With so many options available on the market, choosing a men’s body wash can be a daunting task.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of brands that you can choose from. To make things even more complicated, you’ll have to make a choice based on your skin type, form of body wash, natural ingredients, size and price.

This is why we took the initiative and we created this guide for you. To help you select the best body wash for men based on not only great ingredients and performance, but also on great value for the price, so that it won’t leave you broke after getting it.

Fortunately, we found a lot of products that will make you happy no matter your budget. But again, we understand that this doesn’t help much in deciding what to get.

For this reason, we sorted out the three body washes that we believe are ahead of their competition.

Upon days of researching and testing, we found the Burt’s Bees to be the top body wash for men who are looking for an all natural solution without spending a fortune. Runner-up was Jack Black with a top-notch body wash for men who can pay a little extra for that lathery luxury. Finally, the best value for price body wash comes from Irish Spring.

Now, before we get into the specifics, let’s take a brief look at the five best body washes for guys among the reviewed ones on this guide.

The 5 Best Body Washes For Men

 Irish SpringJack BlackBrickellBurt's BeesAmerican Crew
Irish Spring body washJack Black body washBrickell mens products body washBurts Bees body washAmerican Crew body wash
Size15 oz10 oz16 oz12 oz15.2 oz
ScentFresh - MintyRosemary, Eucalyptus & Juniper BerryMintCitrus, Cypress and FirMint
Type of WashLiquid SoapLiquid SoapLiquid SoapLiquid SoapLiquid Soap
Ease of Lathering
Value for Money

Here’s what we’re going to be discussing on this men’s body wash buying guide.

  • What’s a body wash and historical facts
  • Criteria to consider before picking a body wash
  • The top body washes for men that you can choose from

What is a body wash really?

What is body wash and what is the difference with soap

Image courtesy: pogrebkov/BigStock.com

Records for the first liquid soaps date back to around the mid-1800s. William Shepphard patented a liquid soap-making technique that year but it wouldn’t grow popular until 1898 when Palmolive soap was created.

And the rest is history.

In order to better understand what a body wash really is, we first need to take a look at its form and ingredients.

The main difference between soap and body washes is that body washes don’t contain saponified oil. The lather created by the shower gels and body washes are much easier to make than that of soaps, thus are thought to be a better cleaning agent.

The key difference is the way the two are used.

While the same soap is used over and again, every single day, body liquid soaps are a one-time use.

Body washes used to considered more sanitary since every time you needed more you could press the tap and it would dispense more soap.

The psychological feature of using liquid soap as a more sanitary option played a big role in the advertising of it and replacement of bar soaps. A bit ironic considering the fact that bar soaps contain saponified animal fat and plant oils (natural ingredients), while liquid soaps that are mostly made up of petroleum.

There is, of course, no proof to suggest liquid soaps are more hygienic.

Doctors have found that there is absolutely no danger to health from using soap bars than there is from shower gels. In this piece we’ll dig deeper to uncover the ingredients that go into them both.

What to look for when searching for the best body wash for men

Shower gels, body washes and bar soaps – which one would you choose and why?

To answer this question we will have to dig deeper into the differences between the ingredients of each and their respective effects on the types of skin i.e. normal, oily & dry.

Skin type

Doctors and dermatologists recommend that people who sweat a lot naturally or due to lots of physical activity should stick to using soap bars as they are more effective in fighting odors and smoothening skin.

Now, men who have sensitive skin and are prone to skin diseases or infections are better off using shower gels/body washes as they are liquid based. These tend to moisturize the skin better.

Similarly people living in cold regions may suffer from dry skin and thus should use more of shower gels and body washes to prevent dry skin.

On the other hand, people living in tropical conditions should use bar soaps as they soothe the skin. Bar soaps pull the skin oils away from the skin along with the impurities and bacteria.


The type of natural ingredients that you want in your personal care products (1)

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The addition of emulsifying agents is necessary to maintain the consistency of body washes and these agents/chemicals even though approved by the FDA, could be a threat to your health.

For example the chemical diethanolamine which gives body washes their creamy/foamy effect has shown the absorption of choline (a necessary nutrient in brain development and maintenance).

Bar soaps are made through a chemical reaction called saponification. This is when Lye i.e. sodium hydroxide reacts with the animal fats and/or plant oils. This is the basic process of making soap bars.

Other ingredients which are listed below are added along with the animal fats and lye in order to produce soap and give them the desired features such as the fragrance, feel and moisturizing effects. Shower gels are made up of water emulsion and detergent base i.e. derived from petroleum.

Olive oil – moisturizing

Olive oil is used in soap-making to provide a moisturizing effect. It is high in oleic acid and absorbs into the skin and forms a protective barrier against impurities.

