Having dry skin under your beard is the least you wanted when you first started growing your facial hair. Yet, this happens more often than any bearded man would imagine.

Even though it’s not something you can’t live with, it can be a disturbing condition that not only affects your beard but your overall feel and appearance as well.

Normally, dry skin under beard and mustache oftens come with beard itch and beard dandruff a.k.a. beardruff.

So, before we dwell into the specifics on your dry skin under your beard let’s see what we’re going to be talking about today:

  • Understand how this happens in the first place
  • What kind of natural treatments you need to follow to cure it
  • How to prevent it from happening again and finally,
  • Product recommendations to help you get rid of it

Let’s get to it.

Why do I have dry skin under beard?

Although facial hair is responsible, to a certain level, for the dryness under the beard, there a lot more factors that play their part.

As I was saying, facial hair draws up most of the moisture from the surface where it evaporates quickly. This, in turn, leaves the skin underneath dry and flaky.

Dead skin cells are removed by washing but due to beard hair sometimes they get stuck between the hairs and cause ingrown hair and dryness. It’s the dryness under the beard that causes the irritation and itching.

Cold and dry weather can also cause dry skin.

Researchers have found that lack of sleep and stress can also cause dryness on skin and hair. Needless to say that this also affects your beard in a similar manner.

We’re used to washing our face with warm water as it is widely known that warm water helps open up the pores and thus thoroughly cleaning up the dirt in the skin.

But if you are experiencing dryness under your beard or irritation it is highly recommended that you wash your skin with cold water. The reason is that warm water takes up all the natural oil of our skin which leaves our skin dry.

How do I moisturize my skin under my beard?

Dry skin under beard. Here is how to moisturise it

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There are a number of products one can use in order to tackle the issue of dryness under the beard and mustache or any part of our body. There are natural oils sold on the market for beard & skin care.

Since you’re reading this article, there’s a very good chance that you’re growing a beard.

So, as we’re all beardsmen here, I won’t be suggesting shaving as one of the options to eliminate dryness. Although shaving once in awhile might not be such a bad idea, especially when you suffer from such skin conditions.

The whole issue of dryness is connected to how we maintain our skin.

Direct exposure to sunlight can make our skin burn and thus leave it dry and flaky.

Maintaining your beard and the skin underneath clean is a difficult task due to the blockage caused by your beard itself. When washing your face with the regular face wash it becomes difficult for you to rinse and clean that area properly as the hairs prevent your soap from reaching your skin.

Although they are solutions one can use to avoid this problem and tackle dryness and itching.

Let’s see what kind of solutions are out there to moisturize your skin under beard and get rid of dryness.

Beard Oils

A product that can be easily defined as the best beard moisturizer, is definitely a beard oil.

Go through the internet and look for oils which help you maintain the correct level of moisture in your beard. The oils also enrich the quality of your facial hair and make them smooth.

Finding the best beard oil for your skin type and facial hair may take some time and experimentation.

When you have found your ideal beard care product make sure to use it twice per day. Once in the morning and another before you go to bed. This way you’ll be able to maintain a smooth non-itchy beard.

Have you ever noticed that when you shape your beard that the parts where you just shaved your hairs suddenly become less irritable? It’s because the exposure makes it easier for you to clean the skin and thus reduces dryness.

So the area covered with your beard has to be maintained moist and clean. The beard oil product will help you maintain moisten your beard area but cleaning it really depends on you.

Speaking of cleaning your beard, make sure you do that with special beard wash products. You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes compared to a regular hair shampoo.


There are certain hair and beard conditioners one can find online which help with the softening of your beard.

The constant use of the razor has made your beard hard and this, in turn, is causing the itching you are experiencing in your facial area.

So using a beard conditioner once or twice a week is the perfect solution to soften your beard.

Conditioners infuse your beard with both moisture and nutrients which improve the texture of your beard make it less likely to irritate your skin. It hydrates the skin beneath to sooth and prevent dryness.

Brushing your beard

Trust me this is one of the things you will enjoy the most.

Buy any good beard comb or brush and keep brushing your beard in one direction. This will provide you with a thick texture and make your beard eye candy.

Almost any man can grow a beard, but brushing your beard on a regular basis keeps it clean and makes it appealing to look at too.

When you have been brushing your beard on a regular basis it will allow your hair to become accustomed to growing in the same direction as well thus avoiding entangling of hair or growth in different directions which cause a lot of irritation.

Another thing that brushing does is actually softening your beard. By spreading the natural oils that your skin and hair produces, you help your beard maintaining its health and soft texture.

The way you brush your hair before leaving the washroom, take a minute after you have washed your beard thoroughly and brush it for a good 3-4 minutes, this will help you in styling and cleaning your beard.

Other natural ways to moisturize your dry skin under beard

Unfortunately using these products is no guarantee that you will never face dryness or beard itching ever again in your life. Think about how many many other factors need to be taken into consideration too.

  • Do you have a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you have a healthy diet?
  • Are you exercising enough?

