A great shaving experience is, largely, based on finding the right products that work for you. While many men are able to find products at a price range and style of their personal preference, some are not quite as lucky.

Most of these men have the misfortune of having faces that fall under the label of sensitive skin. No way around it, sensitive skin is often frustrating. Shaving is often a really uncomfortable experience for these guys because one wrong pass of the razor can cause razor burn or ingrown hairs that become itchy and often extremely painful. In order to remedy shaving with sensitive skin, one must really seek to find the right razor for their skin type.

For those with sensitive skin we prepared this guide upon years of personal testing of many shaving tools.

From the reviewed razors, we narrowed it down to 4 products that we consider to be the best razors for sensitive skin from every razor category. We find the Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor to be the best affordable option when it comes to safety razors and Gillette Mach3 (the most reliable for all skin types) for the best cartridge razor. Braun Series 7 7865cc Wet and Dry Electric Shaver is our choice for a good electric razor option although the price is higher than the average shaver.

Best Razors For Sensitive Skin

 Philips Norelco 6100Braun Series 7 7865ccEdwin Jagger Safety RazorSEKI Edge Safety RazorGillette Mach 3 RazorBIC Metal Disposable RazorParker Safety Razor ShavetteDovo Straight RazorPhilips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100
Philips Norelco 1150 X40 Shaver 6100Braun Series 7 7865cc Wet and Dry Electric ShaverEdwin Jagger Safety Razor DE Shavingseki edge As-D2 feather stainless steel safety razorGillette Mach3 RazorBIC Metal Disposable Men’s Shaving RazorParker Safety Straight Edge Barber RazorDovo Straight Razor Ebony WoodPhilips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100
CountryUSA Founded CompanyGermany Founded CompanyUK Founded CompanyJapanese Founded CompanyUSA Founded CompanyFrench Founded CompanyIndian Founded CompanyGerman Founded CompanyDutch Founded Company
Dimensions1.2 x 1.2 x 6.2 and 1.1 lbs6.2 x 6.2 x 9.9 and 1.9 lbs3.7 x 1.6 x 1 and 2.7 lbs3 x 3 x 7 and 7.2 oz4.1 x .9 x 7.9 and 1.8 oz8.2 x 3.9 x .4 and 1.9 oz4 x 1 x 1 and 2.3 oz1 x 6 x9 and 2.1 oz (6 ¼ closed and 3 blade)1.8 x 1.5 x 7.2 and 1 lbs
Type of RazorElectric shaverElectric shaverDouble edge safety razorDouble edge safety razorReplaceable cartridge razorDisposable razorShavetteCut throat straight razorBeard Trimmer
# of Blades3 Rotary HeadsFoil Shaver with 4 shaving elementsDouble Edge BladeDouble Edge Blade3 blade head1 blade headSingle razor bladeSingle razor bladeElectric Beard Trimmer
MaterialPlasticPlasticBrass platingStainless SteelAluminumPlasticSteelEbony wood and stainless steelPlastic
Value for Money4/54.5/55/54.5/55/54/54.5/54/54/5

Sensitive Skin Shaving Razor Reviews

Electric Razors

Philips Norelco 1150X/40 Shaver 6100

Philips Norelco 1150 X40 Shaver 6100

Norelco by Phillips is a long respected electric shaver name. The name Norelco serves as an acronym for North American Philips Electrical Company. Phillips started producing electric shavers in 1939 and have been thought of as innovators in the electric razor market since.

This razor has circular blades and was designed with a handle that perfectly adapts to the dimensions of the face. Each blade tilts and bends so that it prevents irritation while getting close to the skin.

It is a rotary or circular blade but does limit irritation as it bends so well with the skin. It is said to have a super life and cut feature that pushes hair up and cuts below the skin level. It has the option of wet or dry shaving as it has a AquaTech seal. It has SkinGlide so that it slides better than the average electric razor.

This razor is cordless and comes with a two year warranty. The Lithium-ion battery works really well as it provides 40 minutes of shave time with just a single hour of charging. It also has a three minute quick-charge option that gives it enough juice to give a quick shave. It has a battery display so that you will always know when it is fully charged and when it needs to be plugged in.

Together with the electric shaver, you should expect getting in the same box a charging stand, a click-on precision trimmer head, protective cap, power cord, and cleaning brush. We still this rotary electric razors are harder on the skin but this does a really good job to offset the irritation it could cause. It is a good option at a reasonable price, all things considered.