It draws moisture to the skin and is also known to help aid skin cell regeneration.

Coconut oil – for good lather

There exists no other ingredient such as coconut oil for adding lather to soap. The main reason behind is the coconut acid that has the lathering properties.

A liberal usage of coconut oil in the soap making recipe allows for the soap to become hard. It causes the soap to dissolve readily in any water thus making it a great cleansing agent.

It is said that 100% coconut oil soaps are the only to create lather in salt water.

Palm oil – for a firm bar

Using a moderate amount of palm oil in soap making allows for firmness in the soaps. It also provides a creamy type of lather in the soap.

Shea butter– protection

Shea butter oil is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. It provides a layer of protection on your skin from the sun and harsh weather conditions.

It also helps in preventing skin irritation and dryness. Shea butter was used in Africa for pregnant women in order to avoid stretch marks. Although rare, Shea butter can aggravate nut allergies.

These are the main components in the soap making process but there are other ingredients which are used and are harmful to health which need to be taken into consideration while buying soaps.

Shea butter is also a very popular ingredient in top notch beard balms and high quality beard waxes as well as lip balms and hair styling pomades. It helps with the spreading and melting of the wax.

The type of ingredients that you should avoid

chemical ingredients to avoid in cosmetics for menq

Synthetic Colors

Artificial colors are completely unnecessary in soaps and you’d best avoid any product with added colors.

These colors are made of petroleum and coal sources. They can irritate the skin and cause diseases for people with sensitive skin.


Fragrant soaps usually have extra chemicals added to them. Fragrance mixing in soaps is known to be linked to allergies, dermatitis and respiratory effects in human beings.

Manufacturers usually do it to make their product stand apart, but it is another unnecessary addition.

The best body washes for men are normally the ones that contain natural fragrance derived from ingredients such as essential oils.


Dioxane is present in many shower gels and is harmful to health. It is known to have a harmful effect on the brain, central nervous system and kidneys.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

SLS is also a common ingredient used in liquid soaps; it is known to disturb the natural moisture of the skin thus causing skin irritation and dryness.

It is necessary to keep a close eye on the products you have been buying for your children and family as they could contain some of these ingredients.

It’s usually best to just go for the most natural and organic product in the store.

Educating yourself on these most commonly used ingredients in soap making is all you need to do, to be more vigilant on the safety and overall health of your family.

The best body washes for men

Nivea Energy Body Wash

Nivea energy body wash for guys

As with all Nivea products, this body wash also comes with a mesmerizing fragrance which makes you want to stay a little longer in the shower. The creaminess of this body wash also acts as a lotion.

This cream moisturising body wash is great for all skin types. I used it over the summer and I guess that’s the best time to be using a body wash that adds moisture. It’s also got that unique Nivea smell which I love.

It’s got Vitamin B5, which helps keep the skin soft and smooth. Meanwhile, the soap is easy to lather and rinses off like hot butter.

Verdict: Although I really like it as I’ve used it countless times in the past and the price is hard to beat, I would recommend something that is more natural.

Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Body Wash

Burts bees all natural body wash for men

Burt’s Bees uses a ton of coconut oil in this body wash which is unique and really effective.

I like the woodsy, earthy fragrances they’ve used in the body wash.

It’s a big bottle at a great price. Considering that all natural body washes for men are a bit expensive, Burt’s Bees will surprise you positively.

A lot of attention here to the way the fluid dissolves and lathers in the shower. This is the sort of soap that deeply cleans the body without feeling synthetic.

As I already mention in the beginning on this guide, this is one of the best body washes for men you can get today. Either normal, oily or sensitive skin, this body wash will be just right for you.

And at this price point? There’s no competition, all things considered.

Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

Gillette shower gel for men

A great product for people experiencing dry skin, the Hydrator makes the skin soft and moisturized. This product is a good cleansing agent as any, it washes away dirt, sweat and body odor.

As Gillette commercials say, it’s the best a man can get. At least this is the case with some of their products.

Does this deliver according to the expectations?

I like the texture and fragrance added to this. It’s subtle but manly.

I think that the particular product is for guys with sensitive skin. It’s also the perfect body wash for men with a sensitive wallet considering the price.

Depending on where you live this body wash’s price can range but in any case, it’s going to be much cheaper than the vast majority of body washes out there.

Let’s not forget that this a brand with a heavy pedigree. So great packaging, decent quality and an attractive price.

Again, we’re not talking about a premium product in terms of ingredients list. However, if price is your most important factor, this Gillette body wash together with the Nivea and Irish Spring that follows are the top choices.

The Olive Branch Shower Gel

The olive branch body wash

Another great product, the Olive Branch Shower Gel is very natural and effective as a shower gel.

This mixture is made from olive oil, vine leaves, sea salt and sweet mandarin juice.

