John Benos

How to Use Beard Oil

How to Use Beard Oil Like a Pro

Ever seen a man on the street with a thick and healthy beard and wondered how he does it? Whether you have tried to grow a beard many times in the past or you'r...
How Often Should you Wash your Hair

How Often Should I Wash my Hair?

You simply have to wash your hair everyday, right? Keep it extra clean so that it can't get smelly or unkempt? Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, ...

John Benos

Wet shaving enthusiast, ex-beard wearer and proud blogger of the Manliness Kit. Besides my interest in man grooming, I'm also a gadget geek (where most of my spare income goes), and passionate football (soccer) fan. I've got a beautiful girlfriend who puts up with me and my hobbies on daily basis and for that, I 'm very grateful.