As facial hair continues to have a resurgence of sorts, men have began to adapt their grooming habits. For most men’s life they have had a bag or box of grooming supplies that stays in the bathroom. This bag can be quickly grabbed for a trip and contains, virtually, all the daily necessities a man needs. Items in this bag are the toothbrush, deodorant, nail trimmers, soap, and shampoo.

In recent years, another bag has made its way alongside this kit for those with facial hair. And this bag is no other than the beard grooming kit. Some men have opted to build their own set with various products of their choice over time, but companies are making a beard grooming kit a singular purchase with all the essentials already grouped together while enjoying a deal due to the discounted price of the kit compared to buying each item separately.

On this guide, we’ll be reviewing some of the best beard grooming kits you can get from brands that have been proven themselves in the beard care arena.

Upon using all brands one way or the other (for most brands we bought their products separately over the past few years for our other beard reviews), we highly recommend the Seven Potions Grooming Set as our first choice. The particular care set contains high quality products such as their firm boar bristle brush, a gentle beard wash and the top beard oil from the particular brand. Then, we really like the Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit. Finally, if you’re interested in a pricier option look at Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit. No doubt what your choice will be, you’ll be investing your money in three great and reliable beard care companies.

The essentials of a beard care set

Today, there are a ton of beard grooming kits on the market. Most company are constantly perfecting their kits and come out with new kits on an annual bias at the very least.

The question men must, first, ask themselves, are beard grooming kits actually worth it or are you being tricked to overpay for sleek packaging and a cool wooden box. In order to answer this question, we must first look at the contents of the common beard grooming kit and see if it covers your daily beard needs..

The normal beard grooming kit usually contains 3 or 4 times. These items include:

  1. Beard Oil or Beard Balm
  2. Beard Shampoo or Wash
  3. Beard Conditioner
  4. A Beard Comb or Boar’s Hair Brush

Let’s discuss the role each of these items plays for proper beard health.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is essential to ensure that your beard receives the moisture and nutrients it needs. Many men begin to get the dreaded beard dandruff shortly after growing a beard. Beard oil is the best way to combat any beard dryness and flakiness. While beard oil recipes may have several ingredients, its two primary contents are a carrier oil and essential oils.

When using a beard oil, the bulk of what is being applied to your facial hair is a carrier oil. One of the top, most well respected, carrier oils is an oil called jojoba oil. The reason jojoba oil is loved is that it is the closest oil that occurs naturally which resembles the face and beards natural sebum oil.

Many men who struggle with beard dandruff try to fix it with a dandruff shampoo. While this may give some positive results, the best way to fix the problem is with infusing moisture that promotes the beards natural oils and moisture level. Beard oil does this better than anything else.

In addition to the carrier oil, every beard oil has some form of essential oils. Essential oils are what gives the beard oil a lingering aroma and scent.

Many men are hesitant when they hear the term, essential oils, because they often associate scents like lavender, peppermint, and floral fragrances with them. This is not the case with most beard oils because they use oils that smell of cedar, pine, sandalwood, and the like for a very masculine scents. These tend to last most of the day but largely diminish within the first couple hours of application.

The benefits of essential oils don’t stop at just a pleasant aroma as they have hygienic properties as well. Oils like tea tree oils are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic. As a result, they stop beard dandruff, prevent acne and skin irritation, and eliminate bacterial infections.

Some beard grooming kits opt for beard balm over beard oil. These contain all of the benefits of beard oils but with the added ingredient of beeswax. Beeswax gives the balm the ability to be easily spread and provides additional moisture to oil. Additionally, the beard can be slightly shaped and will hold (to a small extent not like with beard wax) for the remainder of the day.

Beard Wash

Beard Shampoo cleans the beard of any foreign, dangerous chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals that may have attached to it throughout the day. Remember, the skin produces sebum oil that hydrate and clean the beard hair. As the beard continues to grow, the hair begins to outpace the skin and body’s ability to provide the necessary oil for the beard.

Beard shampoo is not intended to be used daily and should only be used a few times a week at the most. The more often you wash your beard the dryer the underlying skin will become. This is especially true if you are washing your beard with traditional bar soap or shampoo.

Beard oil differs as it is specifically made to limit itchiness and dryness while properly cleaning and protecting the beard. Since drying is such a issue for most men’s beards, beard conditioner is also included in many kits.