I started with just a sniff test of this one. I never really thought about trying it out till recently. But I bought one for this review and I guess that was a bit of a mistake.

This is a very mild body wash with tons of fragrance and added colors. Although some may appreciate, the scent is something that women may appreciate more. It does what it says on the box and hydrates the skin well.

When it comes to cost, I feel that is overpriced. But again, that depends on the amount you’re willing to spend for an otherwise good product.

Anyway, you can pick this up if you like the unique fragrance because it will truly make you smell like million bucks.

Brickell Men’s Products Body Wash

Brickell mens body wash

There are three things I love about this body wash – the design, the price, and the mint fragrance.

You might also remember one of Brickell’s founder here at The Manliness Kit when he shared his expertise with our audience twice.

Mint is really refreshing and they’ve been careful with the fragrance to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm.

The design is straightforward and really appealing and at this price point I think this is one of the best body washes for men reviewed on this guide.

The feeling of raw mint is a great sensation while showering. The smell alone will wake you up and make you feel like a changed man. I like the light tingle it left on the skin.

Overall, Brickell did an awesome job with this body wash and you should definitely keep it in mind next time you want to buy a wash.

Kyoku for Men Body Scrub

Kyoku body wash for guys

A luxurious body wash, Kyoku is a great example of price and quality meeting perfectly in between.

Besides the Skin firming amethyst and the clarifying teak included in the bottle, there’s an exfoliating element to the mix.

Great texture and a mild scent help this give you the best showering experience. The scent is ‘marine’ which smells like the ocean and keeps your skin energized for really long, but you may feel a bit greasy afterward.

Overall, it’s a good product and you won’t regret trying it out especially if you’re looking for a deep cleansing body wash.

Yves Rocher Organic Oats Shower Gel

Yves Rocher body wash

This shower gel is known to protect against skin irritation and makes your skin nice soft and creamy.

The lather is smooth and cleanses the pores of your skin thoroughly.

Organic oats is what caught my attention here. Like I said – natural is usually better.

This one is a bit pricey, but you can tell they’ve used some special ingredients to make this one of the best body washes for men and for women out there.

It’s light and really foamy, which is a great sensation while taking a hot shower.

The stuff smells natural and organic, while the effects will mostly last through the day. It’s set apart mainly because of the oats used in the formula. Yes, the same stuff most people have for breakfast.

The oats make this body wash light and tender on the skin. If you use the right amount you could stretch it out over time. But if you don’t care about natural products and are on a budget, give this a pass.

Every Man Jack Shower Cedarwood

Everyman Jack body wash

Everyman’s jack is for the common man who wants a no-frills body wash.

Cedarwood is probably the manliest scent on the market and for the size of the bottle, this body wash is a steal.

I really like the pop-top opening in the bottle and the texture of the shower gel. It lathers up nicely and feels great against the skin.

Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash

Aveeno body wash for men

A product recommended by dermatologists, Aveeno body wash is a good organic product with no harmful side effects.

The product prides itself on an all-natural ingredient list and uses the most humble manner to approach body cleansing.

It’s not the manliest body wash you can get but you’ll certainly like the texture and the scent of this product. And let’s not forget the awesome price that comes with it.

CHIEFS Sandalwood Mens Body Wash moisturizing

Chiefs body wash for men

Sandalwood may not seem like the best fragrance for a men’s body wash, but it really works.

Not everyone will be into it, of course, but for those who can afford the high price tag by Chief’s is worth the money. Also, the body wash has an element of moisturizing in it, so it’s great for the skin.

The sandalwood scent gives you this super-clean and dry feeling after the shower.

The only gripe is the amount you need to use to get a perfect shower. You need a lot more of this body wash to really clean yourself up, so the bottle tends to get over faster. It doesn’t lather as well as other products that cost a fraction of this bottle.

It’s a good body wash for men but maybe the price is the one that makes it challenging to convince you.

Jack Black Turbo Energizing Cleanser

Jack Black the best body wash for men

Jack Black is becoming one of my favorite brands. I’ve tried so many products from them and I was happy with the results. They’ve got one of the best shaving creams you can use, a great lip balm and a top-notch pomade for men that I reviewed recently.

They have a vast range of men’s grooming products that covers everything from head to toe.

This body wash, is filled with natural ingredients. As for its personality, it contains rosemary leaves, juniper berry extracts and arnica that helps with swelling and irritability. It works and feels like a premium body wash you might find in a luxury spa.

The powerful scent is the main differentiator here and the creamy texture wraps the body nicely when you use it. You need to go slow and easy with this body wash because the fluid takes a few rinses to wash off completely.

All in all, it’s definitely one of the best body washes for men. It doesn’t make it the best of the best just because of the price. It’s not the most expensive but it’s not the cheapest either.