Braun Series 7 7865cc Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

Braun Series 7 7865cc Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

A mechanical engineer, Max Braun, opened a small shop in German in 1921. He made several different products but in the 1950s the shop started producing what they are know known for, the electric shaver. By 1962, Braun became a publically traded company and Gillette bought the majority shave of the company. Twenty years later, Gillette took over control of all operations.

In 2005, Gillette and Braun were acquired by Procter and Gamble. Despite its constant change of hands, Braun has continued to put out great products and this razor is no exception.

This electric razor gives a powerful and close shave. It cuts more hair in a single stroke than most other electric razors do after several strokes. It has four different shaving elements but the head is surprisingly sleek.

Since it is thinner than most electric razors, it gets into tougher to reach areas better. It is gentle on the skin and cuts so well that you don’t have to keep going over and over the same area. It has smart shaver technology that reads and adapts to the face and beard (areas that have thicker hair, the shaver reads and uses more power). It is well built and is said to last well over 7 years. It has five different shaving modes so it can be set on sensitive skin so that it reduces irritation. The head is flexible and doesn’t easily burn the skin.

It comes with a clean and charge station that cleans the shaver without you having to do the work. It also lubricates and makes sure the razor stays sharp while charging. It is waterproof and can be used in wet or dry shaving.

This Braun Electric Razor has a Lithium-ion battery that fully charges in an hour and last for 50 minutes. It has a nice LCD display so that you can easily see how much power is left. It is pricy but it is a great electric shaver and it will work as well as any reazor for those with sensitive skin. Since it lasts so long, the price should be considered a better investment than that of most other electric razors. We recommend this razor for a good electric shaving option.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 9100

For those with sensitive skin that need to trim their beards this is a good option from the trusted company Norelco by Philips.

One great feature that this Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer comes with, is its revolutionary built in laser beard trimming guide. More specifically, the laser guide lets you create the exact look you want and shows you how to get it. It has 17 length settings so that your beard can be the exact length you desire. The dual sided trimmer is wide so that straight lines are easier to obtain.

The trimmer has a battery that provides around an hour of use after an hour of charging. It has blades that self sharpen and it is easy to clean and wash. They are made from chromium steel and don’t need to be oiled or maintained other than cleaning.

This product comes with a storage pouch, two detail combs and a power adapter. This is a great beard trimmer but it does not work on short hair very well. Some other complain that the blades could be sharper. It works well on for the guy who has a ¼ inch of facial hair length but doesn’t work well for those who just want stubble. It is ok for sensitive skin as long as you only cut the hair and don’t place directly to the skin.

Safety Razors

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

The best safety razor for beginners. Edwin Jagger DE89

Edwin Jagger has been steady growing its following since its 1988 establishment. It is a family owned and run business that prides itself on making the best, most innovative men’s grooming products. It is an English company that makes products with an English class and style.

This particular safety razor is probably the most popular DE razor you’ll find on the market, together with the Merkur 34c HD. It’s been characterized as the perfect beginner’s safety razor due to its affordable cost but more importantly, it doesn’t require steep learning curve for someone who’s just starting out in shaving with such razor. Even if you haven’t shaved with a safety razor before, it takes a few shaves until you get the angle and the stroke strength right.

The most common design is the particular one with the chrome line though they offer multiple colors, materials and styles. The head is designed to give a great, close shave for the wet shaver. It has a classic closed comb head made of chrome plated brass.

The double edge razor by Edwin Jagger, fits all standard double edged blades and shaves pretty close to the level of a straight razor. It is nicely weighted and balanced for a great shave. It is built to last and comes in a really classy box. It is a decently priced razor and most users can use for at least many years, depending on how you maintain it, without any complications.

It is good razor for the most experienced but also serves well as a good beginning safety razor.

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

SEKI Edge AS-D2 Safety razor

Feather prides themselves on making a straight razor that personifies quality and class. They are a Japanese company that wants men to return to the state of traditional shaving and it was an artform. They used modern technology to develop a razor that has better control and a much closer shave that you can ever get with a cartridge razor.

This razor is made of stainless steel and it’s probably the best DE razor to buy for both sensitive skin and for beginners. Due to the stainless steel body and head, this razor can last a lifetime and even pass it on to your grandchildren.