Follow a healthy diet

Let’s start with what you eat on daily basis. The type of food you eat affects your facial skin in a very big way.

Vitamin A maintains and repairs skin tissue, keeping your skin healthy encourages better hair growth.

Vitamin A is found in milk, cheese, butter and egg yolks. Carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and papayas also have Beta Carotene which is a nutrient that the body converts into Vitamin A.

Now, Vitamins C & E promote the production of sebum, which is natural oil that is produced by our bodies and lubricates our hair making it look thicker and shinier.

Vitamin C is found in Citrus fruits, green peppers and broccoli.

Wheat, almonds, peanut butter, spinach and broccoli contain high amounts of Vitamin E.

Our hair is mainly composed of keratin, which is a protein made up of amino acids. We don’t produce amino acids on our own, so we need to consume protein which the body then converts into amino acids. Fish, poultry, eggs, rice and milk should be included in our diet for the proteins needed to obtain these amino acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for hair growth. They protect cell membranes helping to prevent your hairs from getting dry and weak.

Find a way to include flaxseed oil, walnuts and Salmon into your diet. Make sure you don’t overeat these substances because they can cause a lot of damage if consumed in large amounts.

Maintaining a healthy diet helps your beard grow better and thus removes the dryness and itchiness we experience.

The key to maintaining your beard healthy behind is spending your time on taking care of what you eat and using the most suitable products as a part of your everyday routine.

Exercise for your beard

Testosterone and beard growth go hand in hand.

Increasing your workouts by spending more time at the gym or jogging an extra hour will have an impact on the health of your facial hair.

Bench press, deadlifts, and push-ups are all proven ways to increase your testosterone levels. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are ways you can become healthier and grow a thick lush beard.

Protect your skin

When leaving the house make sure you apply sunblock in order to avoid skin damage.

When you exercise you are not only increasing beard growth but also increasing sweating and skin irritation. To eliminate this problem make sure you bathe properly and wash your face regularly to avoid problems.

When showering, apply the product you use to wash your beard and rinse it out in the end. After rinsing apply another layer of conditioner to leave your beard clean and smooth throughout the day.

Product recommendations to help you with your dry skin under beard

Products to cure dry skin under beard

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There are several products available in the market targeting the conditioning, cleaning, moistening and maintaining of your beard.

We don’t know which can prove to be helpful and which may not, so here is a list of products with which I have had a good experience so far:

Beard shampoo

Seven Potions Beard Shampoo is one of those quality products we all look for. This is one of the few products that really relate to realistic problems we face during our facial hair grooming and takes those into consideration.

A natural solution without synthetic chemicals that make your beard soft as fur and clean like never before.

Washing your beard with this shampoo, creating lather and rinsing it off will leave you with a cool feeling and make the skin under your skin feel smooth and rich. Your beard will gain more depth and texture while giving you a masculine woody scent.


This product can be thought as Dove for the beard.

If you have ever used a Dove body liquid soap for a bath you know the kind of quality I am talking about.

This conditioner will make your beard feel almost equal to your hair, the softness and moisture you are left with after a wash of Billy Jealousy beard control is just the best treat you could give your beard.

Beard oil

For the beard oils we’ve got a few suggestions that act as the perfect skin and beard moisturizer.

Turns out that there are a lot of options when it comes to this type of products. Those can will definitely help you tackling dry skin, dandruff and itching under the beard.

Few of the beard oils that you can consider are the following:

They will all help you eliminating dandruff and moistening the skin under the beard. With 100% natural ingredients and great effects, most of the products will set you back between $13 and $20.

Beard brush

We already established how important to brush your beard is, not only to groom it but also to keep it soft and clean.

In the past, we also reviewed the best beard brushes that you can get for any beard length. Just like on that article, I recommend the same brushes as I wasn’t able to find something else that I prefer more. These are as follows:

Tools to keep that beard well shaped.

Even though I won’t really specify a certain razor, I’m a big fan of traditional razors and I would encourage you to look through my article where I review the best safety razors for both beginners and pros.

As you can imagine, while maintaining a beard you need to keep shaving the edges to maintain a certain shape to your liking. This way, your beard doesn’t look like you have just come out of the forest.

When it comes to trimming, check out brands like WAHL and Philips which are among the most popular brands when it comes to the best beard trimmers. No wonder why most professional salons use these two brands.

Final thoughts

So to conclude, as almost everything we want to achieve takes time and discipline, maintaining a healthy beard and avoiding dryness also is a task which can prove to be difficult.

There are many things which one should take into consideration when maintaining a beard as mentioned above and if done in the correct manner and in a regular manner it can help a lot to combat the dryness and irritation of skin under the beard.

Using quality products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the correct way to go about your issues and rid yourself of dryness for life.

Take the right supplements and proteins, exercise regularly and use the right products to achieve a lush shiny beard without having to face any skin problems. The key lies in giving your beard what it needs.


Main image courtesy: Tverdokhlib/BigStock.com