Bulldog Original Shower Gel

Bulldog body wash for guys

What I like about this body wash is the soft and smooth texture. It feels great while using but could take a bit longer to wash off completely.

I think this is well priced especially when you get the four pack.

It’s not like the other products from the brand. I’m not a frequent customer of Bulldog but this product does the trick for me.

This one is a lot more subtle and it’s particularly good for guys with sensitive skin. My skin is somewhat sensitive, so this is perfect.

The texture is nice and smooth and the body wash creates a thick lather in just a few seconds. There’s certainly some ingredient here that cleans out the pores and makes the skin look brighter naturally. No dead skin cells or dryness after just a quick wash.

Axe Apollo Body Wash

AXE Apollo body wash for men

Axe Apollo body wash has an amazing feature which leaves you feeling fresh at the end of your shower, smelling fresh and feeling revitalized.

I’m usually not a big Axe fan. But it’s hard to deny that they’ve got it right in terms of scent and performance with this body wash.

Now, the ingredients don’t make me very happy but the good thing is that a personal care giant like Unilever wouldn’t release a product that doesn’t deliver great value and safety.

Personally, I find it somewhat average but you won’t find a lot of men’s body washes that can compete at price and performance.

Everyone Soap for Men Cedar Citrus

Everyone soap for every man 3 in 1 wash

Here’s a solution for the sort of man who likes buying things in bulk. The massive 32 ounce bottle costs just the same as other body washes that are a quarter of this size.

What’s better than the price? It’s jam packed with some great natural ingredients.

It’s a great buy. The way they have designed this tells you that they expect it to sit on the wash basin as a shaving soap. According to the brand it’s good for the hair and body as well as for shaving.

Honestly, I wouldn’t try shaving with it unless your beard growth isn’t that dense. In any case, as a men’s body wash is just about right.

The soap clears up your skin really nicely. There’s a bit of a moisturizer built into the ingredients, so expect a tingling clean feeling after using it.

American Crew Deodorant Bodywash

American Crew body wash for men

I’m a fan of American Crew products, to be honest. Not only do I like the premium quality of their ingredients, but I also like the way they manage to get the perfect price point. This 15 ounce bottle is priced at just as little as an Axe body wash.

The body wash also promises to act like a deodorant, so it’s a two-in-one.

When you compare this body wash to the others, you’ll notice that the texture and scent are more medicinal than expected. It feels like a sanitizer rather than a body wash, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

There’s also a slight hint of some oily substance here that makes this a lot thicker and creamier. A very good body wash overall.

Is this one of the top body washes for guys? I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s a solid choice from a great brand.

Irish Spring Gear Body Wash

Irish Spring one of the top body wash for men for the price

If you’re looking for an affordable body wash with great performance and at a great price, the Irish Spring one is what you want.

Besides doing the job right, the 15 ounce bottle is also pretty good as a moisturizer. It’s particularly effective for guys with dry skin and it gives you a nice refreshing feeling. I guess it’s refreshing like an Irish Spring.

It’s got a nice texture and nice scent and promises to keep you fresh for 24 hours. Not sure what that means though.

The body wash might take a minute or two to wash completely off due to its thick formula.

Verdict: At this price point you can’t find many better body washes for men that have the quality and performance of the Irish Spring. It might not contain the most natural ingredients but it’s superior compared to other products with similar chemicals in the mix.

krieger + söhne Moisturizing Body Wash for Men

Krieger and sohne body wash for guys

Krieger is the germanic word for warrior and as you may have guessed, this is a beard wash for men only.

Does coconut and orange sound like an odd combination? That’s probably because it is. But the results are excellent.

Personally, I like the scent of both coconut and orange. k + s really made an excellent product that not only smell great but also works as promised.

This 16 oz bottle by k+s has all the right ingredients that are cruelth free and free from harsh chemicals. From Argan oil to Orange oil, this is a great combination of everything you need in a single bottle.

It fights bacteria, acne, and bad odor. It’s like a medical deodorant and body wash combination. An excellent body wash overall.

Mr.Porter Aesop

Mr Porter Aesop Body Cleanser for Men

Finally, we have Mr.Porter. A 17 oz bottle of body wash with coriander seed extract. It’s not the cheapest body wash for men out there but I like the quality of the ingredients and the texture of the body wash.

That being said, it’s not the best priced product you can find but worth the money if you want a good, luxurious bath.

I really like the unusual but pleasing combination of black peppercorns and coriander seeds. It feels nice while washing with it if you appreciate the exfoliating effect.

Not everyone is going to be a fan of the texture and fullness, but I’m positive that it can firm the skin up and clean your body deeply.

Overall, this is a great buy if you’re committed to the ‘completely organic’ ingredients.