shaving. You’ve done it so many times now, you could probably do it with your eyes closed.

All men, including myself, have pretty much the same wet shaving routine.

But how about trying something new, like shaving with coconut oil? Has it ever crossed your mind?

I can understand that it’s not the most common product when it comes to shaving. There are a few things though that you might not know about. We’ll dig into that later on.

Let’s see why you would even consider shaving with it.

The purpose of “software” in shaving

Have you ever wondered why we, men, stick to this ancient ritual handed down by our forefathers? I mean, why even bother with shaving cream?

The answer to this question isn’t anything far from what you know already.

While it’s true you could probably manage to shave with just a sharp razor and a bit of warm water, there’s a good chance you’ll end up hurting yourself and get a razor burn.

You need the shaving cream to soothe your skin and make your hair follicles softer, so you can slice through them easily. At the same time, the slickness of the shaving cream is what you care the most. This way, the chances of getting skin irritation are reduced to minimum.

And the last feature is actually the most important one. Slickness!

A good quality shaving cream is likely to make shaving a much more relaxed experience. Is your generic shaving cream the best slickness you can get?

Probably not.

What if there’s a way to enhance the performance of shaving cream and get yourself a better shave?

You might think that this is a pre shave oil’s job. And you’re correct!

But let’s say that you want something all natural. Something that you can even find it at the super market at the food section.

This is why coconut oil can really be the product that can chance your shaving.

So, here’s everything that you need to know when it comes to shaving with coconut oil and how you can upgrade your shaving routine to a more comfortable shave.

Why shaving with coconut oil is good?

Applying coconut oil as aftershave is a great way to moisturize your dry skin

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At this stage, I’m pretty certain that many of you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about.

Most of us have never even tried cooking with coconut oil, let alone shaving with it. But bare with me here.

Coconut oil is loaded with all sorts of goodness, which makes it perfect to put into contact with your skin and hair.

Not only does the stuff prevent skin irritation and razor burns, it also acts as a disinfectant and antibacterial. The stuff is likely to make your hair and skin so soft, you’ll barely notice the razor blade running along your cheek.

The first time I tried this, I was blown away by how great the shaving experience was.

In addition, coconut oil smels great and the razor runs through thick, usually dry hair like a hot knife through butter. It can literally give you one of the smoothest shaves you’ll ever have.

Absolutely phenomenal.

Benefits of using it

One of the biggest benefits of using coconut oil instead of (or in addition to) regular shaving cream is the fact that it acts as a moisturizer.

The oil is likely to open up and nourish your pores, which means it is a great option for most men.

Coconut oil is also a great option if you live somewhere cold or have abnormally dry skin and hair.

Another benefit is that it is completely organic (or at least you can get it like that easily). Most coconut oil bottles are filled with coconut goodness, and no chemicals added at all. This means you won’t be putting your hair at risk and won’t have to worry about adverse effects if your skin is unusually sensitive.

The best bit – it’s cheap. I’ll admit there are a few brands out there that are overpriced, but so are some shaving creams.

If you look around at your local department store, you’ll likely find a great coconut oil for a fraction of the price you paid for your shaving cream. In fact, you can even make the stuff at home.

Lastly, it smells amazing. At least to me, the smell of fresh coconut is really pleasing and it kick starts my day like nothing else.

Ways to use it

Coconut oil is perfect for beard shaving and skincare

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So, if I’ve managed to convince you of the merits of dumping your shaving cream can and swapping it with authentic coconut cream, here’s what you need to do to get started using it.

Pre Shave:

I would say that the most appropriate use of coconut oil in shaving is as pre shaving product.

Due to the excellent lubricity coconut oil offers and its softening properties, it works great in combination with a shaving cream when applied with a great shaving brush.

Coconut oil allows the razor to glide on your face effortlessly, offering you a slick shaving session. The oil makes the beard soft and the razor doesn’t get stuck on the skin. This way, you minimise the chances of getting a razor burn and annoying razor bumps.

A good thing about shaving with coconut oil as pre shaving product is that it doesn’t gunk up the razor while shaving.

Many oils are pretty thick and they tend to stick on the razor blades. However, this isn’t the case with coconut oil and you don’t have to worry about scraping your face with cut hair that is stuck on the blades.


Shaving with coconut oil is pretty good idea, although it’s not highly recommended if your beard is too thick.

If your beard isn’t thick or dense, coconut oil can do a great job as a shaving cream alternative.