The shaving session is again great. Although it gives you a close shave similar to the Edwin Jagger we just talked about, it feels more forgiving which results in a comfortable and hassle-free shaving.

The only downside of the Seki Edge is the price which comes a bit expensive when you compare it to its peers. But in all fairness, it’s one of the few true stainless steel razors on the market and you truly get what you pay for when you choose the particular razor.

For the price, you will get a razor that looks really nice and durable with great performance. The real question here is whether you have or you want to spend this amount on this razor. If the answer is yes on any of them, rest assured that you’re getting yourself the best there is out there which will last you more than any (or at least most) safety razors out there.

Straight Razors

Parker Safety Straight Edge Barber Razor

Parker Safety Straight Edge Barber Razor

Parker has made quality hybrid safety, straight razors for close to 40 years. They have been long thought of as revolutionary when it comes to these razors. The blade is pretty cheap and adaptable. These straight razors come with five replacement blades so that they can be easily changed due to dullness or if someone else wants to use the razor. No sharpening like with most straight razors.

It has a unique opening design and structure they call “clip to close” that keeps the razor securely where it needs to be and in perfect alignment. It is made with a heavyweight stainless steel blade and handle so it’s durable and can handle water. The blade weighs 2.3 ounces and it feels nice in hand. The blade has a clip/lock blade holder so that the blade locks in place. It will take most single edge blades or a ½ double edge blade.

This is a good set for those who are looking to get into straight razor shaving but don’t want to have to learn to sharpen and maintain the razor. Still, straight razor shaving is not necessarily recommended for those with sensitive skin. It is a good option but we suggest you try a true safety razor instead first and see how your skin responds and work up to this.

It would be rated higher as an razor but is rated low for sensitive skin users.

Dovo Straight Razor Ebony Wood

Dovo Straight Razor Ebony Wood

Dovo is a German company that makes high quality and affordable straight razors. This razor would be on the higher end but you won’t regret getting it. This razor is well made and beautiful to look at with a sharp blade that isn’t forgiving. The wooden handle looks like something your dad or grandfather would have loved. It comes sharp out of the box and is a nice ⅝ razor.

Remember, straight razors have a big learning curve and are not recommended for beginners. If you do go ahead, ask for advice from a barber in order to get a better understanding on how to hold the razor on your hands and in what angle to shave with the blade. If you have some wet shaving experience already with a straight razor, this is a really good option as it is built to last and handles really well. It comes in a sealed metal case and most men love the look.

One thing to note with all straight razors, is that you need to keep the blade clean and sharp with frequent honing. A sharp blade allows the straight razor to glide over your skin without getting stuck and slice the hair in one stroke without the need of continues strokes that can scrape your skin. This is crucial as if you don’t maintain the straight razor’s blade properly you can easily get a razor burn as well as nicks and cuts due to dull blades.

Cartridge Razor

Gillette Mach3 Razor

Gillette Mach3 cartridge razor


Gillette are the creators and the biggest name in the cartridge razor game. The company has been around since 1901 and is a USA company. The company has now merged with Procter and Gamble but still puts out great products. This razor is the best for a cartridge razor preferer that has sensitive skin. It has three blades and plenty of space so that it doesn’t gunk up and hair moves easily away from the blades.

It comes with 3 DuraComfort blades that can handle any skin. It is low priced compared to other cartridge razors by Gillette, most probably because they’re not as popular anymore as Gillette’s flagship, Fusion, with the five blades. But rest assured that the Mach3 does a better job than any other cartridge razor from the particular company when it comes to sensitive skin.

While refills for the Mach3 can be pricy, the blades last longer than most. It is said that it feels better on the 10th shave than most others do at first use. It haves an effective lubrication strip that reduces irritation and a microfin skin guard that works to gentle pull and stretch the skin so that it gets a deeper cut.

Many people have allowed advertising to sway them and gone after another razor with more blades or features. They, almost, always regret it. The Mach3 is the best cartridge razor for sensitive and maybe the best cartridge razor period. It is the perfect product to associate with the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

BIC Metal Disposable Men’s Shaving Razor

BIC Metal Disposable Men’s Shaving Razor

A company that has built its name on stationary and disposable razors. They were founded in 1945 under the same Societe BIC S.A but are most often just called BIC.

This isn’t a high quality product and doesn’t pretend to be. It comes with an extra-long grooved handle that is comfortable. It has a narrow fixed head with a single blade with enough space between the blade the the razor head to allow for easy cleaning.

