The humble can of hairspray is still as popular today as ever. Millions of cans are sold worldwide every year, helping to keep hair intact and stylish. It’s probably one of the most accessible and versatile hair products on the market for men right now.

However, it’s a hair styling product that most men never consider it. They are more likely to pick up a can of gel, pomade, or wax before ever spraying their hair with a styling mist of fragrant product.

We don’t think that’s fair as it actually gives the strongest hold for any type of hair, especially when someone doesn’t want the gloss that other hair styling products give you.

This why we prepared this guide, for all guys that swear by their hair sprays. And in order to give this awesome styling product the attention it deserves, we did all the hard work for you. Upon hours of research, we found the 11 best hair sprays for men, to give your hair the hold and volume you’ve been missing. More specifically, we find the TRESemmé and Paul Mitchell to be great overall choices for men with thin and medium hair. They work with men with thick hair as well but you might want to look for something that has even stronger hold. If you want to go for a more natural product, be sure to take a look at Swagger Hair Setter Spray.

Best Hair Sprays For Men

 The Dry Look, For Men, Aerosol HairsprayTIGI Bed Head Hair SprayConsort Unscented Aerosol HairsprayVitalis Hairspray Pump Maximum HoldAxe Extreme Hold Spray Spiked Up LookTRESemmé Hair Spray, Freeze HoldPaul Mitchell Stay Strong HairsprayToni&Guy Casual Flexible Hold HairsprayBlack Ice The Original Touch Up SprayClubman Supreme Non Aerosol Styling SpraySwagger Hair Setter Spray
The Dry Look, For Men Hair SprayTIGI Bed Head Mens' Hair SprayConsort Mens' Hair SprayVitalis Mens' Hair SprayAxe Mens' Hair SprayTresemme Mens' Hair SprayPaul Mitchell Mens' Hair SprayToni and guy Mens' Hair SprayBlack Ice Mens' Hair SprayClubman supreme Mens' Hair SpraySwagger Mens' Hair Spray
Size8 oz 10.6 oz8.3 oz8 oz6 oz11 oz11 oz7.4 oz4 oz8 oz6.7 oz
Value for Money4.5/53.5/54/54/53.5/55/53.5/54.5/54/54.5/54.5/5

Without wasting any more time, here are some of the top men’s hair sprays from the most well-recognized brands:

Best Hair Sprays For Men

The Dry Look, For Men, Aerosol Hairspray

The Dry Look, For Men, Aerosol Hairspray

This is an alcohol-based hairspray. It works really well to give you a dry, natural look without much gloss or shine. It comes from Gillette, a staple in men’s haircare and grooming. It provides a pretty strong hold and controls those “flyaway” hairs throughout the day. It is ideal for those with thin, fine hair but men with thicker hair will probably like that it does not make the hair look hard or greasy. It will hold practically any style on any hair type. It comes in an easy to use aerosol spray can that is reasonably affordable and lasts over a month with daily application.

It does not smell particularly nice and most think it smells more like a product for a woman. Other users have complained that the hold is not strong enough, but this is probably due to it looking and holding less like gel and extra strength hairspray and more like a light mousse. It will somewhat dry out hair so beware if hair is particular dry to begin with. It is available and most stores that sell hair spray.

TIGI Bed Head Hair Spray

TIGI Bed Head Hair Spray for men

Most men have probably seen the Bed Head products in stores. This company has been gaining steam through its great packaging design and good quality products. This product provides a really strong hold with a surprising light feel. This is created to give off no additional shine. It is an alcohol based spray that is easily applied through its finely misting can.

Be sure to quickly style hair when using this product because hair becomes quickly stiff. A brush will not work after sprayed. Some have said it makes their head itch as it is an alcohol product which can dry out the scalp and hair. If one is looking for a tight hold that will last all day without any added shine, this is the product for you. It holds better than just about any product. It comes in at a price which feels appropriate for the quality.

Consort Unscented Aerosol Hairspray

Consort Unscented Aerosol Men's Hairspray

If looking for a hold without scent this is the product. It is really lightweight leading some users to forgot they even had hairspray on. The hold is pretty long lasting with very little shine and no sticky residue feel. It works for all lifestyles, including those who exercise and sweat a lot. In the midst of the workout, the hairspray will remain strong.

It works great on all hair types and styles really well. This is alcohol-based but does not contain any water. It guarantees a 12 hour hold and dries fast. Many products claim to be unscented and this product is the closest to that claimed most experience. It is well priced at, normally, around $10.

Vitalis Hairspray Pump Maximum Hold

Vitalis Hairspray Pump Maximum Hold for guys

This product gives a really strong hold. It comes in a spray bottle that sprays consistently for an even coat. Many other products that come in a spray bottle have the reputation of clogging so that the bottle has to constantly be taken apart and messed with. This is not the case with this spray. Use after use is continues to spray smoothly and evenly.

It hold hair types from thick to thin. It is pretty light and no sticky. The hair is left looking nice and not “helmet like” after use. It is unscented and lasts. It contains alcohol but does not feel as strongly alcoholic as others. For years, this has been a fan favorite and it continues to deliver. The price is, also, really affordable. Most who use this for the first time, they become fairly loyal customers as you can’t beat the price combined with the excellent performance.