Beard Conditioners

Beard conditioners work to penetrate facial hair with extra layers of oil so that the beard is heavily hydrated. Most beard conditioners come with things like aloe vera or Pro-Vitamin B5 to condition the beard.

There will be a noticeable difference of softness and texture when a beard is conditioned leaving most men to have trouble having an unconditioned beard.

Beard Comb or Brush

Let’s start by saying there is a huge difference between a good quality beard comb and a standard comb. Combs that come in the store are made from a mold, are more brittle, and have a rougher texture than hand polished combs. Beard combs are usually hand polished and often hand made from wood. These will not break in your beard and are specifically made to easily brush through hair without tugging and pulling the hair like standard combs.

Beard brushes are a favorite for many men and the best tool to start with if buying your first beard grooming kit.

The best beard brush that we used is made with boars hair bristles so that it can hold up to the rough beard hair and will make the beard look fuller and more natural after using it. In addition to that, after applying beard oil or balm, a boars hair brush will spread out the oil and get it to the base of the hair so that all your facial hair has complete coverage.

Using a beard brush helps to train and mold your hairs to the area you want them to grow into and leaves a beard looking more maintained than with or without another product.

Before you buy a beard care kit

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before buying a beard grooming kit:

  • Does it contain all the right tools you are looking for?
  • Do you need beard shampoo?
  • Beard Oil? Or anything else.

Buy a grooming kit that fits your individual needs, not just one that is most popular or highest rated. You should also look for a kit that best fits your beard type. Here’s how we approach our Beard Kit purchases:

  1. Read through the ingredients of all the liquids. You want to look for a kit that contains as many all-natural ingredients as possible. This is even more important if you have sensitive skin. Natural ingredients are better for you, the environment, and your overall beard health will have a much better response to them.
  2. Every good beard grooming kit must have a really well made brush or comb. Beard oils and balms are great for the beard but nothing can offset the lasting benefits of brushing or combing the beard. It gets rid of knots and tangles and makes your beard much healthier as a result.
  3. Look for formulas that directly target moisture. One of the most important keys to beard and facial health is hydration. If the skin and hair is dry, the beard is doomed to disappoint and underperform. Moisture through oils and balms is an absolute must for any man that wants a good quality beard.
  4. Make sure you like the scents offered in the kit. Look at the shampoos, balms, and etc. If you don’t like the smell, odds are you won’t wear it. It is a huge waste of money to buy a kit that you don’t like and never use as a result.
  5. We like our beard kits to contain a way of cleaning your beard. A clean beard is a happy beard and a kit should have at the very least a good beard shampoo.

Before reviewing some of the best beard grooming kits, we must say to make sure that you are offered some sort of deal by buying the entire kit. Some companies provide nice packaging but the kit cost more than the product would if you bought all the contents individually. You should save some money when buying the kit over individual purchase.

Reviews of the best beard grooming kits to up your beard game

Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set

Seven Potions The best Beard Care Set

Inside of the nicely presented cardboard box, comes a beard oil, shampoo, and brush. This kit has well crafted, effective , no fuss products. The Beard Oil is called Woodland Harmony and contains 1 fl oz or 30 ml.

The Woodland Harmony oil is the most popular, most recognized oil that Seven Potions makes. It quickly softens the beard and has a masculine scent that they claim will have you confusing yourself with a man living in the 1950s. Woodland Harmony comes with an aroma that isn’t overpowering and has a nice sweet, woody smell that comes from its 100% natural Cedar Wood, Sandalwood, and blend of other less dominate essential oils. After applying, it will immediately get a nice sheen to it but without a heavy greasy look. Beard dandruff will disappear and the beard will stop itching.

The ingredients are 100% natural, organic, and cruelty free. It contains apricot kernel oil, crambe seed oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E in addition to the above mentioned oils. We must say that this oil does truly smell great and work really well. If not looking for a kit but looking for a good beard oil, this is a good option.

They pair their oil with a shampoo of the same name. It smells really similar to the oil and really cuts through the dirt, grime and stink that attaches to your beard throughout the day. The scent is pleasant but will not ever over power your nose.

Perfectly formulated to wash the beard, it does a great job of cleaning without stripping the beard of the good things it needs. In fact, it adds nutrients to the hair that are severely lacking. Using only a small dime sized drop, it doesn’t take much, you will love the feel because it foams so well. It will reduce beard dandruff, split ends, and itch. Coming in a bottle that is 3.4 fl oz or 100 ml. It is made from 95% natural ingredients and is made with care in the UK. Like with the beard oil, expect a softer, better feeling beard after the first use.