As already indicated, it offers great lubricity and can protect your skin from skin irritation and rashes.

If you’ve got a thick beard and you still want to trying shaving with coconut oil, it might be a good idea to try it out on your face where beard tends to be less thick. This is usually the sideburns and the cheeks.


If you’re still uncomfortable using coconut as a shaving cream, you could probably put some onto your face after you finish shaving.

The oil helps moisturizing your skin and protect your pores from all the dirt and debris you are likely to encounter throughout the day.

You can use it in a similar way as with every after shave balm but we’ll get to this on the next section of this post.

Beard care:

If you’ve been following The Manliness Kit for a while now, you might be familiar with the benefits of using coconut oil in beard care as already covered in a previous article.

Of course, this has nothing to do with shaving as this article is about. However, it gives you an idea of how coconut oil is able to soften your hair and skin effectively.

In fact, coconut oil is used in many products that have to do with hair and beard softening. Most of the best beard oils and beard balms and top-notch beard waxes, usually have a small percentage of coconut oil in their mix as it’s proven to be excellent for moisturising and conditioning as well as a substitute for natural butters like avocado and shea.

How to shave with coconut oil step by step

Using coconut oil as pre shave oil or aftershave

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When it comes to shaving with coconut oil, it’s good to know how and when to use it to get the best out of it. Let’s first find out how to use it as a pre shave product.

How to use coconut oil as pre shave

  1. First, make sure you soften the facial hair with warm water either by taking a shower beforehand or by applying a towel that has been previously soaked in warm water. If you choose the latter, cover the area you wish to shave with the towel and leave it for two minutes.
  2. Scrape a bit of coconut oil and rub it in between your palms until it melts. Then, start massaging your face with the oil until you cover every spot that you wish to shave. Make sure that you’ve got enough coconut oil, although your face doesn’t have to be dripping wet.
  3. When the oil is already applied on your face, you can start applying the lather, either with your hands or with the use of a shaving brush. I highly recommend that you use a shaving brush with a good shaving soap or a traditional shaving cream rather than the pressurized creams and gels.
  4. Enjoy shaving!

How to use coconut oil as shaving alternative

  1. Follow the same process with shaving preparation as per above.
  2. When it comes to applying the oil, make sure that your face is damp. Too much water might ruin everything.
  3. Apply the coconut oil as previously explain but this time, scrape a higher amount from the container to apply on your face.
  4. Start shaving with the grain and don’t make any passes on the skin when the oil is gone.
  5. If one pass isn’t enough, wash off your face with warm water and reapply coconut oil on your face once the excess water is gone. Start shaving again.
  6. Once you’re done shaving, wash off with cold water so that the pores close and your face is clean from oil and hair.

How to use coconut oil as after shaving product

  1. Once you’re done shaving, make sure you wash off any lather from your face.
  2. Towel dry your face so that there’s no water on it.
  3. Scrape only a bit of coconut oil, melt it as we already discussed and massage it onto your face until it stops feeling greasy.
  4. When you feel your face moisturized and most of the coconut oil is absorbed by the skin, you’re good to go.

Closing thoughts

Coconut oil seems to tick all boxes when it comes to ingredients that can be used in food and personal care.

Some features are really hard to match and this is why people use it in so many applications either this is food, skincare or hair care. To name a few:

  1. Moisturizes the skin.
  2. Makes the hair healthier and softer.
  3. Smells amazing.
  4. Yes, it tastes great!
  5. And finally, makes an excellent product to shave with.

If you’re using a good pre shave oil already and you’re looking for an alternative, I think coconut oil is a no brainer. Shaving with coconut oil can definitely upgrade your wet shaving routine. Combined with your favorite shaving cream or your very best shaving soap, it will give you a more comfortable and closer shave without the irritation.

Now, if you’ve got a skin prone to irritation and you haven’t used a pre shave oil, coconut oil is again a great starting point. It’s going to give you the benefits of commercial pre shave oils at a fraction of the price with similar performance. And the best part? It’s all natural!

Besides using it as a pre shave oil, we also talked about the benefits of using coconut oil as beard oil, after shave and shave oil.

If you’re still not convinced about all these benefits, just give it a try at least once. Besides, if it doesn’t work for you, you can still cook with it.

Do you remember the last time you actually ate your skincare product?

This is why I insist that you should give it a try and shave with coconut oil at least once in your life.


Main image courtesy: xuanhuongho/BigStock.com