There’s a theory looming around that eye cream is nothing more that a hoax to buy moisturizer in a smaller bottle at a much more expensive price tag.

Eye Creams usually claim that they can reduce and prevent the signs aging around the eye area, but is this true?

Is one who uses eye cream merely seeing the effect they want to see and having a, sort of, placebo effect?

What’s an eye cream and why do you need one?

First, why do men begin to look bad around the eyes? The skin around the eye is proven to be 10 times thinner and more fragile that all of the rest of the face. This number becomes even greater as well age and collagen breaks down and skin loses its pliability.

While that is tragic in itself, several other things exacerbate the skin’s break down. These include:

  • The sun – our epidermis or outermost layer of skin contains the pigment Melanin with functions to filter out devastating UV rays. As the skin gets heavy dosages of sun, it burns the skin and allows the UV rays to enter deeper into the skin and wreak havoc on cells often killing them.
  • The environment – think about how wind and cold affect the skin. The kill and damage skin cells as well. In addition to those, human factors like air pollution place harmfull foreign radicals on the skin and the skin is ill equipped to combat them which causes much damage.
  • Smoking – this includes active and passive. Smoking is not just bad for the lungs but also the skin. The nicotine in the product impedes small blood vessels and prevents proper blood flow to the epidermis. This leads to a lack of oxygen and essential nutrients.
  • Movement and rubbing – everyone moves their face constantly regardless of their best efforts. It is estimated that these movements are around 100,000 daily. These lead to the lines and wrinkles seen. Additionally, every time we rub our eyes, we damage the skin.

The answer to the question in the opening paragraph is a resounding NO, eye creams are not just a well crafted roose. They actually serve a specific function and provide results.

With that being said, they are not a magic potion. Upon first application one does not look instantly younger. Studies have shown that a cream specifically crafted for the eye area only, truly, works if it includes certain active ingredients and is used in a consistent manner.

The truth is these products do not deliver profound results until routine application for 4-6 weeks. The key ingredients will be discussed further in the article.

Eye creams vs moisturizers

what is the difference between eye cream, eye serum, moisturizer

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Let’s see why eye creams are different than moisturizers .

The skin around the eye, particularly the lower eyelid, is far more fragile than any other part of the face. As a reaction to this, it dries out much easy and is the first area to show age and fatigue.

Think about it, everyone constantly moves their eyes. It shows emotion first, we squint to see things, we blink, even now our eyes are reacting to reading this article. This expedites the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and dark circles. Still, why are eye creams better at solving this problem than any good moisturizers for men?

First, eye cream is specifically formulated to the sensitive skin around the eye in several main regards that differs from facial moisturizers:

  • It is usually thicker and holds to the applied area longer.
  • It contains more oil that the average facial lotion or moisturizer.
  • It is fragrance free while moisturizers contain some form of scent. These fragrances usually irritate the fragile skin around the eye.
  • It most importantly contains main more active ingredients customized to solve the problems often seen around the eyes.

Common ingredients found in anti-ageing eye creams

Lets look much deeper at these active ingredients and their function in eye cream that one should look out for in eye cream.

  1. Hyaluronic acid – this is usually recommended by dermatologists because it hydrates skin while improving the skin’s texture and appearance. It is a clear substance that the body actually makes naturally and, in fact, it is most commonly found in greater levels within the skin, deep in joints, and, conveniently enough, in areas like eye sockets. It functions to help retain collagen, enhance moisture content, and makes areas like the skin more elastic and flexible. As sun continuously dries out the skin, its natural hyaluronic acid is reduced. This compiles the problem as hyaluronic acid has an extremely high capability to retain water and moisture. In fact, HA is able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Infusing the eye area with additional hyaluronic acid serves to correct the skin’s natural order that has been distorted by the sun.
  2. Retinol – this is simply a fancy name for vitamin A. It is, more specifically, a part of the retinoid family which are the chemical compounds related to vitamin A. When retinol is placed on the skin, the body reacts by converting the retinol into retinoic acid, which is an active form of vitamin A. This goes to work with skin cells by increasing cellular turnover, it cultivates collagen and elastin properties, it looks in moisture, and it fades pigmentation of the skin.
  3. Neuropeptides and other peptides – neuropeptides in skin care products are usually formulas containing many peptides that are made to penetrate the skin. Here they activate receptors and work to improve the skin. They decrease lines and wrinkles by reenergizing and hydrating the skin. It, also, works to increase tightness in the skin as it increases collagen and elastin production.
  4. Key Vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B – these boost the production of collagen and infuse the skin with the healthy, deprived from damage, nutrients it needs resulting in brighter, smoother, healthier skin.

Now that we’ve identified what to look for in an eye cream, how does one apply it and how much should one use?

How do you use an eye cream effectively?

How to apply eye cream or serum

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  1. Always wash the face to make sure there is no dirt, oil, or debris on the face. These can impede the product making proper contact with the skin and greatly reduce the effectiveness of the product. Washing the face allows the cream to function as intended.
  2. It is recommended that one uses only a small pea-sized drop of cream for both eyes and that it is applied every morning and night. This should always be done after a moisturizer if one is applied to the face. If one uses too much will not allow the cream to completely absorb into the skin, limiting its effectiveness and not using enough doesn’t provide the dose that the skin around the eye needs.
  3. It has been mentioned in another article but it is worth repeating, It is advisable to use the ring finger to apply cream to the target area. This is done because this finger has the lightest touch of all the other fingers and will prevent one from rubbing too hard, pulling at, and damaging the delicate skin.
  4. Always apply the cream around the entire eye. This means above the eye and under the eye. The cream should go, above the eye, from the eyelash to the eyebrow and, below the skin, from the eye lash down to where one makes contact with the cheekbone. Make sure to rub the sides of the eye where crow’s feet like to reveal themselves as well. People often forget to do the entire area and only do the area where they see dark circles, this is not the proper way to apply this cream Some areas are not currently as visible, but the entire eye area needs to receive attention so that future problems may occur.
  5. Tap the areas where the cream was applied to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Think back to watching your mom put cream around her eyes. Most of them tapped it didn’t they. There is a reason for this. It will open up pores and help the cream absorb into the skin.
  6. Lastly, be patient because one needs to give it time to absorb. It, typically, takes up to 15 minutes to be fully absorbed by the skin. Because of this, it is probably self explanatory that one should, in no circumstance, apply anything else to the eye area or wash the face until well after that.