Lastly, the box comes with a boars hair brush with an oval shaped pear wood handle. The handle fits nicely in the hand and tames all facial hair.

Most men who don’t like the way their beards fall don’t use a quality beard brush like this. This brush has the perfect stiffness of bristles that are stiff enough to take on thick beards but bend enough so that hair isn’t pulled on or ripped out. The bristles are well spaced out so that it moves nicely through the beard. Using this brush will spread out the natural and added oils to all the beard hair so that every inch of the beard hair is given what it needs. After using this brush the hair will be tamer while feeling and looking better than ever before.

This is a good kit at a good price. Besides amazon, it can be ordered directly from their shop no matter where you’re located as they offer global shipping. If you were to buy these products individually, you would pay more.

This isn’t the priciest kit you can buy but we do not think most men will not be disappointed with this purchase.

CanYouHandleBar Basic Beard Care Kit

CanYouHandlebar Basic Beard Care Kit

CanYouHandleBar is an American based company that prides itself on making manly facial hair products. When they call this a basic beard care kit, it is a little misleading. It should be called, the beard care kit for the man that loves to shape and style their beard and mustache.

When you buy this kit, you receive a cardboard box with a Beard Dry Oil, Beard Oil Brush, a medium hold mustache wax, and a firm hold mustache wax. They, also, throw in a guitar pick for “coolness factor” but also to scrape the hard surface of the balms and waxes more easily. This set can be bought in five different scents and we will review the popular “Initiative” option

The Beard Dry Oil is their form of a beard balm. Their Initiative scent is crisp and refreshing. It is a hybrid of citrus and bergamot with small hints of lavender, giving off a smell that is refreshing and stays on the beard for a long period of time.

The Beard Dry Oil stays solid at room temperature but melts as you lightly rub it into your hands. This makes it easy to apply and it naturally conditions and moisturizes facial hair. We found that it will reduce itching and flaking while helping the hair grow and stay healthy. It works pretty well but we think this product tries to be more unique than it is effective. Regardless, it is made in the US and includes quality ingredients.

So that the Beard Dry Oil is easily applied, the kit comes with a beard oil brush. Please know, this is not a beard brush (though they claim it can be used this way) but rather a brush that helps apply the oil to the beard. The reason for this brush is that it keeps hands clean and oil free when applying oil to beard. It is made so that it perfectly fits in the tin.

The base of the brush is made from wood and the bristles are a fairly soft horse hair. While the bristles do a decent job of spreading out the oil in the beard, it is too soft to actually brush thicker beards. Beards will look nice after using, but we think it appears and feels a little too oily after application. It can be used on a wet or dry beard.

For styling, the kit comes with two mustache waxes. These waxes don’t smell and are made with Michigan beeswax. They are considered waterproof and oil-proof. The wax labeled primary is a medium hold and allows one to groom the mustache into a handle bar while still giving a natural brushed look. Wax labeled secondary is a heavier hold. It looks more waxy than the other and holds really firmly throughout the day.

Overall it’s a decent kit for the mustache and beard enthusiast. The beard dry oil a.k.a. beard balm for others, it’s the most noticeable product in this bard care set.

OneDTQ Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Grooming Kit

Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Grooming Kit

A kit that has a nice manly scent and works well for most men’s beards. The kit is made in Brooklyn, NY and is giving great care and consideration from formula to packaging. When you buy this box, it comes with a beard wash (4.7 fl oz), beard oil (2 fl oz), beard and mustache pomade (2 oz), a beard brush, a mustache comb, and a beard care guide. The kit is pricey but does contain some nice quality products.

The beard wash is natural and organic and is created to clean and eliminate any itchy and dandruff the beard may have. Once using the wash, one’s face will feel energized and hair will be given the appropriate nutrients so that it can maintain happy growth.

In their wash you’ll find ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, hemp oil, and lavender oil. These oils are known to provide moisture while cleaning the beard of any dirt and grime. The scent of this was could be called soothing and mellow. It has a natural aroma with calming hints of lavender that will linger throughout much of the day.