The single, stainless steel blade has a protective bar so that it preps and lifts the hair up so that it can be shaved. These razors are super cheap and intended for a single use. They work well for the sensitive skin because of the single blade and the narrowness of the head makes it hard to irritate the skin.

The particular razor is definitely not the greatest razor for sensitive skin you can buy. However, if you’re short on budget and you’re looking for reliable razors for a few shaves, this BIC has proven to do the job. This could be a good razor to start shaving with or you’re in need for something simple yet effective while travelling.

And yes, although, these BIC disposable shaving razors are good for travel, there are definitely better options for daily shaving.

Techniques to Make Shaving More Tolerable with Sensitive Skin

While we will discuss the most important facet, the razor, of shaving with sensitive skin, there are some basic techniques you can apply to your daily routine to ensure the experience is easier on the skin.

  1. Turn up the temperature of the shower.

We have discussed in other articles that it is always best to shave immediately following a shower. This makes sure the face is clean from debris that could clog the razor, softens the skin and facial hair and prepares them for a closer shave. This step is one of the most important when it comes to men with sensitive skin, prone to irritation.

When the shower is hot -not boiling hot, the facial hair softens up a bit so that the razor cuts it easier. Additionally, it opens the pores and pushes up the hair for a closer shave. This is the reason that many barbers still wrap the face in a warm towel prior to shaving. If you don’t wish to shower beforehand, try the soaked towel in warm water instead. You’ll achieve the same result.

  1. Use a Gentle Face Wash.

Sometimes the razor gets the blame for skin irritation but it may not be the actual culprit. Face washes often have abrasive materials that irritate and inflame the skin.

Make sure to buy a product that is branded with the label, “for sensitive skin.” In addition to that, make sure that you do not use a product that has alcohol or strong detergents on the face. These will dry the skin out and make them more prone to scratching and irritating with the shave that follows.

  1. Make sure the blade is always really sharp.

Those with sensitive skin will almost always react to a dull blade. This dull blades to easily cut through the hair, they more often pull and tug out the hair and skin. Irritation and pain will be the by product of a dull blade.

A sharp blade does the opposite and easily slices through the hair. Less swipes will also be needed for a sharp blade and this will also reduce irritation. No matter if you’re using an electric shaver or a cartridge razor, the blades need to be sharp and well maintained so that you avoid any unpleasant surprizes once you’re done shaving.

  1. Never shave against the grain of the hair.

The hair naturally grows in one downward direction. Many men think to get a good shave they should shave against the grain. This isn’t necessarily the case. A good sharp razor will shave pretty close with the grain but if you would like the shave even closer, shave across the face rather than against the grain. This will provide a really close shave without major irritation.

  1. Buy a nice shaving brush and cream.

A great shaving cream is extremely important for all men but for those with sensitive skin, in particular. Shaving cream provides the skin with an added layer of lubrication so that the razor easily passes across the skin with little to no resistance. Now, if you have an overly sensitive face, try applying a pre shave oil right before applying the lather on your face.

While it is acceptable to apply shaving cream by hand, a good shaving brush completes the ideal shaving set and provides a better lather and more easily covers the entire face. It gives an even coat, lifts up hair and preps it to be shaven, and actually exfoliates the skin.

Keep a good shave brush in your dopp kit and we guarantee you that it will completely change your shaving experience.

  1. Finish your shave by rinsing the face with really cold water.

While hot water prior to shaving opens pores and softens the hair on the face, leaving those pores open is dangerous. When open, the pores more easily take in bacteria and harmful debris with do much damage to the skin.

By simply washing the face with cold water, pores are closed and less prone to damage.

  1. Apply a nice aftershave.

Look for high quality aftershave balm that has ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe, or witch hazel. These will soothe the skin and protect them from rashes and suppress razor burn and irritation. That being said, don’t buy any aftershave that contains alcohol or alcohol derivatives as you’ll probably get irritated almost immediately.

Buying the Best Razor for Sensitive Skin

While the above techniques are great to help with sensitive skin, nothing matters more than having the right shaving razor for men with sensitive skin.

Straight razors are great for many men and provide the closest of shaves, but they are not necessarily recommended for those with sensitive skin. They have largest learning curve and have least features to offset the abrasiveness of the blade.

Still, sensitive skin men have options. They can find a safety razor, cartridge razor, or electric razor with minimal irritation. Here are some benefits of each.