Axe Extreme Hold Spray Spiked Up Look

Axe Men's Extreme Hold Spray Spiked Up Look

This very fragrant spray is designed to provide a high hold, matte look. It will hold up the highest of spikes and keep them in past for long periods of time. It is recommended for thick hair and is alcohol based.

The scent will be liked by those who love Axe products but be a deterrent for those who do. It does give a slight shine that many guys like. It comes in a container that sprays similar to a body spray. It is smooth and creates a nice mist.

This product is priced higher than it should be but does provide a unique scent that last for some time. If looking for a strong hold and strong scent in hair styling, this is a good fit.

TRESemmé Hair Spray, Freeze Hold

TRESemmé Hair Spray for men

A product that works really well regardless if hair is thin or thick. It works with mostly any style. It is great for those who like to style as they go because it does not instantly harden so that modifications can be done after spraying. It makes thin hair look fuller with adding additional volume.

It controls the loose hairs and keeps the style looking tight and recent. Tresemme is a brand that is easily obtained and almost universally trusted in hair care. It is humidity and moisture resistant for up to 24 hours. It sprays on well and is often used by hair care professionals. It is an alcohol 40-B based formula but does not feel to be overly drying. Great product at a great price for most people.


Paul Mitchell Stay Strong Men's Hairspray

A hairspray that is weightless and fast drying. It provides maximum control and volume. It is humidity-resistant and helps fight frizz and flyaways. It delivers a very strong hold but still remains workable. It is paraben free, vegan, and color safe. Most feel it is practically weightless. It does not leave residue and does not feel sticky.

Paul Mitchell has long delivered quality products and this is not exception. This product will leave most with a great deal of satisfaction after use. Price falls in line with most Paul Mitchell products in the nicer than the average on the shelf.

Toni&Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray

Toni&Guy Casual Flexible Hold Hairspray

This hairspray provides the proper balance between hold and flexibility. It is lightweight and has an, almost, laid back approach to hair that last for hours in the position intended. It contains SD Alcohol 40-B so it dries quickly. This product has been used in fashion shows and salons for the casual yet controlled look.

It looking for a product that lets hair move and flow yet still comes back to its desired location, this is a good option. It does not hold like a standard hairspray is is more like a light mousse or hair tonic. It works really well if that is the desire with the purchase Price is good for this type of product.

Black Ice The Original Touch Up Spray

Black Ice The Original Touch Up Spray

This contains no detectable fragrance. This does not come off in water or with sweat but can be easily removed with a good hair shampoo. It will not run off and looks natural. It provides temporary color to develop hair lines and “touch up” problem areas. It is good for active people with fading hairlines. It makes gray hair turn darker.

This is more of a concealer than a true hair spray. It does provide some hold but is more like hair paint in a can. It is fairly expensive and, depending on hair, can run out quickly. This is only recommended for those who are dealing with receding hair or male pattern baldness.

Clubman Supreme Non Aerosol Styling Spray

Clubman Supreme Non Aerosol Styling Spray For Men

A product that serves more like a spritz for the hair to aid in styling. It is in a non aerosol spray bottle . Most sprays like this are used in addition to a pomade because enhances hold and shine. It has a nice, light masculine scent. It holds well and dries quickly. It doesn’t cause residue to form and works on all hair types.

It holds better than one would imagine and conditions the hair with panthenol. It is water soluble and works well if looking for a light to medium hold. If more hold is desired it can be used in addition to traditional hairspray. This is a great product for those looking for a nice, light hold and don’t want to harm the environment with aerosol. Price is really nice on this one, so it may be worth a test for most.

Swagger Hair Setter Spray

Swagger Hair Setter Spray

This product comes with a nice “manly” scent. It contains natural ingredients from Australia. Its goal is to weed out chemical preservatives completely. Its ingredients include organic oatmeal and avocado oil. It comes in a spray that provides a nice mist for a more natural look and a surprisingly strong hold. It does not cause flakes. It is not sticky and will not clog the hair or pores on the scalp. It washes out really easily.

The scent is described as peppery, woody and spicy. It contains Pro-Vit B5 to keep hair nourished and moisturized. Other ingredients include silk amino acids, blueberry extract, magnolia extract and raspberry extract. It comes with a fairly high price point but is really good quality that is safe and gentle on the hair. This is a really good option.

What is a hair spray?

In short, hair spray is a canned aerosol that stiffens the hair and it’s one of the most generic grooming products. It looks pretty similar to a spray-on deodorant or aftershave, but the ingredients react with your hair instead of your skin.

There a few different type of sprays that we’ll talk about later on.

Brief history

Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

The humble hairspray can be traced back to the Second World War, where the primary concern was not helping men to style their hair but to keep them alive.

The aerosol can was a popular way to get bug spray to everyone on the infantry. The pesticide killed off all those pesky malaria causing mosquitoes.

Helene Curtis, a titan of the beauty industry, caught onto the efficient packaging and believed it would be ideal for a hair care product.