When should a man start applying eye creams

Many men have a flawed approach to anti-ageing eye cream. They say things like, “I’ll just apply it when my eyes start to look bad.”

This should not be the mentality for eye cream. It is recommended that men begin to use eye cream in their 20s long before they see all the negative signs of aging.

Here are some of the hard facts that back up this thought.

The eye, on average, ages, roughly, 10 years faster than every other part of the face. Many things are to blame for this, sun destroys, collagen production reduces as it is constantly pushed to the limit.

Think about the skin and muscle fibers that exist around the eye, every single blink, squint, and emotional reaction breaks these fibers down. While this eye is constantly worked, it doesn’t have time to properly heal and compile that with that area having very few oil glands, it creates a toxic environment that makes it no wonder why it ages so fast.

While most men feel in their peak, physically, in their 20s, most don’t realize this is the point where skin repair replacement mechanisms slow down and continue to increase slowing down.

While those in a this age may think their skin looks great, what they do right now will determine their skin for years to come. By creating and implementing proper habits and behaviors, one will have skin that ages far more gracefully.

The first place it must start is with a good men’s sunscreen. This is a no-brainer. It will prevent aging more than just about anything else.

One should begin using a SPF 30 and cover the face with it every day they will have direct exposure to the sun. Remember at this age it is about prevention rather than restoring.

What does eye cream do and is it worth it

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The other best thing that can be done for this age in terms of skin care is adding a damage prohibiting or preventing eye cream to the daily routine. Look for eye creams that have loads of antioxidants in them. Using this every morning and night will prevent the unwanted free radical damage.

For this age, Malin+Goetz Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer is recommended.

Malin+Goetz Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer is a moisturizing eye cream that infuses the eye area with hydration and reducing early fine lines, wrinkles, and puffy eyes. It has the powerful ingredients of rice bran and soja protein which firms, hydrates, and most importantly protects the area from free radicals.

This product, like most from Malin+Goetz, is formulated from trusted natural ingredients combined with innovative technologies for high quality performance. At first it seems a bit expensive but because so little is needed it will last for quite a while, maybe even more than 4 months.

Maybe one is thinking that they missed the boat because they are already in their 30s. Fret not, hope is not lost.

By 30, most see that the dark circles under their eyes are becoming more and more visible. They are starting to see more little lines and wrinkles.

It is recommended at this time to keep using a product that has antioxidant properties but also includes the powerful ingredient of retinol. Remember this will increase cell turnover and promote collagen productive and elasticity. This will the skin to resist wrinkling. In addition to retinol, make sure that the eye cream has hyaluronic acid and, preferably, vitamin C. These will increase moisture in the area and boost and brighten the skin.

We recommend for a cheaper version, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream with Retinol.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream with Retinol is great a improving early stages of aging around the eye. It helps to fade crow’s feet and brighten the skin. Its formula contains accelerated Retinol SA. This works, tirelessly, to renew the skin, moisturize the area, and smooth wrinkles quickly.

It has an added Glucose Complex which boosts the Retinol and delivers fast results. Hyaluronic acid as there for the much needed moisture infusement and this is a product that can be used daily results that delivers fairly quick results that continue throughout continual use.

If one is looking for a more high end product try, La Mer The Eye Concentrate.

This is the highest of quality, and you pay for it, that one can find. It is a deeply conditioning cream with a key magnetically-charged mineral, hematite, that does wonders on dark circles, pigmentation, and lack of luster in the skin. It will soften lines and wrinkles over time to a shocking level. Skin will look much healthier, smoother, and brighter after a few weeks and will continue to flourish with this product. It comes with a handy adaptor for application and really does the trick.

If one is any older than 40, look for a cream with every ingredient listed in the above eye cream ingredients list. At this point is important to boost the skin. It will begin to get thinner and thinner and lose its moisture and durability. Adding a cream, will help.

This product is loaded with natural ingredients to brighten and fix tired, wrinkled eyes. It isn’t greasy and has deep moisturizers and protein peptides to restore skin. Matrixyl 3000 is a blend of protein peptides that are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 45% in two months as it boost collagen production.

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane is a nutrient in super foods like kale and spinach that illuminates skin while limiting age spots and pigmentation in the skin. It will wake the skin up in the morning with a the caffeine added into it.

This is the best eye cream of the lot in our opinion. It comes with a little higher price tag but one will be glad they bought it and see great results in a month’s time.

Concluding remarks

Whether you don’t like how the area looks under the eyes or you are not at that point yet, it’s time to look into implementing eye cream into the daily routine. It will allow the skin to keep its healthy glow for long beyond its normal expectancy. It will help with those current or future wrinkles and you will be glad you took our advice.

We recommended a few products for various seasons of life. Let those as well as our necessary ingredients list help you make an informed, skin saving purchase.

Every man deserves to look his best as long as possible and trust us when we say, this will really help that endeavor.


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