Safety Razors

These razors had almost disappeared from the marketplace with the advancement of cartridge razors but have recently had a resurgence of sorts. Not one should be happier about this than those with sensitive skin.

Safety razors are extremely convenient for sensitive skin because they allow the users to choose between multiple blade options that can be perfectly suited for a particular skin type. Even better still, safety razor’s blades are the cheapest of all razors. Since you are buying nothing more than a single blade, as opposed to a cartridge, it is much cheaper and this could easily be a tenth of the price that you pay for a cartridge from a popular shaving brand.

There are a few downsides to the safety razor. It requires more of a learning process than other razors, straight razors excluded. Cartridge and electric razors are really easy to use and basically self explanatory while safety razors require a basic understanding of technique.

Shaving with a safety razor can take much longer to learn and master but most men who use a safety razor never regret the decision. It provides a closer shave than the cartridge and electric razors and will save money.

Also, expect shaving with a safety razor to take much longer than that of a cartridge and electric razor. Since it only has the single blade, the passes need to be smaller and take longer. The plus of this is the more blades a razor has the more prone it is to irritate the skin. If you have the time and are willing to learn, this is our recommended best option.

And if you ask for our personal opinion, we strongly believe that a safety razor is the best razor for sensitive skin.

More particular, shaving with a safety razor for men with sensitive skin is ideal for two reason.

First, you only got one sharp blade shaving your face instead of multiple. Now, many cartridge razors that have 3, 5 or 7 blades doesn’t necessarily mean that you get a better shave with them. This could sometimes mean that one or two blades shave your beard and the rest are simply scraping your skin, which in turn, leads to irritations and razor burns. Safety razors on the other hand, they slice the hair and there are no additional blades that could hurt your skin with each stroke.

One other thing that causes skin irritation when shaving is the shaved hair that gunks up the razor while shaving. DE razors have larger gap between the safety razor bar and the blade, allowing the lather and shaved hair to pass through that gap, offering you a comfortable shave. On the plus side, both lather and shaved hair is washed off easier because of that gap specifically,

Cartridge Razors

While we recommend the safety razor first, many men don’t have the time or don’t desire to learn a new technique associated with the safety razor. For this reason, the cartridge razor is perfectly acceptable. It will allow you to shave in fractions of the time of a safety razor and is extremely easy to use.

There are several things to know when picking a good cartridge razor with sensitive skin.

  1. Less is more. Five and Six blade razors may seem like the best options for those with sensitive skin but the opposite is actually true. Remember, the more blades, the more irritation. We recommend no more than three blades for your cartridge razor choice.
  2. Replace the cartridges often. These products contain multiple blades and little space in between them and are really hard to clean. When these razors are dirty, the blades don’t cut properly and it pulls and rubs the skin really easily. This is another reason we recommend three blade cartridges, they have more space between the blades and allow hair and debris to pass through easier.
  3. Lubricating strips are your friend. Look for a razor that has a top and bottom form of lubrication. This will allow the razor to glide across the skin easier.

While cartridge razors save on time and effort, there is another downside to them…they are usually more expensive when having to buy the refills you will need. Some cartridge razors offer a refill specific to sensitive skin but these will, usually, be even more expensive than standard refills for the razor.

Electric Razors

Many men are really busy. The electric razor is, simply put, the fastest, easiest way to shave. Sensitive skin shavers should beware, many have skin than can not handle an electric razor. Before you make the expensive purchase to see how your skin reacts to it, only buy a foil shaver never buy a rotary, circular shaving razor.

Foil razors are much more gentle on the skin. Foil razors protect the skin from irritation as it prevents the skin from getting too close to the blade.

There are varieties that allow for the electric razor to be used in wet shaving. This provides an extra layer of protection for the skin and makes the razor waterproof so that it can be easily cleaned by washing it off with water. It will shave you quickly but the shave will not feel as close as that of the above mentioned razors.

Below we review so top choices for razor options for those with sensitive skin.

Closing thoughts

While it isn’t fun to have sensitive skin, there are products that will make your shave and skin type more comfortable. In this article, we have a bunch of techniques you can try and products that will work well for you.

We hope this article can guide you to get some relief and get the quality shave that every man deserves. Thanks for reading and we wish you happy shaving.


Main image courtesy: Dmytro Sidelnikov/BigStock.com