Also included in the kit is Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Oil. This beard oil is proven to stop the itchiness that comes with growing a beard and it rejuvenates strands of hair so they are free to grow without itching. With the use of this product the skin below the beard will remain irritation free. When you apply this oil to your skin, you are penetrating your skin with olive oil, castor oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and Vitamin E. This product works best when applied to a damp beard that has just been washed. Just give a small pump and apply the oil to the beard and brush it through.

Next, the kit includes a beard and mustache pomade. It is essentially a leave-in conditioner for the beard. Many men like to carry a product like this in their pocket and apply when the beard starts to itch or feels dried out.

If you need to heal red patches under the beard, eliminate dandruff, or stop itching; this is the product for you. It is all natural and washes out easily if you don’t like it. Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter have been used for centuries in skin and hair care and this product takes their use to a new level with additional ingredients leaving a pomade that moisturizes, replenishes, and soothes. Using this pomade is as simple as rubbing it throughout the beard.

As we have stated before, a good beard grooming kit is not complete without a good beard brush. This kit understand that very well and provides a quality one.

The brush is made of natural boar’s hair and is built to last. Sporting a handle that is military style and fits really nicely in the hand, the brush moves nicely across any beard. The bristles are a nice firmness that is soft enough that it doesn’t pull out any hair but stiff enough that it can handle any beard with ease. A mustache comb is included, as well, for extra handling of facial hair.

We like this kit, but the price doesn’t make this a great deal for a kit. The price is similar to what it would cost if each product was bought separately. Still, it contains good quality products and while it says it is specifically targeted as an anti-itch kit, it will work well for most beard wearers regardless of itching or not.

We do like that this company uses earth friendly packaging and prides itself using natural ingredients. If you don’t mind paying a little more for your beard grooming kit, this is a good option.

OneDTQ Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

OneDTQ brings another quality beard grooming kit with its Big Forest variation. We really like what comes in this kit and the scent. As with all OneDTQ products it is formulated in Brooklyn, NY and made from natural and organic materials. When you open this beautifully laid out box, you are met with beard shampoo 9.5 fl oz, beard oil 1 fl oz, beard balm 2 oz, and a beard brush. It does come with a high price tag as well but does contain really nice products.

The Big Forest Beard Shampoo included has a nice pine infused scent to it. You can smell and feel the pine in your chest for hours after washing your face. As a result, many men feel like this wash gives them energy and helps them breathe better throughout the day. It does a great job of cleaning the beard while providing the beard with nutrients needed for healthy beard growth and maintenance. After using this shampoo, you will notice how clean your beard feels and bet you can’t find any debris or grime left on the beard.

Big Forest Beard Oil is made to help every man have a thick, full beard. It works to moisturize dry hair and conditions the hair so that they grow faster and fuller than ever before. Don’t be worried about smelling feminine because this oil smells woodsy and outdoorsy. Going on light and quickly absorbing makes this oil go on nicely and leave, virtually, no lingering residue. We recommend putting this on when the beard is wet for best results.

Worried about rogue hairs that have a mind of their own? Big Forest Beard Balm is here to fix that. It is pine infused and works like a leave-in conditioner for beards. Not only does it condition but it provides an nice, light, natural looking hold. Just rub it over the beard and it will quickly absorb and the beard will instantly thank you.

They, also, add the same great natural boar’s hair beard brush as with the above mentioned kit. We really like this kit, it is expensive but we love the smell and feel of our beards after using this. It is not our highest rated kit because of the price but it is still one of our favorites.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

Zeus Deluxe One of the best Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Zeus is a trusted brand when it comes to beard grooming kits and other sites rate it as their favorites. When can’t disagree that this is a good kit that delivers a great looking beard. In the burlap bag this kit comes in are beard shampoo (8 fl oz), conditioner (8 fl oz), beard oil (1 fl oz), and a beard brush.

The beard shampoo and wash in this kit is good quality. It cleans while having antioxidant rich ingredients that rid the skin and beard of free radicals without irritating the skin. Most men with sensitive skin will be ok to use this. Dragon’s Blood is the primary ingredient in this shampoo (no this isn’t from some secret Game of Thrones world you don’t know about) which is a tree based substance that is proven to reduce inflamed skin. Additionally, the shampoo contains green tea and chamomile so that hair is strong and dandruff free and will not strip your beard of its natural, needed oils.

An all- natural conditioner is included that is the reason for the soft, protected beard and face. It limits against dandruff and stops split in. It does this with infusing the hair with a huge dose of moisture so that the beard can not dry out.