She developed the first resin-based haircare can in 1950 and and coined the term ‘hair spray’ to help sell it. It was a resounding success and many competitors followed soon after.

Women were the first to catch onto the trend since the beehive hairstyle (which was popular at the time) was nearly impossible without it.

There were two reasons it declined in popularity around the 60’s and 70’s.

  1. It contained CFCs, a harmful greenhouse gas that was known to damage the environment.
  2. The beehive hairstyle wasn’t in vogue anymore and women had moved to simpler styles.

In the past few years, hairsprays have made a comeback along with other retro products.

The new formulas and ingredients are non-toxic. The strong ingredients and compact gas makes it easy to achieve a puffy hairstyle, which a lot of men have now turned to.

What is it made of?

The stuff is made of what’s known as polymers. These polymers react with the hair and hold it upright.

Copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and polyvinyl acetate (PV) are the most common forms. There’s also a chance the hairspray you pick has some amount of alcohol in it.

As you can tell, all these ingredients are highly flammable. That’s probably one of the reasons you aren’t allowed to carry them in hand luggage if your board a flight.

What’s the difference with other hair styling products and why would a man use one over another hair styling product.

When should a man consider using one and for what type of hair and hairstyles?

As with every other hair product, it’s worth considering your type of hair and the style you’re going for if you really want to experiment with a new product like hairspray.

Hairspray works best if you’re trying to get a super strong hold with a bit of fluffiness. The style needs to be unique and a little bit overstated for hairspray to work well with it.

Also, you need to use the stuff carefully. Too much of hair spray will make your hairdo look less like a style and more like a helmet.

One other thing to note is that hairspray isn’t exactly in style. Most men don’t use it and it’s not really popular with hairstylists either.

But if you use the right sort of brand, with the right ingredients, and use the right technique, you can certainly pull off a unique and eye-catching hairstyle with a gentle spray. Especially if strong hold is what you’re aiming for and you want to sport a longer hairstyle.

How to use hairspray?

This part is really important. If you end up using hair gel or hair wax improperly, you end up with dry, flaky, or simply glossy hair. But with hairspray the misuse is really apparent. Your hair will really harden and look unnatural if you don’t use it right.

The best way to use it is to shake the can well, hold it about 8 to 15 inches away from your hair and apply a moderate amount.

You also need to use the hair spray only on the part of the hair where you want to style it with your fingers. If you want to leave the top or the back natural, don’t put any spray there.

It also depends on whether you want to have a wet or dry look. So, for example, for wet look you can start by damping your hair with a small amount of water and then spray your hair until you cover your entire head. Then, you can use a blow dryer and a wide toothed comb to style accordingly. For a dry look, you can follow the exact same steps without applying any water in the beginning.

The great thing about hair sprays is the fact that it’s one of the few hairstyling products for men that work better in combination with other products rather than on its own.

More specifically, you can use any hairstyling product you want as a base, either this is your very best pomade, hair clay or hair gel. Just before the product dries on your hair, spray your hair with the hairspray. And the best part? no matter if you’re aiming for a wet or dry look, it will remain as such, but this time, with stronger hold.

Lastly, hairspray is best used on longer hair styles, especially when you want to tame the unruly hair. This is particularly useful when you go out of the house and you want the hair to stay in place no matter. We all know how the wind can mess up your hairstyle that you’ve been struggling to perfect for hours.

How to choose a hair spray

Picking the right hairspray is all about doing your research.

You need to consider several factors (which we’ll get to in a bit) and pick the one that suits your unique style and hair texture perfectly.

Of course, start your hunt by throwing out all the ones with toxic chemicals in them.

You want a hairspray that has no CFCs or harmful substances. Natural resins -where possible, a bit of styling product, and a ton of gas.

Here are the things that you need to keep in mind before choosing a men’s hair spray.

  • Strength of hold: Nearly all the hair sprays on the market offer super-strong hold. That’s one of the key selling points of hairsprays after all. However, longer hair might require moderate hold so that the hair waves naturally.
  • Type of your hair: Hair spray is well-suited to longer, wavier hair. If your hair is thick and long, go for a spray to hold it all in place. Thinner and shorter hair won’t really require the sort of heavy-duty hold a contemporary hairspray offers.
  • Ingredients: Don’t be surprised to see a list of exotic sounding chemicals in your hairspray. Remember the primary ingredient in many of these is the polymers, which all have names that sound like something out of a science fiction novel. Don’t be put off by them, but focus on the brands that offer the most natural ingredients and promise they won’t hurt the environment. Environmental responsibility is already something that many companies and consumers take into serious consideration.
  • Brand: The most popular brands of hairsprays are Schwarzkopf, Gatsby, L’Oreal Elnett, Paul Mitchell, and John Frieda. But you can give smaller companies a try as they usually compete in quality rather than in price with the high street brands. Give them a go and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Price: The average, good-quality hair spray will cost somewhere between $8 and $30. You can definitely go higher than the upper tier as there are so many products out there. In my opinion, if you haven’t used a hairspray before, don’t spend too much money. See if you like the hold and performance and upgrade at a later stage to something more premium.