Pulling off that ultimate summer beard requires a little work. That warm winter hair scarf you grew can start causing irritation to the skin as those temperatures begin to rise.

As those warm summer months approach, there is no need to panic and break out the trimmers to feel refreshed all season long.

Keep your beard clean, hydrated, and trimmed, and you will be able to enjoy time outdoors with friends without feeling any discomfort at all.

Forget about that question whether to shave or not, you have come too far to let a little warm weather crush your dreams.

Here are some simple explanations why and how to maintain that summer beard.

Making Cleaning a Top Priority

When your skin becomes damp and hot during those humid days of summer, your beard could begin to feel like you are wearing a thick, hot, wet, towel around your face.

A dirty beard in the summer will certainly lead to skin irritation, and no one wants to see you scratching at your face like a dog at that picnic.

It is extremely important in the summer to keep your beard clean by scrubbing it each morning with a beard wash. These washes are designed specifically for the hair on the face and will remove grime and debris accumulating in the beard causing that itchiness.

Upgrading Your Beard Oil

The winter is over, it is time to upgrade your beard oil to one that will leave you feeling refreshed each day.

Beard oil not only protects the hair, it helps to increase growth so you can fill in any spots lagging behind. This oil will eliminate dandruff and help control itching.

Simply place a few drops in the palms of your hands and rub through the beard down to the skin every morning before you head out for the day. Your summer beard will smell refreshed, and you will help to keep that skin beneath moisturized.

Staying Hydrated in Summer

How to maintain and grow a beard during summer. Keep yourself hydrated

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The human body can go weeks without food but only a couple days without water. Don’t let that beard starve this summer, start drinking more water as the heat of summer fast approaches.

A hydrated body is a healthy body, and a healthy body produces a healthy, soft beard.

When you are not getting the right amount of water each day, the hair in the beard will become hard and brittle, becoming more prone to significant breakage when you brush the hair.

Keep that summer beard healthy by drinking plenty of water each day.

Understanding the Science

Before you give in and shave off your beard because you don’t want to suffer heat stroke as a result, it is important to understand the science behind your beard.

The beard might be associated with winter, but not for keeping you warm like you might think.

The beard acts like a shield and offers little in the way of insulation. That being said, in the hot summer months, the beard actually doesn’t retain any heat, rather it dissipates heat as the hairs become damp from sweat.

The result is many men feel cooler with their beards.

Trimming as a Last Resort

If your beard is extremely long and you are having trouble with irritation, in order to maintain a summer beard you may have to trim back a few inches.

This will increase air flow to the skin, reduce irritation, and allow your beard to be easier to keep clean.

Long story short, here are 6 tips to protect your beard from sun and sea water

How to maintain a beard during summer with hot sun

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Tip #1

Be sure to rinse your beard after you have been swimming at the beach. That combination of sun and salt water can do serious harm to your beard by drying it out.

Rinse out the sea water after you are done swimming and be sure to use a beard shampoo and beard conditioner at night to protect the facial hair.

Tip #2

When you spend a considerable amount of time swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool, salt and chlorine are going to start stripping away the natural oils in the hair that lock in moisture.

To combat this, use a leave-in beard conditioner each day to help maintain optimal moisture levels in your beard.

Check to see if the conditioner has sunscreen too, so all you do is spray on the beard and then hit the water.

Tip #3

While you might not think a ball cap or hat does much, it will help protect your facial hair from the direct rays of the sun.

Although the facial hair acts like a shield to protect the sensitive skin below from dangerous UV rays, the brim of the cap can add an additional layer of protection.

Tip #4

Keep your skin and facial hair hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day.

Getting the right amount of water will keep your body hydrated and help keep that beard sun protected. If you are not getting enough water, your facial hair will become brittle and more prone to breakage.

Tip #5

Before jumping in that salt water or pool, be sure that you soak your beard with some fresh water.

When you jump in sea water or the pool with a dry beard, the hairs will quickly absorb salt and chlorine and lead to damage more rapidly. Soaking the beard with fresh water will stave off the salt and chlorine from causing issues.

Tip #6

When using a blow-dryer after swimming or showering in the summer, set at low or medium. The best way to protect your hair from excessive heat damage is to just let is naturally air dry in the summer breeze.

Concluding remarks

If you follow these steps, you should have little trouble maintaining that summer beard.

If you had to trim the beard, don’t get discouraged, fall is around the corner and you can starting letting your beard grow again in no time.

Now that you understand how to keep your beard protected, get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather.


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