We said before that beard oil is a must in a good beard grooming kit. It will make the beard healthier and more manageable while making your beard look fuller than possible without. When buying a kit from Zeus you can buy the beard oil in verbena lime, vanilla rum, and sandalwood. Our suggestion is the sandalwood because it has a pleasant masculine scent that seems good but doesn’t feel overbearing.

The kit comes with a 100% boars head bristled brush. The bristles are rounded so they are easier on the beard and skin. Using this brush will help to distribute the oil to the deepest parts of the beard and tame and train all beard hair so that it grows healthier and longer.

We like this kit although it comes at a price that is sligtly higher than many sets reviewed on this guide. It’s good quality and the shampoo and conditioner last a little longer than with most kits.

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

When you receive this kit, you will quickly be struck with how cool it looks. It comes in a quality looking wooden cigar box and is loaded full of products. You will be shocked at the number of products in this kit.

More particularly, it comes with a beard soap/shampoo (4 fl oz), beard balm (2 oz), beard oil (1 oz), a beard comb, stainless steel beard scissors, and beer soap (5 oz). We like the scent of the products in this box but, be warned, it last less time than other beard grooming kit products. Trust when you buy this product that they don’t test on animals and a free of questionable ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and dyes.

The beard soap comes in solid form and is made with ingredients like shea butter and beer (we think this is why it comes as a bar so that men won’t drink it). You may ask why beer? Believe it or not beer is proven to calm and soothe irritated skin and is anti-bacterial. Also included in this soap are Argan oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. These ingredients give the soap a good lather and make the beard softer and nicely smelling.

Using mostly organic materials is something that Maison Lambert prides itself on and the beard balm is another product of that pursuit. It is organic, applies easy, and does wonders for beard dandruff and itch. The oil has antioxidant properties and quickly absorbs into the beard leaving a nice woodsy scent.

While we usually opt for beard grooming kits that have a beard brush, this kits beard comb is made from wood that has a nice feel to it. As this kit has a throwback feel to it, the kit includes scissors to trim the beard with that works well when using the comb. They are sharp and cut through facial hair with ease.

They throw in a nice organic beer soap for good measure as an added bonus. We like parts of this kit and it is well made and put together. With that being said, we prefer liquid beard shampoo and think it last longer and would rather have a beard brush than a comb. For those men looking for a classy kit, this one comes at a high price and looks the part.

A kit that does not include the scissors is also available. It drops the price by almost a fourth but is the same in every other way.

Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set

Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set

Many of you men will like this kit for several reason but none greater than the size of the products. A lot of beard grooming kits have small sized products and don’t last for a long time. This is not the case with this kit as they use full size bottles in it.

Another feature we like about this beard is that its primary focus is cleaning and hydrating the beard. When you use it, you will be left with a clean, soapy scent more than a masculine aroma. The kit comes in a wooden box that comes with two shampoos (yes, two), conditioner, lotion, and oil.

A Wild Berry Ultra Shampoo and a Cantaloupe Ultra Shampoo are included in this kit and both are made specifically facial hair though they can be used on the head as well. Both these shampoos bind to the hair follicles and clean while nourishing. It will limit dandruff and itching. The clean scent will last for long periods of time and will leave your beard feeling and looking great.

So that the beard is left feeling soft and skin is feeling smooth, Beardsley’s Ultra Conditioner is included. The conditioner has jojoba oil, pro-vitamin B5, and tons of other moisture rich ingredients. O

n top of the conditioner, they include a lotion that is Bay Rum scent in the kit. By simply pumping a few drops of the lotion in your hand and rubbing it in the beard, the beard will feel great and softer than you ever dreamed it could be. For something more lightweight and that can be used on the go or anytime, beard oil is included. It has Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil, and more.

Beardsley is a company that has been around since 1993 and has been long trusted in facial hair care. Their products smell great and do work really well. We don’t love this kit as it doesn’t include a brush and many of the products work to produce similar results.

We love the size of the products and it comes in at a good deal. If you want nothing more than a clean feeling beard, this is a good kit for you.

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

Jack Black has had the reputation of putting out accessible, no fuss grooming and skin care products and this is no exception. Their products are multi-faceted and always work pretty well at all they attempt to accomplish. In this kit, you get a all-over wash, beard lube, beard oil, and beard comb.

You may ask yourself, why do they include an all-over wash? This goes along with the strategy of Jack Black Grooming of having products that do numerous things. The all-over wash works for the face, hair, and body. It contains wheat proteins and panthenol so that the lather is robust and leaves the beard feeling clean. It is light enough to not strip the moisture from the beard yet strong enough to ensure a good clean.

They add a beard lube that is made to help men shave and trim their beard so that they look classy and professional. It conditions the hair and skin allows a razor to easily move across the skin. It has jojoba and eucalyptus oil so that skin is not inflamed or irritated after shaving.

After trimming your beard, they suggest you place on their beard oil that is in the kit. It is proven to soothe irritation of the skin and prevent dryness/itching of the beard. The beard will shine nicely after using and feel softer to the touch. Last, they include a plastic comb. It will tame the hair and spread the oil to the base of the beard hair.

Jack Black’s products don’t smell overly strong and many men like them. Although it’s not the best beard care set to buy, it’s a great choice with a good value for money.

DapperGanger Beard Oil Kit for Men


DapperGanger is a company we weren’t very familiar with it before this guide. Their products deliver great results while being mostly organic and natural. Their beard oil kit is perfect example of what they bring to the grooming table. The kit comes in handy zip up bag and contains full-sized bottles of beard wash (6 oz), beard oil (2 fl oz), beard balm (2 fl oz), a beard comb, and scissors.

All the products in this kit are made in the USA and certified organic. The beard wash or shampoo is specifically made for the beard and cleans the skin without irritation. It has nice calm scents like lemongrass and it light and doesn’t overpower those with sensitive noses.

Their beard oil works for all hair types and softens the beard through moisturizing. Applying this to the beard will help the beard grow and relieve itchiness and dandruff. After using this you will like nice sheen you get from your beard and you can trust that it is clean. The aromas of the oil are lemongrass, mint, and rosemary.

As a great compliment to the beard oil, the kit contains beard balm. It is made with Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and many other natural ingredients. It works well with all skin and hair types. It will soften and condition the beard while repairing split ends and dry hair. The beard will have a nice glow to it after and the balm provides a light hold so that the beard can be shaped as you see fit.

To work in the balm, the kit comes with a comb that has a bottle opener on it. The comb is stainless steel and fits on a key ring. Don’t work about placing the comb through your beard because it is hypoallergenic and really easy to clean. The stainless steel products don’t end with the comb as the kit also has a nice pair of small scissors that make grooming long beards a breeze.

While this isn’t our favorite kit, we do like the travel bag that it comes in the best. The products are good but we prefer a brush and think that the wash leaves a little to be desired.

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

Beard Care Kit by Mountaineer Brand

Having a name like Mountaineer would leave you to believe that their products are for those that want a thick unkempt beard, nothing is farther from the truth. They make products that make the beard look full, tamed, and healthy.

In the burlap bag this kit comes in are beard wash (4 oz), beard oil (2 oz), beard balm (2 oz, and a brush. One important thing to note is Mountaineer products are always all natural and never add harmful chemicals.

The beard wash is made from a Castile soap base and gets its antioxidant qualities from the use of essential oils. It is available in multiple scents but we prefer the cedarwood. It has a nice, long lasting masculine scent and produces a robust lather.

Many men claim that Mountaineer’s beard oil is their favorite on the market. Need to fix dry hair and itchiness, this beard oil is for you. It has this great woodsy smell (WV Timber Scent) while conditioning and moisturizing hair as well as anything on the market.

Their beard balm is included and comes in a several aromas. We suggest going with the original as it pairs best with the beard oil. It works like a leave-in conditioner and provides nutrients and moisture to the hairs of the beard so that it grows fast while looking and feeling better than ever before.

Lastly, they throw in a oval military style brush. This brush isn’t boars hair as the opted for a cruelty free brush. You will be able to tell a difference between this and a true boars hair brush but you will still like this one and those that worry about animal cruelty can rest easy with this option.

This, truly, is a great kit at a great price. It comes in a bag that gives it the appearance of higher quality. It is made in the USA and does deliver really good results. It is our second favorite option for those on a budget.

 Concluding remarks

Thanks for reading our reviews of popular beard grooming kits. We hope this article helps to make your beard maintenance more practical for you needs.

Beard grooming sets are a great way to ensure that your beard is performing as it should and we stand by the statement, “the happier the beard, the happier the man”.


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